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So, you’ve reached the 60th max level in New World. What now? Is there any endgame content in New World? Indeed there is, and a lot of it! Crafting, arenas, expeditions, Outpost Rush, and wars await you.

The sky’s the limit, but do not get lost in various activities, and give your efforts some direction and consistency. I will tell you what to focus on and how to achieve the best results.

Expertise and Gear score

Your ultimate goal is to progress your gear score from 500 to 600 and then work your way up to get 625 gear sets. Keep in mind that expertise and gear score are two different systems in New World, but they are essentially connected. Let me explain how.

Expertise is tied to your character and becomes permanent as soon as you increase the experience for a certain equipment slot. A gear score, on the other hand, is tied to a certain gear item, and the score is averaged over all available gear items. There is no point in equipping a high-scoring piece of equipment without sufficient expertise because the lack of expertise will reduce the power obtained from that particular item. Therefore, keep an eye on the balance of expertise and equipment score.

So, when you know the difference, it’s time to decide on the method of obtaining the desired level.

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What to do at Level 60 in New World

Brimstone Sands Quest

By the time you reach level 60, you’re supposed to have completed the main storyline and received your tier 5 Azoth Staff. Now it is worth paying attention to Brimstone Sands storyline quests. To unlock them, you must reach level 60 and complete a series of quests.

First of all, you must complete the quest chain called Strider of the Sands and apply a kind of “sunscreen” Desert Cerate, to protect yourself from the intense sun of Brimstone Sands. To launch the quest chain, talk to Soulwarden Tomash Kovalenko. The location depends on the faction you belong to:

  • Syndicate players will find him in Shattered Mountain.
  • For Marauder players, he’s on the city walls in Ebonscale Reach.
  • Covenant members will find him in Great Cleave.

The ingredients for Cerat are also slightly different for the different factions. Once you’ve made and used it, go to the Wikala al-Waha Outpost and talk to Soulwarden Buhawi. After that, the Brimstone Sands quest will officially commence.

What to do at Level 60 in New World

Brimstone Sands region introduces new enemies and hazards, as well as the new Ennead Expedition and 26 Ancient Glyphs that will allow you to travel across the desert. 

Along with all this, you’ll accordingly gain access to new resources, including food items that build into new Tier 5 foods, craft Runeglass Gems, jump between Bigger POIs without the use of Azoth via the new travel system with Ancient Glyphs, and use Glyphs to hunt for Elite Chests.

The reward is more than worthy, but the difficulty of the quests is also quite high. You might need the help of a team.


If you prefer to play solo, to get 600 expertise, you should focus on the Gypsum system. With just an hour of time and without putting in any serious effort, you can get 7 Gypsum every day: 

  • Obsidian Gypsum – 3 per day: Drops from level 60+ named creatures
  • Sapphire Gypsum – 2 per day: Defeating the final bosses of The Lazarus Instrumentality and Garden of Genesis.
  • Ruby Gypsum – 2 per day: Outpost Rush completion
  • Emerald Gypsum – 1 per day: Aptitude leveling reward
  • Citrine Gypsum – 1 per day: Arena completion
  • Amethyst Gypsum – 7 per day: Major/minor breach completion
  • Topaz Gypsum – 10 per day: Drops from any level 55+ creatures 25% of the time while under the effect of a daily craftable potion, Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion.
  • Garnet Gypsum – 2 per day: You can obtain Garnet Gypsum by completing 3v3 Arenas. 100% chance if you win the match, 50% if you don’t.
  • Diamond Gypsum – 3 per day: Rewarded from “special event” activities such as opening presents in the upcoming Winter event.

What to do at Level 60 in New World

The obtained gypsum orbs can be turned into gypsum casts in the kiln, and then you can get the expertise for the desired slot right from them. To create a single orb, you are required to accumulate gypsum for an entire day. The exception is that you can only use 1 Sapphire gypsum each day, but you may stockpile it for the future. Gypsum is not collected from containers with rewards for breaches, outposts, arenas, or trade skill upgrades. You will need to complete an activity to get it as a reward. Each orb is used to level up the expertise level of an item slot and create an item in the maximum expertise level range. It will take approximately 31 orbs to level up a slot from a 500 gear score to the maximum. When everything is at maximum, they will simply be used to generate items of the selected slot with a guaranteed range of 591-600 gear score.

You will only be able to increase the expertise level of each item slot once per day. When you get close to the maximum expertise of all item slots, you will need to perform fewer and fewer gypsum generation actions per day.

