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Best meta Builds in New World

New World is exactly that breath of fresh air in the RPG world, which offers freedom from classes in the game and makes it possible to create your own playstyle without being tied to classic builds like a tank, mage, and so on. Of course, these builds are also present in the game, but the ability to simultaneously upgrade two weapon slots has opened a new chapter in the creation of playable classes for many MMORPG lovers. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play solo exclusively in PvE mode or you like PvP battles, you can always choose the right combination of weapons that suits your play style. If you are a beginner and do not want to search for the best combination of weapons by trial and error, but want to immediately become the master of PvP and PvE, use our New World Coaching service.

Best class builds

Before considering the builds that New World offers, it is worth noting that at any time for a small amount of azoth and gold, and up to character level 20 at all for free; you can respec your weapon’s mastery and attributes. This option allows you to retrain from warrior to mage at any time and vice versa.

Best Tank build

  • Weapon 1: Sword and shield
  • Weapon 2: Warhammer
  • Attributes: Constitution and Strength

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

Any expedition or party needs a tank since this class has a lot of health, is able to withstand large incoming damage, and draws off the main forces of the enemy. Sword and Shield mastery is the best for tank build. The best choice here is the Defender tree, which will increase your taunt potential. If you use a Carnelian gem in your Sword, some skills will provoke mobs and the monsters will attack only you.

Of course, you can withstand a lot of damage from the enemy, but your own attack will be quite weak, so in the second weapon slot, in fact, you can take any two-handed weapon, but consider the option with Warhammer. This weapon is good because it allows you to deliver powerful, but slow attacks, as well as stun, or knock enemies back. The mastery tree can be chosen depending on the playing style, Juggernaut is suitable for single-player play in PvE mode, while Crow Crusher is quite suitable for both PvE and PvP modes, and the Carnelian gem inserted into Warhammer and the active Shockwave skill will force monsters to attack only you.

The main attributes of any tank are Strength and Constitution, we recommend upgrading Constitution to a maximum value of 300 and, if there are free points left, put them in Strength. This approach will provide you with the maximum health reserve, and will also allow you to receive a number of bonuses, such as 30% to the duration of stun or slowdown, as well as a 25% chance to cut down a tree with one hit. As the equipment for the tank, you should choose heavy armor with the maximum indicators of resistance to physical and elemental damage.

Best DPS build

  • Weapon 1: Hatchet
  • Weapon 2: Fire Staff
  • Attributes: Strength and Intelligence

The Best Class and Weapon Builds The Best Class and Weapon Builds

There are a lot of options for developing a character’s DPS, but it is Berserk’s skill for Hatchet that allows calling this build one of the strongest DPS in the game. All skill points must be put in the Berserker tree, since having Fire Staff as a second weapon to hit targets at a distance, you will not need the Throwing mastery tree. Also in the Berserker tree, there are Defy Death skills, which allow you, after receiving fatal damage, to become invulnerable for 3 seconds and restore 50% of your health. And if you have a Carnelian gem inserted into your Hatchet, then you can taunt all enemies on yourself while actively using the Berserk skill.

Fire staff as a second weapon will allow you to hit targets at a distance; it also has better crowd control. From the active skills in the Fire mage tree it is worth taking: Meteor shower, Fireball, from the Pyromancer tree – Incinerate skill, the rest of the points are put in the passive skills of the Fire mage tree, the key passive skill is Runes of Helios since it will increase fire damage by 30% while you are standing on it.

Attributes are best distributed as follows 50/50 strength and intelligence, as this will allow you to get + 20% critical damage for both types of weapons. If you want to add mobility to your DPS build, as well as the ability to dodge attacks, then it is best to give preference to light armor if you want to get better damage resistance at the expense of mobility, and then give preference to medium armor.

