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No money, no honey is a fairly simple formula that works the same in real life and in the New World game.
Gold is the main game currency used to buy equipment for a character, items for crafting, boosts, repair weapons, etc.
A sufficient supply of gold in your pockets allows you to feel free and confident, in other words, providing yourself with gold is one of your main tasks.
This is not to say that there is some simplest way to farm gold in the New World, or there is some secret formula for success that allows you to provide yourself with an endless supply of game currency.
First of all, you need to always be on the lookout and look for an additional opportunity to earn gold coins, perhaps some good deal will turn up to buy at a cheaper price and then sell at a higher price.
New World offers several ways to make your wallet thicker, and choosing the most suitable in terms of the ratio of “investment of time and effort to earnings” is your sole task.

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How to Get More Gold in New World


So, the first way to get gold in the world of Aeternum is to complete quest tasks in various settlements or at NPCs in certain locations that will open in the process of exploring the mainland.

How to farm Gold in New World

This is the most obvious and widespread way to farm gold because the very essence of RPG games is built on completing quests and, believe me, there are a lot of them in the New World.
These can be a wide variety of tasks, which are divided into subcategories:
• Main story
• Side stories
• Faction missions
• Town project
It is necessary to understand that some tasks like side stories quests be completed quickly enough, and some like the main story will require a certain time or the presence of the required character level.
Accordingly, it will take time to get enough gold coins.
In addition, some quest categories bring more gold, others less.
It is important to note that you get gold for completing each quest, and in addition to this, there are already various equipment, experience points, and so on.


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How to farm Gold in New World

Gathering resources are also a great opportunity to farming gold.

How to farm Gold in New World

New World offers players a huge variety of resources such as timber, ore, gems, steel, animal and bird meat, fish, and more.
By extracting resources, you upgrade your gathering skills, which later allows you to get more expensive materials and craft high-quality items.
And expensive materials can be sold profitably, while a kind of symbiosis between your gathering skills and the ability to farm gold coins in New World is obtained.
Always keep track of the currently most demanded resources on the server, it may not necessarily be some expensive gem, but it may be ordinary iron ore.
In other words, if this is the case, spend time and effort finding and mining iron ore and then selling it at the highest possible price.
The market for in-game prices for resources, as well as the stock market or the stock market, is not always stable, therefore, do not miss your chance to sell resources at a higher price while there is a demand for them.
On the other hand, no one forbids specializing only in the gathering of rare resources, which are available at high levels of gathering skills, such resources, as a rule, are always in price and you should not have problems selling them.
Farm gold in New World is not just a mechanical collection of resources and resale, it is a tactic and strategy, building which you can earn a lot of gold coins.

Loot trade

Performing in-game tasks, traveling across the locations of Aeternum, you will encounter enemies, wild animals, etc.
If you leave the battle as a winner, then the enemy’s equipment will get to you, respectively, you can sell it to merchants in the city or leave it for your own needs.

How to farm Gold in New World

In addition, the loot of a fallen enemy may be better than your current equipment, so you can dress up your character in better armor or pick up a stronger weapon.
It must be understood that not every defeated enemy will drop legendary and rare items, often these will be standard items that are not so expensive, or even completely cheap, therefore, the accumulation of gold coins will take time.


Crafting high-quality and expensive items can bring gold coins to your bag, but the way is long and laborious.

How to farm Gold in New World

For crafting good items, you need a certain crafting skill, and for crafting itself, you need high-quality resources, which also cannot be obtained at a low level of gathering skills.
Therefore, before you start making good money, you will need to increase well the skills of the character.
At the same time, in spite of the time spent, all efforts will pay off, because you can reach the top in gathering and crafting skills, and this will already provide you with a stable influx of customers.
Be sure to interact with other players for the exchange of resources and help in crafting items, this can significantly speed up the process of accumulating gold.

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How to farm Gold in New World

It is difficult to say which of the listed options is the most beneficial for getting gold in New World.
Most likely, it should be a combination of all the methods, which sooner or later should lead you to wealth and comfortable gameplay.

And remember – “Get rich or die trying” ©.

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