Chest Runs

You can also get gypsum during daily chest runs – just join a group via chat. Chest runs will also provide you with expertise increase and loot from elite chests (more gypsum and extra expertise). I would recommend visiting these spirit shrines:

  • Imperial Shrine – Southern Ebonscale Reach
  • Scorched Mines – Shattered Mountain
  • Lonely Climb – Shattered Mountain
  • Mountainhome Outpost – Southwest Shattered Mountain
  • Malevolence – Edengrove
  • Elysian Shrine – Eastern Edengrove
  • Mangled Heights – Great Cleave
  • Cleave’s Point Outpost – Western Great Cleave
  • Lazarus Shrine – Northern Reekwater
  • Eternal Pool – Eastern Reekwater
  • Siren’s Stand – Reekwater
  • Corrupted Portals in Myrkgard


Expeditions can also serve as a source of gypsum and expertise, as well as rewarding with chests. For experienced players with a team, I recommend visiting the new Enead Expedition.

The Ennead is an endgame expedition and part of the Expedition Mutation Rotation. This is a level 65 expedition located at Pyramid of Akhet in the Brimstone Sands Zone for 5 players. It’s quite challenging, but the rewards are worth it.

Expedition Weapons

Weapons Where it drops
Sobek’s Hunger Expedition Wide
Arquebus Expedition Wide
Wall of Stone Expedition Wide
Ornament of Legates  Expedition Wide
Hand of Jupiter Expedition Wide (General Crassus)
Legate’s Pride General Crassus
Dja of Bes Heru or Anpu
Charioteer’s Bow Horon
Ligo Lucius
Claw of Orcus Pluto
Darion’s Spatha  Scipio
Beastfang Godling Khepri Supernal
Staff of the Throne  Heru
Mnevin Staff  Anpu
Scourge of the Depths Mutations 8+
Unyielding Cleaver Mutations 8+
Grimbolt Mutations 8+
Infernal Dread Mutations 8+
Spinechiller Mutations 9+
Second Strike Mutations 9+
Hunter’s Grace Mutations 9+
Companion’s Courage Mutations 9+

Expedition Armor

Armor Where it drops
Aureate’s Golden Manica General Crassus
Aureate’s Golden Caligae General Crassus
Aureate’s Golden Braccae General Crassus
Aureate’s Golden Galea General Crassus
Aureate’s Golden Lorica Segmentata General Crassus
Lorica Squamata General Crassus
Sun Lord’s Gloves Heru
Sun Lord’s Boots Heru
Sun Lord’s Skirt Heru
Sun Lord’s Headdress Heru
Sun Lord’s Wing Heru
Simple Skirt  Heru
Honorable Shoes  Shai
The Blue Crown  Sah
Guardian’s Gauntlets  Anpu

Expedition Jewelry

Jewelry Where it drops
Priestess Charm Heru
Soulbinding Band Godling Khepri Supernal

Going on chest runs and expeditions, remember the conditions for getting gypsum (e.g., drink a potion to get topaz gypsum). 

Now let’s move on to PvP.

Outpost Rush and PvP Arenas

Outpost Rush is the heart of New World endgame PvP content. Whether you win or lose you get a bunch of gold, Azoth, Umbral Shards, and Gypsum. This is worth participating in Outpost Rush every day, because even if you’re not a big PvP fan and may not win, you’ll at least get Umbral Shards. However, matches can take much time, so it’s worth deciding if you’re up to spending time when you’re not sure about getting the amount of rewards you want for winning. 

What to do at Level 60 in New World

Arenas 3v3 are also an important part of endgame PvP. They are slightly faster, but there is no matchmaking as such, so the chance of accidentally losing to a vastly superior opponent is high. 


Wars are a great endgame activity for any players looking to test their skill, while also earning some of the best available rewards. But they are quite buggy and often look like a mess.

PvP Reward Track

For fans of PvP in New World there is a system of player progression – PvP Reward Track. It rewards players for participating in all types of PvP battles, i.e. wars, outpost rush, arenas, faction missions, and open world PvP. As the player progresses, he receives PvP experience and PvP currency – azoth salt, which can be exchanged for unique rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game. After reaching each of the three checkpoints, you can exchange azoth salt for one of the three rewards of your choice. Achievement of the checkpoints will be notified after reaching the PvP XP thresholds (2000/5000/10000).

