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Resource gathering is one of the most important skills required for a successful existence and prosperity in Aeternum. Upgrading your gathering skills will have a significant impact on the further course of the game and character development.

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Gathering in New World 5.0

Where and how to find resources

First of all, you need to understand where and how to find resources?
You begin your journey after a shipwreck and head towards a small camp located on the beach. Near the camp, you can already start collecting resources such as herbs, animal skins, etc.

The resource location can be determined by opening the in-game map (default “M” button), and then you need to click the “resource locations” tab (located on the left side of the map).

But everything is not so simple, you will not be given the location of a specific resource, but a general picture of the terrain will be given, based on which, by means of simple inferences, it will be possible to draw the following parallels “forest-wood”, “mountains-ore”, “plains” herbs “and so on.

But as you reach a certain level of gathering skills, an image of a resource will be marked on your compass, you can proceed to it and start to gather.

Gathering tools

To collect resources, you will need tools, as in real life, in New World you cannot skin killed animal with your bare hands (well, only if purely in theory), and even more so, you cannot get ore.
Therefore, what did not work out as in the proverb “The cobbler always wears the worst shoes”, you need a proper set of tools.

So what are the tools for gathering profession?

Skinning Knife – a tool to skin animals;
Fishing Pole – fishing;
Pickaxe – mine ore;
Sickle –harvest plants operations;
Logging Axe –logging.

One of the initial quests is to make a skinning knife for skinning a wild boar in the forest. Crafting a knife requires a number of resources (more on that later) that are nearby. Next, you come to the fire, where you create your first gathering tool.
Thus, this is the first and easiest way to get a basic tool – to craft it in the camp.

As your character develops, or rather, the Engineering crafting skill develops, you will be able to create items in the workshop or forge in the nearest settlement.This is the second way, which allows for the creation of higher class tools.

The third way is the most obvious – buying the necessary tool for gold in settlements.

When you see the right resource, you don’t have to switch between tools every time to get it. All you have to do is right-click in your inventory to set the “Active tool” status for the required tool. You can have 1 active instrument at any given time, so there is no need to swap instruments.
Accordingly, having approached the desired resource, you just need to press the “E” (default settings) key and the process will start automatically (collecting ore, chopping wood, or another process).
The levels of the tools also depend on the material from which they are created.

• Flint;
• Iron;
• Steel;
• Starmetal;
• Orichalcum.

The cooler the material, the cooler the tool, the cooler you are.
That is, the speed of your gathering depends on the quality and level of the material (by the way, it is indicated in the description of the tool if you point on it with the mouse).
In addition, the more high-quality material is used to create the tool, the better the resource you extract will be.

Leveling gathering

Grind, grind, one more time grind …

To level your gathering skill you need to continuously use the skill.
As mentioned above, increasing the level of gathering skills gives you the prospect of getting better resources, as well as detect and track resources located nearby.

Gathering skills

Now let’s move on to the most important thing, what’s the gathering in New World is and which gathering skills it has?
First of all, gathering trade skill is one of the categories of Trade Skills (non-combat masteries).

Let’s consider them in the following order:

• Skinning
• Harvesting
• Fishing
• Logging
• Mining

With the pumping of gathering skills, everything is obvious, the more often you use a certain skill, the faster its level increases and the character, in turn, gains experience.
Pressing the K key (“Character” tab) will open the skill tree, in the lower right part of which gathering skills will be presented with an indication of their level.

The maximum level that can be reached is 200.
And now, to the details.


After killing an animal, for example, a wild boar at the very beginning of the game, you can skin the animal and get a skin and raw meat in your inventory.
The level of skinning directly affects what type of animal you can skin.
So, at the very beginning, you can skin animals up to level 10 of yours skinning level.
Upon reaching level 10 of the skill, you can skin animals up to level 15 and so on.


This skill is necessary for collecting various herbs, which can later be used to create dyes or other ingredients necessary for crafting.
The logic here is the same as in skinning, the higher the harvesting level, the more rare herbs you can harvest and detect.


After creating your first fishing pole, you can go to any body of water on the game map.
Fishing is presented in the form of a mini-game, where the float indicator is indicated, the indicator will tremble when the fish swallows the bait.
The main thing here is not to miss this moment or, on the contrary, not to react too early.
After the fish is hooked, you can begin to reel the fishing pole.
A caught fish, for example, can be cooked over a fire.
High skill level allows to detect a secret or rare hotspots.


Trees almost everywhere surround you and everything is simple here, we take an axe in your hands and chop-chop.


In addition to the extraction of iron ore, mining also includes the extraction of alchemical stone, gems and so on.

Leveling, Trade Skills, Reputation, Weapon Mastery and everything you need!
Gathering in New World 5.0

Here, as in most gathering skills, the higher the mining level, the more rare resources can be mined and tracked.
Competent, timely and even pumping of gathering skills will allow your character to get the best resources and craft items that can be used both for personal needs and for further sale.

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