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Amrine Excavation site is the first dungeon in the New World game, the task of which is to introduce players to interact in a group, finding partners in the world of Aeternum, jointly completing a quest and not just passing, but tactically verified steps along the descent in Amrine Excavation.

How to find Amrine Excavation?

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

The Amrine Excavation dig site is located near the Windsward Village. Just go directly from the Village to the North, and you will open this location.
The location of Noblereach (the Amrine Temple is located here) can also serve as a reference point – the Amrine excavation site is located exactly to the west of the temple.
So, let’s start our acquaintance with this dungeon and find out what happened to the expedition organized by Simon Grey to conduct excavations.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

How do I access Amrine Excavation?

You must adhere to the main storyline, in particular the Destiny Unearthed quest, the completion of which will gradually lead you to the “Forge your Azoth Staff” quest.
The Azoth Staff is assembled from several components – the crosspiece of the staff and its handle; quests for these items are also included in the main quests along with the main storyline.
After receiving all the necessary components, Yonas Alazar will give the main task “Forge your Azoth staff”, you need to do this in Shattered Obelisk at Everfall. The location is located in the ego-east of Everfall Village.
It must be said that for completing storyline tasks, NPCs give a decent amount of experience, which will help you quickly get the coveted 23-25th level.
Be prepared, it will take you about 25 hours of pure gameplay to complete all the storyline quests before Amrine Excavation, leveling up your character, find some nice gear, etc. Surely Overgear can speed up your progress!
After gaining access to Amrine Excavation, you need to summarize what is needed first of all to start and successful Amrine Expedition completion:

  • Azoth Staff – as mentioned above, the staff is located and forged by completing quests along with the main storyline, staff is equipped in the character’s inventory next to items for gathering. It’s a necessary item for completing the Dungeon;
  • Amrine Tuning Orb – for the first time, issued for free after receiving three expedition quests: Destiny Unearthed, Foreman’s Ledger (Expedition), Seeing Clearly (Expedition).
    It is important to note that at least one member of the group must have an Orb to access the Amrine Excavation.
    And here is a little trick, if you manage to find a group with an orb every time, then you can save your Tuning orb for last since it will take a fair amount of game time to re-create it.
    At the end of the article, there will be detailed instructions on how to assemble a new Amrine Tuning Orb;
  • A ready group of at least three people, but, in fact, a full party of 5 characters is much better. In addition, you can buy good equipment for your level from the Trade Post in the city, the gear score of which is many times higher than that from the past.
  • Recommended location level 25th.
    You can go with 23, but there is a high probability of team wipes. Be care!
  • A sufficient supply of Health Potion, ideally, it should be Tier III Strong Health Potion. Believe me, mobs will beat you a lot and hard (especially if you take a tank role).

Why is Amrine Excavation important?

Believe me, you don’t want to skip this Expedition, because it gives a lot of development opportunities for your character:

  • Nice boost of your Weapon Masteries;
  • Fast boost of your gear score up to 360;
  • Opportunity to get unique weapons like, for example, the rapier – Simon’s Grey Toothpick (370 gear score)
  • Repeatable quest “Bones for Barkimedes” which is available from 23 level and will give you 4920 xp for completing.

Group composition

First of all, you need a Tank with a decent amount of health, which can distract the bulk of the mobs and use crowd control skills.
Also, the tank is ideal for bosses, the first hit on the boss should be done by the tank in order to make an aggro on him and hold him during the battle.
At least one, or preferably two, players must be Healers with a Life Staff, without which the passage of Amrine Excavation will be very difficult.
A character with an Ice Gauntlet will also perfectly fit into a party, as there will be a freeze on enemies, which will make it much easier the travel in the Amrine Excavation.
There should be characters with ranged weapons – bows, muskets to shoot opponents at a distance, to make a lot of dps.
But the basic formula is unshakable – tank + healer + dps, the rest is just a variation.

How to find a group?

From the very beginning of the game in the chat you will see the following messages: “lfg tank for amrine”, “dps ready for Amrine”, “healer for Amrine required”, and many other similar messages, which will suggest what should be the composition of the group.

The main essence of MMORPG is the interaction between real people in the game, yes, even PvP is interaction, although not always pleasant.
Therefore, in order to gain access to the Expedition, you, at least, need to write to the general chat or respond to someone’s call.
In the chat there is a special section RECRUITMENT, highlighted in yellow, it allows you to write to the chat that you are looking for a party on Amrine and your message will be highlighted in yellow so that interested players can write to you in DM (direct messages) to unite in the group.
To create a group, you need to press ENTER and then click on the nickname of the invited player.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

Or it can be much easier – just use our Amrine Excavation Carry service!