The list of PvP rewards includes items such as armor, trinkets, weapons, emotes, and perks, as well as gypsum, umbral shards, potion sets, and currency bundles. Generally, the most valuable items can be found at the third checkpoint. However, there are exceptions. Umbral shards can be dropped at any checkpoint, gypsum orbs at the second and third checkpoints, and bundles of currency at any checkpoint. Each checkpoint has its own type of equipment:

  • Checkpoint 1 – Gloves and boots
  • Checkpoint 2 – Leg armor, trinkets, and weapons
  • Checkpoint 3 – Helmet, chestpiece, weapons, and emotes.

At Tier 5, rolls will respect your expertise level and can roll up to 600 Gear Score. You will be rewarded according to your progression level. The equipment tier rewards by player level are as follows:

  • Tier 2 – lvl. 0-19
  • Tier 3 – lvl. 20-39
  • Tier 4 – lvl. 40-59
  • Tier 5 – lvl. 60

The checkpoints listed below are prior to reaching PvP Reward Track level 200 max level.

PvP Weapons

Item Azoth Salt Min. Track Level Checkpoint
The Sword of the Champion 4,500 5 3
Berserker’s Axe 4,500 5 3
Heft 4,500 5 3
Violent Wreath 4,500 5 3
Bowman’s Pride 4,500 5 3
Mindfulness 4,500 5 3
The Flintstick 4,500 5 3
The Font 4,500 5 3
Frontline Point 4,500 5 3
Officer’s Ceremony 4,500 5 3
Swathe 4,500 5 3
Sentinel’s Claw 4,500 5 3
Fired Fury 4,500 5 3
Feohtan 4,500 5 3

PvP Armor

Item Azoth Salt Min. Track Level Checkpoint
Helm of the Bear 3,250 5 3
Baleful Protector 4,700 5 3
Crusading Purpose 3,000 5 1
Thighwyrd 4,000 5 2
Heavy Metal Slips 3,000 5 1
Bergan’s Gaze 3,250 5 3
Dragatacht 4,700 5 3
Footman’s Grips 3,000 5 1
The March 4,000 5 2
The White Shoes 3,000 5 1
The Solemn Cowl 3,250 5 3
Darix 4,700 5 3
Grasping Futility 3,000 5 1
Enchanting Tights 4,000 5 2
Supplicant’s Shoes 3,000 5 1

PvP Jewelry

Item Azoth Salt Min. Track Level Checkpoint
Champion’s Earring 3,000 5 2
Champion’s Ring 3,000 5 2
Champion’s Amulet 3,000 5 2

How to get gear as a Fresh 60

Furthermore, you’ll need some good armor. The best option is a level 60 faction armor or, if you don’t want to spend faction points, you can do with a not expensive epic armor with 2 perks from Trading Post. 

That’s what you’ll need at the beginning. Afterwards you will definitely want to improve your equipment and here you have to remember about the interdependence of expertise and gear score. In a few words: if you buy gear at the Trading Post, it is reduced to the average gear score and your experience level.  If you farm your gear, it retains its gear score, but it doesn’t increase your expertise. There are a bunch of good options for farming gear for solo play or with a small group (all mobs are level 63):

Professions to focus on at level 60

Last but not least, there are a few professions to focus on in the endgame. First and foremost are stonecutting, weapon smithing, armor crafting, and jewelcrafting. This is because crafting an endgame set can be more reliable than questing or purchasing it.

In addition, you’ll definitely need high-level potions, tinctures, and damage boosters. So it’s worth devoting your attention to Arcane. It will also help you to cut high-level gems.

In the Brimstone Sands expansion, we got new item types: Runeglasses and Heartrunes. There are currently five different Heartrunes available: Cannon Blast, Dark Ascent, Detonate, Grasping Vines, and Stoneform. They add extra ability to your skill set but are very expensive to craft – you need Rune Stones, which require 200 Stonecutting.

Rune name Effect Name Effect
Cannon Blast Burning Blast Successful hit inflict Burn, dealing 10% heartrune damage per second for 5 seconds
Dark Ascent Leeching Ascent Heal for 100% of damage done with Dark Ascent.
Detonate Accelerating Charge Movement Speed is increased by 30% while charging.
Grasping Vines Enfeebling Vines Successful hits apply Weaken, reducing enemy damage by 20% for 8 seconds.
Stoneform Fortifying Form Increases damage absorption by 10% while Stoneform is active.

What to do after 600 Expertise

If you’ve already reached the sky-high levels of level 600, it’s time to get the 625 gear. This is necessary to enable you to participate in level 10 mutated expeditions. This can be done with the Umbral Shard system. Just choose wisely which set of gear you will be upgrading.

That’s all, and Overgear is always pleased to help and accompany you on your adventures.

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