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Nightmare Dungeons are special types of dungeons located all over the world and they are an important part of the endgame activities in Diablo 4, alongside Helltides, Legion Events, and the Tree of Whispers. They play a crucial role in enhancing your power as you progress through World Tier 3 and 4.

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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons Guide

Nightmare Dungeons are more challenging versions of normal dungeons that increase in difficulty and rewards as you progress through the tiers, ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 100. The main benefit of these dungeons is the opportunity to get and level up your Paragon Board Glyphs at the end of the dungeon, once the main objective has been completed.

How To Unlock Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4 are only accessible once certain conditions are met. Thus, among other things, to enter these dungeons, you need a Nightmare Sigil, which can have various affixes that either help or hinder your progress. Below we provide tables that list all the positive and negative affixes that can appear on Nightmare Sigils. 

In other words, to unlock Nightmare Dungeons you need to fulfill these conditions:

  1. You have finished the main story campaign.
  2. You have successfully finished level 50 Capstone Dungeon, The Cathedral of Light.
  3. You have advanced to World Tier 3, the Nightmare Difficulty.
  4. You have gained access to The Tree of Whispers.
  5. You have received a Nightmare Sigil from a reward cache.
  6. You have received a Priority Quest to use your first sigil and complete Nightmare Dungeon.

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How To Get Nightmare Sigils

To obtain your very first Nightmare Sigil, unlock World Tier 3 first. After completing the campaign, it is recommended to farm the Tree of Whispers for XP points and gear. This will help you defeat the Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon in Kyovashad, which gives access to World Tier 3. Entering the World Tier 3 continue farming Whispers until you get a Nightmare Sigil from a reward cache. Thus, you can get Nightmare Sigils from Tree of Whisper’s reward caches, world bosses like Ashava, and occasionally from defeated mobs. If you need help with farming sigils you can buy our Tree of Whispers boost. Additionally, you can craft Nightmare Sigils through the Occultist. Upon gaining access to the Nightmare Dungeons, you will receive Nightmare Sigils for completing them.

Crafting Sigils

Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons Guide

If you have a lot of Sigils in your consumables inventory, you can go to an Occultist and dismantle any Sigils. These unwanted Nightmare Sigils will be transformed into Sigil Powder, which is a crafting currency you can use to make new Nightmare Sigils. The higher the tier of the Sigils, the more Sigil Powder you will receive when salvaging. Or you can get Sigil Powder from chests.

Also, you can forge your own Sigils at the Occultist. You have the option to select the tier pool of the Sigil before crafting, but not the dungeon and affixes, they will be randomly generated. This method can be a useful way to bypass several Nightmare Dungeon tiers simultaneously. Of course, only if your build is capable of handling it.

Completing A Nightmare Dungeon

Once you’ve got a Nightmare Sigil activated from the consumables tab of your inventory, the dungeon listed on the Nightmare Sigil will be marked on your map with a unique icon. You can teleport to the dungeon’s entrance by clicking on the map icon, or physically travel to the entrance.

Note that only one Nightmare Dungeon may be active at a time. By using the new Sigil you will end the currently active Nightmare Dungeon.

There is no difference between Nightmare Dungeons and normal dungeons in objectives and tileset layout. The main difference is the presence of Nightmare Dungeon affixes. These affixes are modifiers that affect the dungeon’s difficulty. And there are two types of affixes. Positive affixes can enhance your damage, improve your ability to evade, or even increase the amount of loot. But other modifiers are negative and will create additional obstacles on your way through the dungeon, such as a Lightning Storm. This modifier will periodically target the player with lightning strikes.

Please note that the number of revives available in the Nightmare Dungeon decreases as you progress to higher tiers. Considering this, it is necessary to ensure that your build is capable of both defeating enemies and providing adequate defense to withstand them. However, if you are not going through a dungeon alone, and your teammate revives you, then the revives count will not count it.

Nightmare Sigil Tiers And Affixes

Nightmare Sigils are divided into tiers. These tiers determine the level and difficulty of the dungeon. The monster level in a particular dungeon is the sum of the tier of a dungeon and your World Tier (3 or 4) plus dungeon’s base difficulty (50).

Furthermore, the 100 tiers are divided into two groups: Sacred and Ancestral, these are sigil types your can use on World Tier 3 and World Tier 4.

  • Tiers 1-10 (Sacred, World Tier 3): 12 revives and 3 affixes (1 positive, 2 negative), level 54-63
  • Tiers 11-20 (Sacred, World Tier 3): 12 revives and 4 affixes (1 positive, 3 negative), level 64-73
  • Tiers 21+ (Ancestral, World Tier 4): 4 revives and 5 affixes (1 positive, 4 negative), level 75-154

As the dungeon tier increases, it becomes more challenging but offers greater rewards. Higher tiers provide higher-level items and more Glyph XP, which is crucial for the Paragon Board. On the other hand, as we mentioned above, tiers also affect the number of affixes and revives that a Sigil has. You can check out all positive and negative affixes in the tables below.

Positive Sigil Affixes

Negative Sigil Affixes

Nightmare Dungeon Rewards

Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons Guide

Nightmare Dungeons are an absolute treasure trove for enhancing your character and snagging those coveted Legendary affixes. Completing Nightmare Dungeons successfully rewards bonus Gold and high-rarity gear, usually Legendary, but there is a chance of receiving a Unique item. But the most notable reward is that Nightmare Dungeons also grant Glyph XP, which can be used for upgrading Glyph passives on your Paragon Board. After completing the main objectives of the Nightmare dungeon you can use a unique altar that spawns next your character at the end of each dungeon to allocate Glyph XP. With the upcoming Season 1, these rewards will receive enhancements, making them even more valuable for earning various rewards.


Upon completing a Nightmare Dungeon, an Awakened Glyph will appear with a protective bubble shield. This glyph can assist in upgrading your Paragon Glyphs, enhancing their bonus or radius.

You can allocate XP earned from the Nightmare Dungeon to a chosen Glyph by interacting with it. When a Glyph gains enough XP, it levels up and gains stronger effects. We recommend you to upgrade Glyphs while they are already socketed to immediately improve your glyphs effects. But if you upgrade a Glyph that is not socketed, you will not see the applied benefits until it is socketed.


Obviously you will receive loot just like in a normal dungeon from the enemies drop. Inside a Nightmare Dungeon, you can expect to find:

  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Random Items of all rarities
  • Two guaranteed high-tier items for completion
  • Glyphs
  • Nightmare Sigils

The drop chance for sigils and glyphs in Nightmare Dungeons has been significantly increased after Patch 1.0.3.

Character Experience

In Diablo 4, Nightmare Dungeons play a crucial role in late-game leveling as they provide more experience than regular dungeons. The higher level of enemies as well as objectives and activities completed within a Nightmare Dungeon will provide you tons of XP, making these dungeons the most efficient leveling tool in Diablo 4 late game.

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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons Guide

Well, that’s all you need to know about unlocking and successfully completing Nightmare Dungeons. But there are a lot of dungeons on the Diablo 4 map, and to find out which ones are the best and worth the time to spend on them, and most importantly, to get more rewards, we have made a Nightmare Dungeon Tier list with best dungeons for farming XP and Glyphs XP, as well as for solo and group play. So dive into our next guide.


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