Amrine Expedition loot table

The Amrine Excavation expedition demands a lot from the players, but it also gives a lot in return.
The available rewards for passing will be:

Name of the item Gear score Added attributes Additional perks Tier/Requirements
Simon’s Grey Toothpick 370

+17 Dexterity

111 Thrust damage

+ 7,4% critical strike

On critical: gain 15% Empower 5s (Cooldown 10s)

III/25 level
Flare Spark 355 +16 Intelligence
100 Fire damage
Applying 3 stacks of burn damage on a target
Reduces active cooldowns by 0,73%
III/27 level
Darkness Defined 370 +17 Strength
149 Slash damage
Basic attack hits trigger a Void chance
Light and heavy attacks deal 7,5% more damage
III/25 level
Simon’s Hacksilver Ring 370 +17 Strength 1,5% physical damage absorption
4% more slash damage
III/25 level
Nakashima’s Keppsake 370 +14 Intelligence 1,5% physical damage absorption
Hit below 50% gain 75 mana (60s cooldown)
III/25 level

The random drop has not been canceled either, and you have a chance to get a wonderful loot from tier III items.

For example, here’s a hatchet with a gem inserted inside.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

Therefore, going on an expedition is a must, as it will significantly increase your character’s gear score.


New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

It is necessary to understand what kind of opponents you will face during the passage of the dungeon, as they say, know your enemy in person.
Star Excavation Punisher and Star Excavation Retcher tend to attack you and meet together, these are the most common opponents in Amrine Excavation.
Punishers are zombies well known to you that have great speed and can cause serious problems when gathered in large numbers, they do not have a large supply of health, but their special attacks take a lot of health points from the character.
Attract them with a tank, throw heal into the circle of enemies, and finish off with ranged and melee attacks.
Retcher is a ranged enemy who spits his own vomit.
Oftentimes, Punishers appear from Star Excavation Withered Nest – a bunch of fetid stuff.
Until you destroy Nest, it will respawn mobs, therefore, Nest should be your primary goal, and after you destroy it, deal with the rest of the mobs.
The slower zombies are Star Excavation Scavenger.
As a rule, they are not gathered in groups but are located one by one, but they have a very large supply of health and it will take more time to kill them.
Ravagers have a large pool of health and very powerful defense, their powerful blows can knock a player down, and his poisonous spits cause damage over time (DOT), therefore, if the health reserve is at a minimum level, this moment needs to be controlled.
The tactics against them are as follows – the tank takes damage and with powerful attacks knocks down the level of defense/endurance of the mob (the yellow bar under the health bar), during this period of Ravager vulnerability, a group of players will use their powerful abilities to the maximum to crush the enemy.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

Star Excavation Abomination – dangerous in melee, medium health. Their special blow is an attack that can stun the player, at the same time, this is their vulnerability, since after this attack they are vulnerable for a few seconds, and during this period they need to actively deal damage.
Also, you will meet mobs-ghosts, which are divided among themselves according to the colors Blue and Gold.
Blue (Star Excavation Faminegeist) has lower health than Gold (Star Excavation Plaguegeist).
And it is Gold ghost that can become a serious challenge, since it is hard to hit him, and his attacks do decent damage.
The tactics are the same as in the previous cases: tank-heal-loot.
In addition to mobs, you will also encounter bosses, but let’s consider them a little later.
From the Excavation location, run to The Grand Travers, where the first opponents are waiting for you, albeit in small numbers, this is a warm-up on the way to great fun and crowds of mobs.
Eliminate Scavenger and Gold ghost (Plaguegeist) and move on to other mobs: Retcher and Punisher (as mentioned above in the text, they usually work in pairs).
In Grand Travers, the road bifurcates, but this is not a fundamental point, you can run along any path, it will lead you to the desired passage in any case.
Moving forward, there will be zombies and the first Abomination in front, now the maximum concentration of attention, from this moment the number of opponents begins to increase.
The second unshakable rule – do not run alone, always stick together! There are chests in the location, the monsters will drop loot so if you see that your partner stopped, then wait for him.
Your strength is unity.
Also, the number of mobs begins to be influenced by the emerging Star Excavation Withered Nest, which spawn more and more crowds of opponents.
Take care of them first, destroy the Nests, and then deal with the zombies.
Further, your path leads to the statues in the room, where there is a door to further locations.
Here you will face a lot of opponents – Retchers, Punishers, Ghosts and etc.
It doesn’t matter what weapon you are equipped with and who you are – Healer, Tank or DPS, just control your health bar and drink potions in a timely manner, if you are a tank, do not leave the range of the skill, for example, Sacred Ground, which will heal 20% weapon damage every second.
The combination of all the skills of the characters, the competent imposition of buffs will allow you to clear the location.
By the way, there will be another mob Abomination nearby, it is better to kill him when the bulk of the opponents are defeated; otherwise, you are at great risk if he joins the main forces of the enemy.
Pass to the door; remove the seal on it with the help of Azoth Staff.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