Best Mage Build

  • Weapon 1: Fire Staff
  • Weapon 2: Ice gauntlet
  • Attributes: Intelligence and Constitution

The Best Class and Weapon BuildsThe Best Class and Weapon Builds

Most RPG fans are divided into those who like or do not like to play as a mage, and if all of these play for him, they prefer to focus exclusively on magic without the use of swords, axes, and other melee weapons. This build just allows you to completely immerse yourself in the magical component and use only cold or fire damage. As of the last 1.1 update, magic damage has been greatly reduced; however, it is still a great build. But it’s quite hard to have every weapon mastery on max, so you can easily save your time and use our hot offer for weapon mastery boost and get everything rapidly done by our professional boosters.

Basically, the Fire staff skills should be distributed in the same way as when playing with the hatchet as the main weapon. The Fire tree – active skills Meteor shower, Fireball, in order to be able to hit single and group targets with massive fire damage, and from the Pyromancer tree, the skill should be taken –  Incinerate in order to be able to push opponents who have come close to you, and also inflict significant fire damage on them. Passive Skills – It is worth put most of the skills in the Fire mage tree, but you should also pay attention to the passive skills from the Pyromancer tree, such as Pyromania and Kindle.

Ice gauntlet skills should be distributed as follows: the Ice Tempest tree is definitely an active Ice Storm skill for massive destruction of the enemy, in the Builder tree, take Ice Pylon, which should be upgraded to the maximum, as this will open up access to the passive Ultimate frost skill, which will increase the snow zone and doubles the effect of Quick frost and Empowered frost passives. The third active skill is Entombed. When casting the spells, you should stay in the snowy zone, since being in it, passive skills give bonuses to movement speed, faster recovery of skills, etc. Most of the passive skills in this build are worth spending on the Builder tree, but from the Ice Tempest tree, you can consider Cold Reach and Energized critical.

From attributes, it is recommended to upgrade intelligence to 300, and put the remaining points in the Constitution. Considering equipment, preference should be given to light armor.

Best Healer Build

  • Weapon 1: Life Staff
  • Weapon 2: Void gauntlet
  • Attributes: Intelligence, Focus, Constitution

The Best Class and Weapon BuildsThe Best Class and Weapon Builds


The main attribute of the healer in New World is Life staff, a weapon that heals and cripples. Depending on how you plan to play – in solo or in a group, the paths of the healer’s development may be different, we suggest considering a universal option, when the healer can heal both himself and allies, as well as inflict damage with the Life Staff.

Healing tree – from the active skills we choose Sacred Ground and Splash of light, this will allow us to be a healer in various events where not only you but also your allies are involved. And for the opportunity to inflict damage on the enemy (again with a healing effect for allies), let’s take the active skill Beacon from the Protector tree. Skill points should be spent on passive skills in the Healing tree, from the Protector tree you should pay attention to the passive skills Bend Light and Glowing Focus. A key passive skill for Divine Blessing, as when an ally’s health is below 50%, your healing is 30% stronger.

During the last November update, a new type of weapon was added to New World – Void Gauntlet, this is so far the only weapon in the game whose performance is influenced by both Focus and Intelligence, this is both a plus and a minus at the same time because a high Focus parameter is important for Life Staff (+ 20% healing power), while to increase the firepower of Void Gauntlet you will need Intelligence. Also, the gauntlet deals Void damage only, so opponents of Lost can become a serious obstacle in your path, however, if you insert the necessary gems (Aquamarine or Amber), you can do Nature or Ice damage as well. As active skills, select Void Blade and Oblivion from the Annihilation tree, and from the Decay tree, take the Orb of Decay skill. Thus, you will inflict sufficient damage both against groups of opponents and against single targets. Passive skills are worth spending on the Annihilation tree, as there are passive skills, for example, Leeching blade, which can provide additional healing buffs.

Also, a great addition to your void gauntlet will be a set of Voidbent armor, which has 600 GS and will make you the strongest player on the server, just use our limited offer for Voidbent armor set.

