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It seems like Overwatch 2 inspires its developers, so it receives regular updates and balance changes. The worst thing you can imagine in that situation is not knowing who to pick and who to play with. This tier list is made both for novice and experienced players.

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Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List

Roles in Overwatch 2

At first we need to designate which role fits you the most. Considering every role in this game is vital, you can’t name the best one, so you should pick which you like most by its gameplay:

  • Damage – these heroes are responsible for seeking out, engaging, and defeating the enemy using their varied tools and abilities. This fits you if you got used to seeking and making frags. It requires good aim, but if you are an average person in this, you still will feel good;
  • Tank – you need to receive all the damage, create space for your team, and break apart fortified positions. You will absolutely love this role in case you like being in the center of each fight and even initiate them;
  • Support – Support heroes heal their allies, boost their damage, and provide vital utility. As support, you’re the backbone of your team’s survival.

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Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List

Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List


  • Tracer

A ton of individual skill expression and it’s really hard to counter her. Tracer can stay aggressive in any situation and feel safe. She can non-stop damage her opponents, which makes her hero with the highest DPS in the whole game;

  • Mei

She can enable aggressive plays from your team’s tank and humiliate aggressive plays from the enemy tank. Great damage and almost universability makes her S-tier;

  • Soldier:76

He can play independently because of his ability to heal himself and finds lots of situations where he can deal tons of damage to enemy heroes.


  • Widowmaker

Best sniper in the game, has huge damage potential. However, you need to choose her only on suitable maps;

  • Hanzo

Long-range one-shot potential, close-range burst damage makes him really good damage hero, but his weapon is projectile-based, and it makes it difficult to shot enemies in 100% of cases;

  • Sojourn

Can spam damage on long range and almost one-shot enemies with her railgun;

  • Reaper

Is a really good front-liner, especially when he fights in close range, but mobility wishes to be better.


  • Sombra

Does very good on her own, but her damage is not as strong as Tracer’s, for example;

  • Echo

Has more consistent damage on range, than Pharah, for example, but finding situation that fits this hero is pretty challenging;

  • Ashe

Great sniper hero, effective for middle and long ranges, but she doesn’t have a one-shot potential as other snipers;

  • Cassidy

Has lots of damage on a great range, but is very limited with his mobility and got debuffed in last patch;

  • Junkrat

Can make a lot of damage on the frontline, but because of this damage inconsistency, he usually can’ finish kills he sets up.


  • Torbjorn

Pretty tanky hero, but he can’t offer anything when it comes an opportunity to create new angles and situations;

  • Genji

His ultimate has one of the highest DPS in the game, but his aggression is way too situational;

  • Symmetra

Requires too much resources to deal damage, so she is not strong enough to place even in B tier;

  • Pharah

Really strong character to break enemies positions, but she’s very situative for maps.

Overwatch 2 Tank tier list

Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List


  • Ramattra

Has abilities for every situation, that makes her universal soldier for any map or mode;

  • Junker Queen

OP right now. Kind of a better version of Roadhog, she can find and almost one-shot her opponents while tanking damage and holding the points.


  • D.Va

Can almost always be set up to defend any sight. There is no tank better that can hold multiple different kinds of threats;

  • Wrecking Ball

Even if you can’t find one-shot pile-driver one-shot kills around the map, you still can be very valuable by rolling your ball and displacing your enemies.


  • Reinhardt

Has a one-shot kill potential and earthquake, but always needs too much support from his team;

  • Zarya

Her bubbles are too team-dependent, while she has one of the best charge mechanics in the game;

  • Winston

Best part is his defensive barrier, but every other side is too weak;

  • Doomfist

He can do a lot of initiate, but he suffers when enemy pays too much attention to him;

  • Sigma

Has great skills, but they work only in one direction which makes him too situational.


  • Orisa

Really simple hero, easy-to-play, but doesn’t have biggest play-making tools, hence, can be easily outplayed;

  • Roadhog

Very inconsistent, his play-making is denied by majority of skills;

Overwatch 2 Support tier list

Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List


  • Zenyatta

Has one-shot potential, huge amounts of damage for support hero, creates insane pressure on the enemy team, can heal all his team effectively, which makes him the best support in the game.


  • Lucio

Speed is everything, so her speed boost is game changing every time, and if you feel good with that hero, you will become really independent and valuable support;

  • Brigitte

Very solid pick in most cases, his main weakness is that she’s bad in close-range fights, so frontliners can easily outplay her every time;

  • Baptiste

He never misses the opportunity to get aggressive and throw some damage that even some DPS heroes can’t reach. However, his heal leaves much to be desired;

  • Ana

Her grenade is overwhelmingly strong, so she can offense and support quite well.


  • Kiriko

This hero needs too much time played on it and too much skill from you every single game. It’s hard for people to stay stable from game to game, so we put Kiriko in a B-tier;

  • Moira

She is not enough strong to be higher, but Moira can clutch lots of situations;

  • Mercy

She usually needs a good DPS partner to be effective. And even in that case you can’t guarantee that support from the other team won’t be better just because all you do is healing 1-2 persons and usually boosting 1 hero.


  • Lifeweaver

Despite the fact this is a new hero, he is too weak because of way too situational defensive mechanics, and his heal is weaker than the other supports have.

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Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List

That’s everything any player needs to know to play and be successful in Overwatch 2. We hope this guide was helpful for you, use our tier-lists to humiliate opponents and enjoy the gameplay!

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