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I am immortal like my sword, I kneel to no one except the Lord and my Lord is steel.” ©

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New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE 5.0

Amazon’s New World game presents players with a fairly wide arsenal of weapons and various possibilities of using and combining them.
In the process of using one of the types of weapons, you will receive skill points, which you can invest in the development of two talent trees. The skills themselves have the status active and passive, each skill connected with a further one by the lines, that is, to get a skill of a higher level, you will need to invest a point in the previous one.
Also, putting skills in one of the branches does not apply to pumping another branch, in other words, you will need to be very careful about choosing the talents you need. As you level up, you can choose between three skills that will become available to you when equipping a weapon, each skill is activated by pressing the corresponding key.
Your character will have two weapon slots, and at any time of the game, you can switch between them.
Based on the classic understanding of tactics and strategy of a combat in RPG games, it is best to have both a melee weapon and a range one on hand.
To build on the situation during the battle, you could hit enemies standing both in the distance, and quickly switch to melee if the enemy came close.
All types of weapons are suitable for both PvE and PvP, you just need to choose the one that suits your style of play.

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Best New World Weapons


Best New World Weapons for PvP

Best New World Weapons for PvE

SHatchet, Ice Gauntlet, Rapier, Life StaffBow, Fire Staff, One-Handed Sword and Shield, Warhammer, Life Staff
ABow, Fire Staff, Great Axe, One-Handed Sword and Shield,  Spear, WarhammerRapier, Spear
BMusketHatchet, Ice Gauntlet, Musket
CGreat Axe

What are all these S, A, B, C?

The S tier weapon is the Achilles heel of any of your opponents, both in PvE and PvP, this is the best class of weapon, the equipment of which should be your primary target.
A tier weapon is a weapon that will serve you perfectly and will cope with the task assigned to it, but this is already a step back from the ideal.
B tier weapon – strong middling, standard
C tier weapon – a weapon with which you can play for a while, but qualities, properties, etc. already worse than average.
The tier list should always remind you that you need to strive for more because with medium-type weapons and below you can be competitive in PvE, but unlikely in PvP.
So, first, let’s figure out what the best weapons for PvE and PvP are.
The S tier list is represented by Bow, Fire Staff, One-Handed Sword and Shield, Warhammer, Life Staff.


New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

One of the best weapons for range fights
The bow hits the enemy at a distance, quick reloads, and allows you to actively move.
Bow mastery directly depends on the level of Dexterity, in which it is worth investing points if you have chosen this type of weapon.
Gear score reaches 500-600 points for the S tier bow.
The Bow Mastery is divided into Skirmisher and Hunter trees.
The bow is also good as a weapon in PVP.

Fire staff

New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

Magic-type weapons that cast fire spells.
Moreover, these are not only standard fireballs, but also spells of mass destruction, we also remember about the burning status effect.
Fire staff offers great weapon combos for crushing the enemy’s crowd.
To successfully own fire staff, make sure that you have enough points invested in Intelligence.
The Fire Staff Mastery is subdivided into Fire Mage and Pyromancer trees.

One-Handed Sword and Shield

New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

Each of these weapons can be used indirectly from the other, that is, sword and shield are both individual pieces of equipment.
Weapon combos like hitting and covering with a shield is an excellent solution for PvE and PvP battles.
Strength and Dexterity Attributes are your main companions if you want to reach the top in the use of these two weapons.
The Sword and Shield Mastery is made up of the Swordmaster and Defender trees.
By the way, the shield can also do damage, the base damage for the top tier shield can reach 193 – 223.
Unlike the previous two weapons, this is strictly melee usage.


New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

Powerful but slow, deals a lot of damage, and breaks the defense (block) – One of the best weapons in PvE, when you are surrounded by mobs.
Invest points in strength, strength, and more strength, and, yes, this is the best two-handed weapon in the New World.
The War Hammer Mastery is subdivided into Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher trees.
It’s not the best choice for PvP if you need to fight a fast and mobile opponent.

Life Staff

New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

Not only cripples but also heals.
At the moment, the only weapon in the New world that can apply a healing buff as well as a protective buff.
Life stuff in weapon combos with Ax or Sword will make you literally invincible, as you will have the ability to deal a lot of damage and heal yourself if you take damage.
For possession of life stuff, it is recommended to invest points in Focus.
The Life Staff Mastery is made up of the Healing and Protector trees.
A weapon that will be successfully used both in PvP (especially in the duel version) and in PvE.


New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

A melee weapon, the distinctive feature of which is the bleeding effect, the counterattack type.
The rapier’s damage depends on the investment of points in Dexterity, and the investment of the points in Intelligence part will also affect the possession of the weapon.
The Rapier Mastery is made up of the Blood and Grace trees.


New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

The spear is used as a two-handed melee weapon and offers the player quick, piercing attacks that, in combos with debuffs, make the opponent’s defense less effective.
The spear has the longest reach among all melee weapons, it can also be thrown, which makes the weapon versatile in both melee and ranged combat.
Points should be invested in Dexterity and Strength.
The Spear Mastery is made up of the Zoner and Impaler trees.
Melee PvP 1 on 1? Most likely, you will emerge victorious from the fight.


New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

One-handed weapon from our tier list is meant for melee combat, but the talent tree allows unlocks the ability to throw the hatchet as a ranged weapon.
Putting points in Dexterity and Strength, Mastery is represented by Berserker and Throwing trees.
It is worth noting the skill Berserking Refresh – when Berserk ends, you heal yourself for 30% of your max health, this is very important for PvP, as it will come as a surprise to your opponent.
Hatchet is one of the most powerful weapons for PvP, it is not without reason that it received an S value in the tier list.

Ice Gauntlet

New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

The weapon has truly incredible crowd control – freezing effects, slowing, all this brings it to the top of the tier list for PvP.
Ice gauntlet can cast ice defense against enemy attacks combined with reflective damage.
Also, the weapon provides a great opportunity to make combos from the skills of talent trees, for example, a cast ice shower into a crowd of enemies under the effect of Wind Chill.
Also by effect of Ice shower, opponents cannot sprint and dodge, and it slows speed by 50%.
Upgrade Intelligence Attribute, with some points in Focus.
Defensive abilities and the ability to regenerate mana are the most important skills for PvP battles.


New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too, You’ll fire your musket but I’ll run you through.” ©

The phrase from the song emphasizes the fact that this weapon is not suitable for everyone and its use is not unambiguous in both PvP and PvE, so it received the B status in the tier list.
A large grouping and dispersion, as well as a long reloading time – can be attributed to the disadvantages, at the same time musketeers can put traps in battle and carry out crowd control.
For musket, we pump Dexterity Attribute and Intelligence.
The Musket Mastery is made up of the Sharpshooter and Trapper trees.

Great Axe

New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE

Great, but very slow, so it’s not really good for PvP and it’s vulnerable to dodges.
But can provide great damage to single PvE duels, especially if you purposefully invest points in Strength.
Great Axes have two Masteries – Reaper and Mauler.
Until the release of the New World game, it is difficult to say which weapon will eventually be a good weapon in PvP, and which will be a good weapon in PvE.
Most likely what was presented in the latest beta version will be a fix to strike a balance between weapons, skills, and so on.
We assume that the tier list will be revised; weapon combos will acquire other combinations.

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New World Best Weapons for PVP and PVE 5.0

Let it be hack’n slash.
Do damage.

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