To be a strong healer, as well as to be able to inflict significant damage on opponents, you should achieve the distribution of the following attributes: 250 focus, 50 intelligence, and 100 constitution. Preference should be given to medium armor since you will not have much health and opponents who come close can quickly kill you.

Best PvE build

  • Weapon 1: Great Axe (or any two-handed weapon)
  • Weapon 2: Bow or Musket
  • Attributes: Strength, Dexterity

The Best Class and Weapon Builds The Best Class and Weapon Builds

Fight in solo PvE is, as a rule, a battle with 1, maximum 2-3 opponents at the same time, respectively, in a strong crowd control there is not much sense, in principle, one cannot say that there are very bad or very good builds for solo PvE, in this plan, the New World is fairly balanced. The PvE game is a kind of foothold where you can see which play style and which weapon you like best. Therefore, it makes sense to consider build great axe / bow from the position of the fact that you will inflict great damage in melee, and the enemy will also reach you with incomplete health (since the first blow to the enemy will be from a bow).

Great Axe – select the following active skills Execute from the Reaper tree, as well as Whirlwind and Maelstrom from the Mauler tree. This will allow you to be competitive in a 1×1 battle, as well as when surrounded by a group of monsters. Basically, we put passive skills in the Mauler tree, since the key passive skill Mauler’s fury will allow you to increase the damage from attacks of the Great Axe to 30%. Passive skills to look out for in the Reaper tree are Greed, Critical Gains, Feed, and Death’s Embrace.

Bow is good in that it allows you to inflict several shots before the monster gets close to you, respectively, coming close to you, he will already be significantly weakened. It is especially worth noting that after the last update 1.1, the bow has become an even stronger weapon, capable of delivering critical hits up to 4100. The bow also makes it much easier to complete game quests such as cull rabbits, elks, turkeys, etc. The skills should be distributed as follows: as active skills, take Poison shot from the Skirmisher tree and Rapid Shot, Penetrating shot from the Hunter tree. Passive skills are worth putting, mainly in the Hunter tree, since Headshot you will receive a number of bonuses (for example, converting damage to health). The key passive skill will be Concussion, which will allow you to deal 20% more damage to the headshot, as well as save arrows. In the Skirmisher tree, you should pay attention to skills that increase Haste, for example, Archer’s Speed ​​and Dodge and Weave.

Best PvP build

  • Weapon 1: Warhammer
  • Weapon 2: Hatchet
  • Attributes: Strength, Constitution

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

It is definitely difficult to say which build for PvP is the best, each player has his own playstyle, preferences, etc. The best build is the one that brings you pleasure from the game and is effective in PvP battles. Also, it will be a pleasure for us to help you with such PvP activities like Outpost rush – just use our hot offer for Outpost rush and get a nice amount of azoth and gold along with experience.

In this guide, we would like to mention one of the best PvP builds that we like – Warhammer / Hatchet. As you can see, the hatchet is used in many builds as it is one of the best DPS in the game. And the choice of Warhammer is due to the fact that its damage has increased significantly since the last update 1.1

Warhammer – we take Wrecking ball from the Juggernaut tree, Shockwave, and Path of destiny from the Crowd crusher as active skills, thus you can successfully hit both single and multi-targets in PvP, stunning or flattening them. We put passive skills into the Crowd Crusher tree, leaving a few points free for Hardened Steel, Power through Pain, Epitome of Bonk from Juggernaut tree.

In hatchet you have several options, the first option is to upgrade the entire Berserker skill tree, or instead of Raging torrent, take the Rending Throw skill from the Throwing tree so that you can throw a hatchet at a fleeing enemy or use this blow as an opening strike.

According to attributes, you can either put all points in Strength and get a solid increase in the character’s damage or distribute 70/30 or 50/50 Strength and Constitution so that your character also has a certain amount of health for melee combat. Select the heavy type of armor.

Now let’s look at a number of fairly popular and interesting builds that are difficult to attribute to any class, but which at the same time are quite strong.

