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“ Our team always works for the good of the people, or at least we try to make it look so. Blue helmets peacefully deliver relief supplies to our region, but sometimes, attacks happen on us as well. That’s what happened to two Ural trucks that were carrying UN-marked crates. We wouldn’t be upset if not for the delicacy of the cargo, this time crates contained a little help not only for the people but also for USEC company. You understand that we cannot allow casting a shadow on the United Nations reputation. Find and wear UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UN body armor) and teach local scum a lesson. Also, locate the spot where trucks were attacked, mark them with beacons, and bring me several MRE ration packs so I could present them as evidence, just in case.”



“I assume you don’t need to be reminded that all this is only between us.”


  •  +7,400 EXP
  • Peacekeeper Rep +0.07
  • Dollars:
  • 800 Dollars
  • 840 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 1
  • 920 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • Unlocks purchase of Hexagon AK-74 5.45×39 sound suppressor at Skier LL2


You’ll need several items to complete this quest. First of all, MRE lunch boxes: those can be easily bought off the flea market, but you can look for them in scavs’ jackets and bags, if you want. You need to get the MREs and hand them over to Peacekeeper. The next two items that you will need are the MF-UNTAR armor vest and the UNTAR helmet. Again, it’s easier to buy those off the flea market and then sell them after you complete the quest. And last but not least, you’ll need the MS2000 Marker. Two such markers are required for the quest, one for each truck. The markers are also sold on the flea market, but you can buy them from Prapor as well. Now to the quest completion. There are two UN trucks with supplies, they are located on the Shoreline map. You have to find them and mark them using MS2000’s. You can find the first truck near the administrative building’s north-west corner. The second truck is located on the construction site with a blue fence and a big crane. Just follow the coastline and you won’t miss it. The last objective is to kill 10 scavs on the Shoreline map. It is probable that you are done with this objective by the time you finish with trucks. There are many places where you can find the scavs: the health resort, the gas station, the island in the southwest, the cottages. Once you have killed enough scavs, head to the exit. 


EFT Humanitarian SuppliesThe first truck is near the resort’s administrative building.

EFT Humanitarian SuppliesThe second truck is near the pier, under the crane.

Our Solution

You have to remember that the quest completion is hugely based on your luck. Finding certain items, killing enough scavs, surviving other players’ attacks may consume a decent amount of your time. If you can’t afford wasting your time grinding to get the last MRE pack or to kill the last scav, we are happy to offer you our solution!


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