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Everyone wants to customize their own account with as unique features at it is possible. The spectacular skins, unobvious appearances, and, for CoD, of course, outstanding calling cards. In this quick guide, we will overview the rarest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 calling cards.

Rarest Calling Cards

Let’s start with the calling card definition itself.

Basically, the Calling Card is an animated picture that you can get as a reward for some game progress. It decorates the profile and highlights the progress of a player who owns it, showing your skill in Modern Warfare 2 and horrifying your enemies. To learn more about Calling Cards and ways to obtain them, please read our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Calling Cards guide.

Calling cards are unequal in terms of the difficulty of earning them. Some of them are pretty easy and can be earned within 1-2 hours of play. Others – require patience and skill to get them as soon as possible.

Customize your profile with Calling Cards!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Rarest Calling Cards

So here we have a list of the rarest calling cards that only a small portion of players have due to the difficulties of earning them.

Card Name The way how to obtain the card
Smoking End Complete All The Above Challenges
Watch Your Back Complete all Assist Challenges
Adamant Complete all Lethal Kill challenges
Golden Cranium Complete all Headshot Kill challenges
Serpent Skull Complete all Double Kill challenges
Squad Under Fire Complete all Longshot Kill challenges
Cyber Sprint Complete all Hipfire Kill challenges
1000 Birds Complete all Melee Kill challenges
Mask On Complete all Finishing Move challenges
Operator Overlook Complete all Kills Without Dying challenges
Rattle and Bone Complete all Defender Kill challenges
Hunger Complete all Assault Kill challenges
Armored Pickup Charlie Complete all Vehicle Kill Challenges
Notice Me Completer all Win challenges

These are the list of rarest Calling Cards that are available now. We hope our quick guide was helpful to you. Good luck, always stand out from the ground, and don’t forget to rate this article!

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