Life Staff and Hatchet

  • Weapon 1: Life Staff
  • Weapon 2: Hatchet
  • Attributes: Strength, Focus

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

To fully unleash the potential of this build, it is best to upgrade the Berserk tree for hatchet to the maximum, this will allow you to maximize your DPS damage. Complete with the Life Staff and the passive skill Defy Death from the Berserk tree, you will have sufficient survivability, in addition, Life staff will significantly save on Health Potions, frankly, and you practically won’t need them. At the same time, it is worth noting that this build is good, mainly for solo passing the game, therefore, it is recommended to upgrade the Life Stuff skill from the Healing tree, after all, for going on expeditions and other group activities, you need a full-fledged healer, your task is, inflict damage per second and not die at the right moment.

Attributes are best put 50/50 in Strength and Focus, preferred armor type is medium.

Hatchet with Sword and Shield

  • Weapon 1: Hatchet
  • Weapon 2: Sword and Shield
  • Attributes: Strength, Constitution

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

This build is a great opportunity to see a tank with DPS damage. For Hatchet, we choose the unshakable mastery tree of Berserk and Hatchet will be your main weapon. When you need resistance to high damage from opponents, switch to Sword and Shield, where we put all skills in the Defender tree, the remaining skills can be put in the Sword master tree, thus you can be a tank in expeditions or other group activities (the key passive skill of the tree Defender – Defensive formation gives + 30% damage reduction for allies), as well as being great with DPS in PvE solo.

Attributes are best put 50/50 in Strength and Constitution, the preferred type of armor is heavy.

Great Axe and Hatchet

  • Weapon 1: Great axe
  • Weapon 2: Hatchet
  • Attributes: Strength, Constitution

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

Build, which will allow you to inflict high damage both against single opponents and against groups of opponents. The main weapon is the Great Axe, which became kinda a new meta since last update 1.1, during PvP, you can see a lot of players, who use Great Axe as a primary weapon, we distribute skills in accordance with your wishes and playing style, but it is best if the main passive skill is Mauler’s fury, this will significantly increase the damage to opponents. We recommend Execute, Whirlwind, and Maelstrom as active skills. At the same time, exclusively for solo PvE games, the Reaper tree, upgraded to the maximum, is perfect.

When you need attack speed (and the great axe’s attacks are slow enough), switch to Hatchet, where we put skills in the upgrading of the Berserker tree.

Attributes are best put 70/30 in Strength and Constitution or 100% in Strength, since the build is focused on dealing damage, not defensive skills. The preferred type of armor is medium or heavy.

Musket and Spear

  • Weapon 1: Musket
  • Weapon 2: Spear
  • Attributes: Dexterity

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

The Best Class and Weapon Builds

The musket is an interesting ranged weapon that mainly aims to get you headshots to deal a lot of damage, but it is a slow enough weapon that takes a long time to reload, and the spear will work well with it as a melee weapon. In addition, the musket has a Trapper tree, which allows you to set traps to deal damage to the enemy. So, the main active skills will be Powder burn and Shooter’s Stance from Sharpshooter tree, Traps from trapper tree. Passive skills should be distributed based on your preference, but it is worth having Sniper as a key passive, as well as abilities that add damage during headshot, such as Empowering Headshot, Called Shot Resupply. From Trapper tree Back it up and Tactical Reload is worth considering.

Spear – it is recommended to upgrade the Impaler tree to the maximum, which will allow you to get the following active skills Skewer, Vault kick, and Perforate, the key passive skill is Exploited Weakness.

We put all points in Dexterity in order to get additional damage when shooting in the head and body, as well as to increase the chance of a critical hit. Armor is either light or medium, depending on how important the dodge parameter is to you.

This guide provides basic tips for successfully choosing builds for your character, no matter what style of play you like best – solo play and PvE mode, or PvP battles in multiplayer.

Author – Kanavnik

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