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Are you looking to get a tactical nuke in Warzone 2? With the right strategy and tactics, it can be done! In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can obtain a tactical nuke in the game. So let’s get started!

What is the Champions Quest Contract and How Do You Get It?

To begin the Champions Quest, it is necessary to achieve five consecutive victories in Warzone 2.0. Upon entering the sixth match, a notification for the Champions Quest will appear and your map will display three points of interest.

Embark on an epic journey to activate the Champions Quest and unleash the ultimate weapon – the Tactical Nuke – to obliterate the Warzone. Explore all the points of interest and let the adventure begin! And now, let the next phase begin!

How To Get Nuke In Warzone 2

How to Drop a Nuke in Warzone 2.0

How To Get Nuke In Warzone 2

Achieve 5 Consecutive Victories

To earning a nuke, the first step is to win five times in a row. It can be difficult to even get one victory, so playing with a full squad and coordinating is recommended. Play passively to avoid getting taken out and gather as much loot and cash as possible for UAVs and useful items.

Initiate Champion’s Quest

Upon achieving your fifth consecutive win in Warzone 2, a new objective labeled “Champion’s Quest” will appear. Your map will display three icons denoting the quest locations. As soon as you touch down at one of our three top-secret sites, keep your eyes peeled for a mysterious briefcase – it’s your ticket to unlocking the ultimate adventure! It is recommended to utilize a helicopter for efficient navigation throughout the map.

Find the Nuclear Materials

Locating elements to build a nuke is a difficult task. To begin the quest, you must be careful not to make any mistakes. On the top-left of the screen, there are three elements represented by “?” icons. You need to fill them up, and when they appear on the map, head to their location and pick them up. Be patient and wait for the material to appear.

It is important to note that the following substances have negative effects: Beryllium places a tracking device on the individual similar to that of a Most Wanted list, Plutonium results in consistent radiation damage, and Tritium disrupt radar.

How to Assemble the Warzone 2 Nuke

Once all the necessary components have been obtained, the assembly process of the nuclear device requires waiting for a timer. During this time, a Jailbreak is likely to occur, increasing the difficulty of survival. It is recommended to seek out a secluded area with limited entry points to ensure survival until the timer runs out.

After receiving a notification of the bomb site’s location, players will have a five-minute window to reach it and assemble the nuke. Once at the site, players can interact with the bomb to assemble the nuke and proceed to the next phase.

Arming and Defending the Tactical Nuke

After arming the bomb, it will need to be defended for two minutes. Other players will have visibility of the bomb on the map and your tracking device, so it is important to be aware of potential threats. Consider using claymores and proximity mines, and take advantage of available cover to avoid being eliminated.

Using the Tactical Nuke

Once you have your defenses set up, it’s time to detonate the nuke! You can do this by pressing the ‘Detonate’ button on your screen. As soon as you press it, the nuclear blast will go off and will deal devastating damage to anyone in its path. Congratulations, you have gotten a tactical nuke in Warzone 2!

Champion’s Quest Contract rewards

Embarking on this epic quest with your squad will not only earn you XP and bragging rights, but also the coveted Champion’s Domination victory screen, along with a nuke-themed calling card, emblem, sticker, and weapon charm – talk about some serious swag!

How To Get Nuke In Warzone 2

Tips for Earning the Nuke in Warzone 2

  • Before attempting to get a tactical nuke in Warzone 2, be sure to properly prepare your loadout. This means equipping the best weapons and gear for the situation. Make sure you have a good primary weapon, such as an assault rifle or light machine gun, as well as a powerful secondary like a shotgun or marksman rifle. You’ll also want to equip yourself with appropriate attachments, perks, and equipment that can help you in battle.
  • Once your loadout is prepared, it’s time to start scouting the areas. Look for any signs of enemy presence, such as gunfire or smoke from destroyed vehicles. If you can spot an enemy, try to get a feel for their position and movements so that you can plan your attack accordingly. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for objective points that may be nearby, such as control points or mission objectives.
  • Take your squad to new heights of safety and convenience using a trusty helicopter. Stick together like glue to keep your element carrier(s) out of harm’s way. Play it your way – divvy up the goods or let one lucky teammate carry the load.
  • Utilize the intervals between element disclosures to gather resources in isolated locations that are distant from the primary POIs. It is recommended that one member of the team carry stims and armor plates in their bag to ensure there are sufficient resources to sustain the group’s health.
  • In order to repair and refuel during your travels, it may be necessary to make stops at gas stations. One option is to land on the rooftop of a gas station, while another is to have a squadmate carry gas cans in their backpack for on-the-go refueling.
  • For those who are new to the Warzone 2.0 and DMZ modes, we offer guides to help you get started.

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