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In FIFA 23, players can use various currencies for building their squads, upgrading accounts, and feeling more convenient in all game modes. But FUT coins definitely are the main FIFA currency, without which it will be hard to compete with other players. And while EA doesn’t allow players to buy coins in the game, you can learn the most effective ways to earn this currency in our FUT coins farming guide.

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How to make coins in FIFA 23 5.0

What are FIFA coins and how to buy FIFA coins

Generally, FIFA coins or FUT coins are the currency players can use on the Transfer Market for buying players, icons, position modifiers, kits, and other consumables. Also, you can use coins to buy some packs or get access to FIFA Drafts, for example, but in this case, you also can use other currencies.

There are no in-game options to buy FIFA 23 FUT coins. Players can exchange their real money on FIFA Points and spend them on packs to convert drops in the coins on Transfer Market, but it always depends on your luck. So if you want to get any amount of coins you need with a guarantee, you can use our marketplace.

How to transfer coins in FIFA 23

There is only one option: transfer coins from your FIFA 22 account to your FIFA 23 account. But if you want to share your coins with your friend, you have to use transfer market tricks.

But for coins transferring, you first should get them. So, let’s start our guide about how to earn coins in FIFA 23.

FIFA Coins farming in standard in-game activities

The first piece of advice you should know is pretty simple. Play the game, build your squad, and participate in matches, Squad Battles, and Division Rival ranking. And don’t forget about Milestones and Seasonal Objectives, which also can grant you some useful items, currencies, or coin boost. Stay focused on Squad Battles, where you can choose the difficulty you need and farm FUT coins winning and losing matches. Division Rival, at the same time, can grant you various rewards from coins to packs you can exchange for expensive players or at least give you a base of cards for Squad Builder Challenge tasks.

How to make coins in FIFA 23

Of course, coins farm in matches or through the completion of Objectives and Milestones is not the fastest way, so we recommend you don’t count on this way too much. There are various more profitable options.

Bronze Or Silver Packs coins farm

You can ask why Bronze or Silver if we have Gold packs with high-rated players or even Promo packs where we can find 85+ players of various types. Gold and Promo packs cost 7.500 coins and 25.000+ coins, and while you always have a chance to find really expensive cards inside, it all depends on your luck. In most cases, you will spend your 7.500+ coins on players that are worthless on the transfer market and can be sold only for 300-500 coins. But don’t forget to use Preview on the Gold pack once per day.

How to make coins in FIFA 23

At the same time, you can buy the Promo Bronze pack for 750 coins and get much more profit from it because bronze and silver cards are far less on the market. Some Bronze or Silver players are worth much in the transfer market compared with the costs of the packs and quick-sell costs, especially when in Squad Builder Challenge appears a task that requires, for example, cards from a specific league. Several recommendations about what you should do with bronze and silver cards you’ll find in the packs:

  • You should try to sell every single common bronze card for 400 coins and a rare bronze card for 700;
  • For silver cards, you should try to sell common cards for 750 coins and a rare for 1.000 coins;
  • If cards cost nothing right now in the market, save them for the future.

But don’t forget that various FIFA mods and activities will regularly provide you various packs, including Gold packs. Feel free to open them, but don’t forget to check the transfer market not quickly to sell really expensive items and cards. Sometimes, non-obvious cards can cost non-obvious prices because of the current pool of SBC tasks, for example.

Also, be aware that some FIFA consumables can cost more than players. For example, rare icons, kits, and position modifiers. So be patient and check the cost of every item you get from the pack.

And the last trick you should know: FIFA players prefer to buy cards already equipped with chemistry styles like Hunter or Shadow. So if you find these consumables, you can use them to increase the cost of cards you want to sell by 2-3 thousand more coins.

FIFA Transfer Market coins farm

So, as you could learned before, the first rule of FIFA coins farming is selling all items you don’t need. But you can also use other players to earn much more money.

Transfer Market Card Sniping

First of all, you can focus on specific players and explore the transfer market until you find cards with a price lower than average. Bid on this card, and if you win, sell for the standard market price. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a high number of cards with decreased prices, but with experience, you can regularly earn FUT coins this way. Sometimes, you can find a card that should cost 100.000 coins, for example, but selling for 50.000. Easy money, right?

How to make coins in FIFA 23

You should pay attention not only to the cards which are cheaper much more than average. There is another profitable strategy called an open mass bid. All you need to do is track popular items like gold Premier League players, consumables, and contracts and make bids on them for a price at least 5% cheaper than average prices. Of course, you won’t win every bid, but the high number of cards you pretend on will provide you with a regular income after selling.

