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The Brimstone Sands expansion, which launched on October 18, 2022, brought significant changes in leveling in the New World game, most notably in the first 25 levels. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the basic rules of fast and effective leveling and some useful tips, as well as a brief guide.

General principles of leveling and Key sources of XP

With the release of Brimstone Sands reaching the maximum level has become easier, because the amount of required XP of the player has been reduced, starting zones have been updated, and quests have become easier, which is undoubtedly most significant for the leveling from 1 to 25 levels.

New World Leveling Guide

So, here are the key sources.

Main story quests

Leveling in New World as in most MMOs is an endless grind and quest farm. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main and main source of XP is to complete the main story quests. Note that Town Project missions have been drastically nerfed and are no longer an ideal source of XP, but it is still not necessary to ignore them completely.

Side quests and multitasking

The main story quests, while they give you a lot of XP, do not allow you to reach the maximum level. So it’s worth doing other activities, such as taking side quests and completing them simultaneously with the main. They give a decent amount of XP and often can be very easy to complete without distracting from the passage of the storyline. However, do not choose those that require traveling great distances from the main quest to complete them, in some cases, you can spend about 15-20 minutes only on the road. So, choose wisely. And now let’s talk about how to travel efficiently.

Travel efficiently

Somebody can say that this advice is obvious, but we think they are more likely to be essential. Especially, in the case, when you try to do your first steps in New World or MMORPG as a whole:

  • Don’t travel just to turn in a single quest. Do more and complete several at once;
  • Traveling on the road can save you a lot of time;
  • Unlock the fast travel points;
  • Register at the Innkeeper’s in a new town and use the Inn feature whenever possible.

Join a faction

Upon reaching level 17, New World players have the opportunity to join one of 3 factions. The choice of the faction to level up is not important, they all give the same advantage, in particular, increased XP for killing monsters, 10% more experience in PvP, and access to the faction missions (among other things). Here you should also respect the principle of multitasking and less travel time, so you should take PvE missions (from PvP missions you can’t teleport back to the town).

Weapon XP and PvP missions

By killing enemies with weapons you earn weapon experience, which is expressed in the weapon points. Accordingly, the more weapon points you have, the more additional weapon skills and perks you can unlock, and as a consequence, the stronger you become. You can only equip two weapons at a time, so again, choose wisely. Namely, the one that best suits your playing style.
What does PvP have to do with it? The longer the enemy you kill has been alive, the more XP you get, i.e. if you’re lucky you can get a huge chunk of weapon XP.

New World leveling!
Get any level you want!
New World Leveling Guide

What to avoid if you want to level up fast

Some of us like to level slowly, learning the game world in all the details. But for others, the endgame is more important.

New World Leveling Guide

In this block will learn about faster ways and how to complete them.

Forget about Town Project missions

If you already have experience playing in the New World and you want to level up with these missions out of habit, then we hasten to disappoint you, with the release of the Brimstone Sands expansion they were significantly nerfed and they are no longer worth it.

Don’t take faction PvP missions

As we mentioned before, you’ll waste too much time getting back to town, because teleportation doesn’t work for them, and we need to save time.

Don’t take a shortcut

Taking roads is often faster because you never know where the “shortcut” will eventually take you and how long it will take.

Don’t trade

We mean all the activities involved in developing trade skills – gathering, refining, and crafting. Even though you get XP for this too, it’s way too time-consuming. Reach the maximum level and then dive into trading.

Tips for leveling up quickly

These tips will show you how to earn a little more extra XP.

New World Leveling Guide

At first, it may seem like a small boost, but it’s actually worth it.

Rest in a settlement

Don’t be lazy to stop at a settlement before you leave the game. This will give you a Well Rested effect active status when you return to the game, which will give you extra XP until the effect is gone.

Hit enemies of other players

When you get into other people’s battles, you’ll get an extra XP per kill, even if you only hit them once. And it’s not stealing – the “owner” of the battle gets his XP too.

Pick up every document with a faint blue glow

You’ll get 40 XP for every document you pick up, and that number will increase by 10 extra points for every 10 documents without a limit.

Don’t forget about corruption portals and expeditions.

Look for teammates in the chat channels to make things easier for yourself, and don’t forget the repeated quests in expeditions if you’ve already unlocked them.

Brief guide

When you first spawn in Aeternum you will be offered a quick tutorial, which you can skip or spend some time on, and be rewarded with a sword skill point. You can continue the tutorial or go straight to New World. You can also skip the main story quests with expeditions if you’re playing alone and not ready to look for the company. Remember, however, that you can get a lot of experience for them.

Levels 1-17

You will spawn on the beach and there you take the first quests at the watchtower. You can’t take quests in the settlement until you complete them, so don’t leave the beach or you’ll just waste time getting there and back.

Don’t be distracted by gathering extra resources and killing enemies beyond the mission. However, you’ll need flint, wood, bulrush cobs, and herbs to complete the first quests in the settlement before you leave the beach. All material-gathering settlement quests can be done on the way to other quests without being specifically distracted by them.

New World Leveling Guide

Once in the settlement turn in all the tasks from the beach at once and continue to complete the quests until you get to level 17.

Upon reaching level 17 you can join one of the three factions located in Everfall. Complete all quests and head to Everfall. Whether you should join a faction and what it gets you is described in the General principles of leveling (believe me, you should).

Level 18-23

After joining the faction, you can go back to doing the main story quests, but for the best results, make sure you do the side quests as well.

New World Leveling Guide

The stage from level 18 to 23 is important because level 20 will give you access to PvP 3v3, and level 23 will give you the ability to unlock access to the Amrine Excavation, as well as the repeatable quest, Bones for Barkimedes, which together give you a lot of experience.

Level 24-60

From there on you just keep doing main story and side quests, faction quests, and participating in expeditions and PvP missions to get weapon XP, but there are a few key points I want to focus on:

  • Level 33: access to Starstone Barrows; repeatable quest More Bones for Barkimedes;
  • Level 43: access to the Depths expedition; repeatable quest Meat for Nekumanesh;
  • Level 53:  access to the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition; repeatable expedition quest Justice for the Dynasty;
  • Level 60 and beyond: quests in Shattered Mountain.

Leveling Rewards

And here is a list of rewards that you will receive as you level up:

  • 5 – Second Weapon Slot; Survivalist Quest (Unlocks the quest to get your camp);
  • 10 – Ability to duel other players; First bag slot;
  • 15 – Camp tier upgrade (Tier II); Third consumable slot; ability to buy 1st home;
  • 20 – Ring Slot; Unlock main story quest to obtain the Azoth Staff; unlock the ability to queue for 3v3 PvP arenas;
  • 25 – Camp tier upgrade (Tier III); Fourth consumable slot;
  • 30 – Second bag slot; Unlock main story quest to obtain Azoth Staff upgrade;
  • 35 – Unlocks the ability to purchase 2nd house;
  • 40 – Earring slot; Unlock main story quest to obtain Azoth Staff upgrade; Camp upgrade (Tier IV);
  • 45 – Third bag slot;
  • 50 – Can participate in Invasions’ Unlock main story quest to obtain Azoth Staff upgrade;
  • 55 – Unlocks the ability to purchase 3rd house; Camp upgrade (Tier V);
  • 60 – Can participate in Outpost Rush; Unlocks expertise; Unlock main story quest to obtain Azoth Staff upgrade

Well, that’s all, we hope this guide will help you level up quickly and efficiently, and Overgear is always happy to help and keep you company. Don’t forget to rate our article if it was helpful to you.

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