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If you like to kill thousands of monsters, loot some stuff and leveling — PoE the best Action RPG for you. The game has many different builds for each class, because PoE has no classes as we used to. Of course you are able to pick one of 6 (+ 1 secret) classes, but this choice only affects on the initial attributes (strength, dexterity and intelligence) of the character. 

All classes have a common talent tree, so during the leveling you can transform your Marauder into Witch, but it is not the best way you can go. In this guide I will give some tips for the best leveling, build and late game activities for each class. The first one is Marauder. 


Marauder is the easiest to play and collect equipment class. Strength as the main attribute allows him to take hits and deal huge AOE damage. During the game Marauder can evolve  into one of three Ascendancy classes: Juggernaut (defensive class, resist against slow and stun, greate armour bonus) Berserk (offensive class, hight critical strike chance, lifesteal) and Chieftain ( semi-defensive semi-offensive class with totems, fire damage and auras). 

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Path of Exile Marauder build


Marauder has many different builds, but I prefer with Sunder for fastest leveling, massive target and AOE damage and interesting sometimes risky gameplay. Sunder is a strike skill that can be obtained at the end of the first act. Until it happened you can use Molten strike or Earthquake. 

For greater efficiency use Heavy strike versus high hp monsters and end it by Sunder. If you want to provide your grinding skills, you can purchase some items:

  • Lochtonial Caress — increase your attack and cast speed.  10% chance to gain a Power, Frenzy or Endurance charge on kill
  • Wanderlust Wool Shoes — best among cheap options to increase movement speed. Also wearing this item your character can’t be frozen.
  • Tabula Rasa — in the first view it is a bad item with no stats, but 6 linked white sockets give this robe a lot of potential, depending on how you chose to fill it up. Tabula Rasa cost around 16-20 Chaos Orb, which you can farm or buy.
  • Goldrim — leather cap which provides 30-40% resistance to all elemental damage.
  • Wideswing, Geofri’s Baptism and Chober Chaber — any of these weapons one of the best options for early-mid game. 

During the game while you are farming you will loot some gear. Choose proper gear according this list in descending order:

  • Physical damage
  • Stun duration
  • HP
  • Lifesteal
  • Armour
  • AS

Why does physical damage has first place and AS has last place? Good AOE (with Heavy strike and Sunder), chance to disable and lifesteal are enough to clear Acts fast.

Also if you have enough Chaos Orbs you can trade it for Tidebreaker or Marohi Erqi — the best items for this build.

Couple words about amulets, rings and flasks. Amulet has to provide your extra HP, flat damage and offset missing resistance, intelligence and dexterity. Same to the rings. A flask is a rechargeable potion. When used, the flask consumes a certain amount of flask charges and recovers a portion of life or grants temporary bonuses for the duration of the flask effect. 

Flasks you have to have:

  • Divine Life Flask (3) — immediately recovers 2400 life over 7 sec
  • Basalt Flask — reflects 20% of melee physical damage to attacker. Reduce 15% additional  physical damage
  • Silver Flask — using this flask grants onslaught ( buff that grants 20% increased attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed)
  • Granite Flask/Lion’s Roar — increases your armour rate

Skill gem

Active skill gems must be equipped in item sockets before their use. Active skill gems grant an active skill. Insert it in right order.

Body armour:

  1. Sunder
  2. Multistrike
  3. Melee Physical Damage
  4. Fortify
  5. Brutality(if you have 5 linked sockets)
  6. Faster Attacks or Shockwave(6 linked sockets)

Two-handed weapon:

  1. Heavy Strike
  2. Brutality
  3. Multistrike
  4. Fortify
  5. Ruthless(if you have 5 linked sockets)
  6. Stun(6 linked sockets)

Gloves, boots and helmet:

  1. Ancestral Warchief(or Vaal Ancestral Warchief)/ Leap Slam
  2. War Banner
  3. Herald of Purity
  4. Molten Shell(or Vaal Molten Shell)

The most important gems for this build:

Heavy Strike is an melee attack that hits and knocks back an enemy, using a mace, axe, sword or any two-handed weapon. Each hit has a chance to deal double damage.

Sunder is the main skill for killing monsters.

Ancestral Warchief creates a totem, which increases the character’s damage.

Leap Slam is the main skill for fast moving.

Ruthless is a support gem that causes every third attack made with the skill to deal substantially more damage and have increased base stun duration.

War Banner is aura.  It grants the user and nearby allies increased accuracy and causes nearby enemies to take increased physical damage.

Talent tree

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Path of Exile Marauder build
Path of Exile Marauder build Path of Exile Marauder build

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