The best time to buy and sell cards

Also, prices at the market generally change almost every day, and there are specific days of the week you should always be aware of:

  • Sunday late at night until early in the morning on Monday – the time when players sell cards for the lowest prices. The best moment to snipe the transfer market and buy some items for yourself or for resale;
  • Thursday evening and Friday morning – are the best periods to profit from cards during peak hours. Thursday evening usually provides players with Marquee Matchups (a regular set of four new SBCs) that increase prices on the market and get you an opportunity to check the SBCs requirements to find suitable for selling cards in your club.
  • Also, you should be aware that every day at 6 pm CET starts peak time when many players are online, and prices increase. Just buy items before and sell when online at its peak.

Let us explain that Thursday and Friday are usually the time when players prepare for the FUT Champs by buying meta-cards from the market or required items for SBCs. That’s why costs are always going up and up. At the same time, the end of the week and Monday is the time when players open their rewards for weekly activities and overload the market with a high number of various cards, decreasing prices on them.

Squad Builder Challenge FIFA coins farming

As we said before, if you want to make FUT coins regularly, you should always track the Squad Builder Challenge tasks. Not only to pick the cards from your club you can sell right now with a profit but also for the searching for the challenge you want to complete by yourself.

How to make coins in FIFA 23

There are a few pieces of advice you should follow:

  • Search for challenges with tradable packs as a reward;
  • Choose the challenge which will give you more than you spend on them. It means that the average cost of the rewards shouldn’t cost less than the cards you need to exchange to complete the task;
  • If you understand that challenges right now cost too much, you can track them until they are close to expiring. In the first days, cards required for challenge completion always cost more, but at the end of the event, demand for them falls;
  • The best option, of course, is using untradable players from your club.

FIFA 23 Investment Tricks

In addition to opportunities for regular coins income, you can bet on some expensive cards, which can make you even reacher in the future. But it is important to choose the right football players to believe in.

Meta Special Card Trading

There are a lot of time-limited events in FIFA 23 during which you can get rare special cards that won’t be available to get in the future except in the transfer market. Sure, you understand that limited items always cost much, so the only thing you need to do is rightly choose the card to invest for.

How to make coins in FIFA 23

You can make a decision starting from your personal experience, card performances in drafts, or exploring squads of your opponents in matches. Also, you can check the attributes or traits to choose the most obvious meta-breakers. So, make the right decision, track the transfer market prices, and sell cards on time.

Sometimes, even not obviously profitable cards can be useful in the future because of other released cards which will require specific chemistry. This is not-so-easy science to learn, but you can find a lot of FIFA communities or Reddit threads in which players share their opinions and experience about the most valuable investments.

Dynamic card Trading

Also, you should look better at live dynamic cards. Their features are about upgrades depending on football player performances or team progress. Right now, you can count on events like RTTK (Road to the Knockout, based on the main European tournaments), Ones to Watch (based on personal success), and soon Headliners. You can invest in these cards and get a profit when:

  • Player’s team moves further in the tournament stages;
  • Player’s team won three of their next eight league matches;
  • Players were nominated for TOTW (Team of the Week) or MOTM (Man of the Match);
  • Player’s club won 4 successive league games (one-time upgrade only).

How to make coins in FIFA 23

In the case of dynamic card trading, it will be better for you to watch football and understand the chances of players and their teams to be successful in competitions regularly. Sometimes, you even can make a profit watching football online when you can predict the card cost perspective and sell it at the right moment.

TOTW Cards Trading

Team of the Week cards is an indisputable classic of FIFA. These teams were in the game even in early versions of Ultimate Team, where players didn’t have any other special events weekly. Even now, some cards can be interesting for players and cost much on the transfer market.

The situation with TOTW cards is similar to other time-limited event cards. With time they can become more expensive because of limited supply. But also, TOTW cards always are involved in special Squad Builder Challenge tasks, so even worthless card costs will be increased. So you can buy the cheaper Team of the Week cards and get profit in the future.

How to make coins in FIFA 23

Also, you should know that players who become a part of the TOTW squad don’t drop from packs in the usual and Team of the Week versions, only TOTW. But at the same time, the usual version of the card may be in demand. It means that you can sell these cards at more expensive costs if you have them in your club. And if you are good at football predictions, you can during the week make a bet on some players who can join the TOTW next week, buy some cards and sell them in the future.

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How to make coins in FIFA 23 5.0

Well, coins making in FIFA not-so-easy challenge, but don’t forget that you can always count on Overgear help. Good luck in your coin farming, and don’t forget to rate this article if our guide was useful to you.

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