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Before any player in computer games, it does not matter whether it is a shooter or an online RPG, in most cases the question arises – which side or faction to choose?

The legendary phrase from Mortal Kombat “Choose your destiny” in the case of MMORPG New World acquired a new color in the form of the slogan (or motto) “Carve your destiny”.

And this is exactly what is offered to the players – by choosing one of the three New World factions.

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Major factions


The factions in New World are represented by Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate.

Each faction has its own goals, principles, motives for seizing and retaining power over territories in the world of Aeternum.

New World Factions Guide


The Covenant faction represents religious fanatics who are passionate about purging Aeternum of heretics and restoring justice.

“Religion is opium for the people” if this idea is close to you, then the faction will be to your liking.


New World Factions Guide

The Marauders faction will be close to those who rely on the principle of “Who is stronger is right”.

They are warriors who rely on their strength and knowledge of martial arts.

They prefer to conduct a dialogue exclusively from a position of power.


New World Factions Guide

Finally, the Syndicate faction is a mysterious organization that searches for forbidden knowledge that should lead to a new era of enlightenment.

If you like mysticism and occult sciences, Syndicate is definitely your choice.

What factions do

After completing the training and primary quests, you will find yourself in the nearest settlement, where you can talk with representatives of all three New World factions and decide which faction to join.

By joining the faction that suits you, you will be able to receive quests in any of the settlements of Aeternum, for completing you will receive a reward.

It is important to note that you can only be a member of one faction at a time, and if you decide to switch to another, you will be able to do this only after 120 days.

Moreover, by doing that, you cannot choose a leading fraction. No sneaky peaky moves are allowed.

As mentioned above, the main goal of any New World faction is to retain old territories and seize new ones.

You can create your own or join an existing company in the selected faction.

Your company can declare war on territory that belongs to the opposite faction.

Strengthening or undermining the influence of a faction is carried out by performing PvP missions.

After the declaration of war, one of the companies becomes the vanguard.

In the New World, the choice of the vanguard is random, which gives even a small company the right to control the territory.

The more territory a faction owns, the more powerful it becomes and, accordingly, the more powerful, influential, and stronger each individual player becomes.

Faction missions

It doesn’t matter which faction to fight for, there are two main types of faction missions in New World – PvP and PvE.

PvP missions are associated with the implementation of certain tasks in the vastness of Aeternum, namely the delivery of important messages to other territories, patrolling, collecting tactical information, intelligence, etc.

Completing this kind of auto-flag you for PvP missions, that is, the player or players of the enemy faction can attack and kill you.

In case of failure of the mission (you were killed), you will need to return for a new quest.

Also, do not unflag yourself, this will lead to an automatic refusal to complete the mission.

For completing a PvP mission, the player receives a faction currency, which can be spent on purchases within your faction.

And that’s a gorgeous way to boost up your gears.


New World Factions Guide

In addition to receiving faction currency, in case of successful completion of the quests, the influence of this or that faction on the territory will also grow.

PvE missions are represented in a classic interpretation – killing various creatures, gathering resources, crafting items.

Faction currency is also awarded for completing such missions.

Choosing between them, bear in your mind, PvP missions are much more profitable and bring more rewards. 

Whether it is worth joining a certain New World faction or being a lone wolf is up to you, but New World is built on the interaction between factions and its members, therefore, being alone, you risk missing out on the most interesting aspects of the game.

Go ahead, carve your destiny!

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