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Outpost Rush Guide & FAQ

Finally, you have reached level 60, tempered yourself and your character in various Expeditions, PvE farming, PvP activity and so on. One of the rewards New World offers as an endgame activity is Outpost Rush, which is a PvP event with up to 40 players (20 on each side) and a range of PvE opponents. The event takes place on the island of Nauthynos, where the game teleports players. For more information on Outpost Rush, see this guide.

New World PvP
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Outpost Rush Guide 5.0

Outpost Rush Guide

How does Outpost Rush work?

As mentioned above, you must be at level 60 to join the event. To do this, it is enough to find a representative of your faction in the nearest settlement and press the “Join Outpost Rush” button in a conversation with him, and then you need to wait until a sufficient number of participants are gathered. You can join solo or in a group of up to 5 people.

Outpost Rush Guide

Outpost Rush’s basic principles:

  • Build of your character must be suitable for PvP. If you need the help of professionals, then you can always use our offer for Coaching and find out all the PvP secrets and be the best in the New World;
  • Each team starts the game at their home forts;
  • There are three outposts between the forts: Astra, Sol, Luna;
  • Holding outposts, as well as killing other players, gives Outpost reward points. The team with 1000 points wins Outpost Rush.

How to play Outpost Rush?

The Outpost Rush event includes not only PvP but also PvE activity. The map of the island also contains the following objects:

  • Baroness Hain is a ghost, strong enough and respawn every 10 minutes. The team that defeats the monster receives a buff that increases defense indicators, as well as health regeneration for three minutes. The patch “Into the Void” reduced the damage reduction on the baroness buff from 25% to 15%. The opposing team’s points will also be frozen for three minutes and will not be able to accumulate;
  • Corrupted portal – after destroying the monsters, you can donate all picked to the Azoth portal (500 points), after which the portal is activated and provides players with Brute Summoning Totem;
  • Summoning circle – with the help of the totem, players can summon different allies, which will be located near the Summoning circle and will attack those who approach it;
  • Turrets can be found on Astra and Luna that can be used to defend the Outpost. The team that takes possession of the Outpost can build them.

Even those who do not particularly love PvP will be able to enjoy Outpost Rush, since the defense of the outpost is very much tied to upgrading Gates, Protection Wards, etc. The upgrade will require a gathering of resources, the main of which are:

  • Infused wood – a type of tree that is obtained from Ancient Groves, which are scattered around the map and guarded by mobs;
  • Infused hide – can be found in Wolf Dens, in addition to the usual wolves, you will need to defeat Alpha Wolf – the leader of the pack;
  • Azoth – dropped from defeated enemies in PvE mode, this is one of the most important resources of the event, it is necessary to access the Corrupted Portal;
  • Infused Ore – a special type of ore, required for the upgrade of the Outpost, guarded by various enemies, as well as two elite enemies (Dug and Ug).

It is extremely important to upgrade your Outposts, for this you need to spend the gathered resources on the following structures:

  • Protection Wards – help keep the enemy from claiming the Outpost and provide a respawn point for your teammates;
  • Gates – help to keep the enemy behind the walls as long as possible, you can upgrade several times;
  • Siege weapons – build on the walls of the Outpost to attack the enemy;
  • The Command Post is a structure that can also be upgraded multiple times, giving extra damage and armor buff.

Inside the Outpost there are structures – The Armory and Storage sheds.

  • The Armory – here you can spend your Azoth on potions, totems and etc
  • The Storage Shed – stores your Azoth and other resources, always remember that before the battle you need to leave Azoth in the Storage Shed, because if you die, you will lose all goods you carry.

Outpost Rush tips and tricks

Communication between players of one team is very important since you need to correctly distribute forces, send someone to collect resources, or farm Azoth, while others must go to capture outposts and hold them, one of the team must deal with PvE activity – Baroness, Corrupted portals and so on.

  •         Control the map and objects located on it;
  •         PvP teams must be well balanced, healers, tanks, DPS, etc. are needed;
  •         Even if you do not have enough Trading skills, you can still gather resources and your skill level will increase.

Outpost rush rewards

This is an event chest that can contain armor or weapons with a reference to the Outpost Rush event. You will also receive gold and Azoth regardless of whether you win or lose. Of course, the winning side will get more.

And to always remain the winner, you can use our Outpost Rush offer and win the event with 100% guarantee.

Outpost Rush is a great opportunity to test your strength in PvP at maximum levels, as well as increase your Gear Score and earn gold and azoth.

Author – Kanavnik

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