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If you already know that “U” in your Sanctuary will turn on PvP, then you are probably wondering what other PvP events there are besides duels and random skirmishes in the world of Aeternum. In this guide, we will review all PvP mods in New World.

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New World PvP Modes Overview

New World Arenas

This mode was added to the game relatively recently. This is an exciting mode, which resembles a battle royale in some elements. Arenas has two teams of 3 players, and there are five rounds, and the team needs to win 3 of them. For each round you have 2 minutes, after two minutes the arena begins to narrow. The Ring of Fire prevents players from exiting the shrinking arena, and reduces healing, forcing players to end the round quickly. Changing arena conditions bring balance to the playstyle, so neither melee nor ranged have much of an advantage here.

New World PvP Modes Overview

The arena itself has several pillars behind which you can hide or kite enemies. And before entering the arena, each player is given consumables based on their level. However, these consumables will disappear from your inventory as soon as you leave the arena.

This mode unlocks at character level 20 and is a great training ground where you can hone your skills for the more full-on PvP modes: Outpost Rush and War.

New World Outpost Rush

The game mode for 40 people (20×20) combines PvP and PvE elements. The main task of each team is to capture outposts. There are three outposts on the map, for the control of which the team is given points (1 Point every 3 seconds for each Outpost controlled). By holding an outpost, you receive certain buffs, depending on the buildings inside the Outpost. Each of the structures inside the Outpost can be destroyed and built, but for resources you can get outside the Outpost. The first team to reach 1000 points wins.

New World PvP Modes Overview

However, outposts are not the only source of treasured points; this is where the PvE element of the game begins. On the map, in addition to fortresses, there are a lot of PvE tasks, for the completion of which the team is given a certain amount of points and resources. For example, Ancient Groves, Mines, and Wolf Dens guard the mobs and keep players away from their resources. There are also Elite enemies and special team activities on the map.
Baroness Hain is a unique elite Boss that spawns every 10 minutes throughout the match. For killing him, the team receives an increase in regeneration, armor, as well as their the opposing team’s score will also be frozen, preventing them from earning any Points
Corrupted Portal – a portal where you spend the resources that you got from elite enemies. Once you give the Portal 500 Azoth Essence, your team will be able to summon a powerful push Brute to assist you in capturing outposts. For a smaller amount, you can summon other types of helping mobs.

At the end of the battle, each player, whether he won or lost, will receive gold, equipment and other useful items.

New World War

War is a global 50×50 PvP event for territory control in the New World. To better understand it, you need to understand the political structure of the New World. There are three opposing factions in New World: The Marauders, The Syndicate and The Covenant. Each of them owns some territories but always wants more. To gain a claim to the foreign territory and start a war, the players of their faction must undermine the influence of the controlling faction on the territory. This is done through PvP missions and other similar tasks. Once a faction’s influence is undermined enough, it can be declared a war for territory.

New World PvP Modes Overview

Any player of the opposing factions can participate in the war, regardless of the level. The battle itself lasts 30 minutes. During this time, the attackers must capture all 3 Rally Points, break the Fort’s Gates and take the final capture point. The defenders have to hold out for 30 minutes and not give up at least the last point. Both sides of the conflict have auxiliary tools for war, such as the Cannon Platform and Repeater Platform or Fire Dropper and Horn of Resilience.

If the attackers manage to fulfill all the goals of the war, then this territory with all the resources and bonuses will become their full possession. If the defenders win, they will retain their territory and the improvements within it.

New World Duelling

Duels are not considered a separate PvP event, because there is no reward for them, except for the respect of your friends. To participate in duels, your character must reach level 10. By the way, in New World you can arrange group duels 5×5. To do this, you must gather a group and challenge the leader of another group to a duel. You can do this via chat “/duel [player name]” or click on the character and select the “Invite to Duel”

New World Leaderboards

In addition to the valuable rewards of PvP and PvE activity, this is a great chance to express yourself. Starting February 7th, New World introduced Leaderboards, which tracks and counts most of your achievements in the open world: Kills, Wins, Damage Dealt, Attacking and Defensive Wins and even your mastery of Jewelcrafting.

New World PvP Modes Overview

Choose what you like and become the best at it, and the new Leaderboard will tell the whole New World about your achievement. And even in the capital, everyone will see your success. For the top 5 and 25 positions in the ranking, the player is given a special title, unique for the category in which he succeeded.

Leave in the comments your opinion about PvP in New World and which mode you like the most. And, of course, rate the guide if you liked it.

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