Be sure to look through all the chests along the way, there may be a good Tier III drop.
Next, follow the passage, killing ghosts along the way.
After that, go on the right from the platform and jump to the waterfall – under the water, you will find an elite supply chest, it will drop you some tier 3 resources and some tier 3 weapons or armors.
Soon you will meet a brutal Ravager complete with Scavengers and Punishers, it is recommended to tackle the weaker mobs first, and only then go to the Ravager, so as not to get stabbed in the back while you are busy with uber.
His charged attacks are extremely strong, try to dodge or block them.
After eliminating the Ravager, there will be a ‘Breakthrough’ note on the wooden platform, read it and get a new target.
You will need to translate the Azoth Scripts in the Excavated Caverns, for this use the Azoth Staff, the sequence of these steps is required to unlocking the Bridge Mechana.
Follow back to the platform, pass along the passage, where again a detachment of mobs in the person of Retcher, Faminegeist, Ravager will be waiting for us.
Eliminate them, move forward to the doorway, along the way deal with opponents.
Hint: the location has rare resources that can be mined, this room contains the Soulspire mineral, it will take at least 20 seconds and the Mining skill 50.
If your skill less than 50, no worries, we have New world gathering skills leveling service. so next time you will put that rare stone at your pockets.
Continue on your way and you will see a large stone with a luminous sign on it, this is exactly the Azoth Script that needs to be translated in order to fix/restore Bridge Mechana.
Before activating the monolith, you need to clear the location of the monsters that are there.
Now you need to find the Bridge Mechana activation seal in Broken Vestibule, here you will meet a number of opponents, including Star Excavation Withered Nests, which will generate opponents.
First, remove the nests, and then deal with the remaining mobs.
Go to the doorway and find ourselves in a room with rolling columns.
Move to the center to activate the platform with the Azoth Staff.
A group of opponents will immediately attack you, there will be ghosts and nests, carefully controlling the process of fighting – heal buffs, taunts, and tank’s crowd control.
At the opposite end of the hall, there will be a door in the middle, it will be closed until you activate the platform.
The broken bridge is located directly opposite the platform, step onto the platform and activate it.
You will quickly realize that it has activated, as it will light up.
The other members of your group must go back a little to activate the previous platforms.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

Thus, you activate all three platforms, Bridge Mechana will be open for you.
Activation of each platform leads to the emergence of a group of strong mobs, therefore, let’s repeat, our strength is in unity, do not run one by one, do not lose sight of the group members, but get together and clear the location.
After crossing the bridge, you will meet Ravager and a couple of weaker mobs, clean up the mobs first, then engaged in Ravager.
Beware of the Safety officer Richards – Abomination on the narrow bridge, it has explosive effect after death and can destroy your party.
After you kill the Ravager, the door opens and you go to the Shrine area, but first, find a chest in the company.
This chest, called Foreman Nakashima’s Toolbox, contains a Hallowed Candle that will help you unlock the Shrine.
A sufficiently large number of zombies will attack you, in addition to zombies there will probably already be your favorite Abomination and Plaguegeist.
Clean up the location, remember about teamwork during the battle.
Go up the stairs to the room, eliminate the zombies, and there you will meet the Elite Supply Chest, which you simply cannot pass by since it can contain a Tier III loot of weapons, ammunition, or resources.
Pass into the hall and get ready to meet the first boss in this location – Foreman Nakashima.
Activate the candle in the Shrine and be ready to face him.

Foreman Nakashima Boss

Foreman Nakashima Boss looks like the previously encountered ghosts, but it glows purple.
Do not summon boss until you will clean the room of the other enemies.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

Nakashima uses spectral strikes and traps that summon entities to attack players.
So, the main hits of Nakashima:

  • Scream – charges a strong attack and throws away direct waves towards the players;
  • Traps – throws a trap towards the player.
    The trap has a slowing effect (only when the player is inside it), and if you touch the borders of this trap in an attempt to get out of it, it will stun the player for several seconds.
  • Walls of specters – forms a Spectral Wall, the wall quickly moves forward, causing damage to those who are in its path, at least one gap between the spectra

By exploiting these gaps, the player can dodge the attack and avoid damage.
Nakashima is a really serious challenge for players, he is fast enough and cast Walls that fly at players in a completely unpredictable manner, one by one.
You can avoid the effects of this attack by staying at a distance and looking for gaps in which you can stand and not receive damage.
Yes, you can try to get out of the trap, but there is a chance of stun and then you will no longer be able to dodge Spectral Walls, therefore, it is better to wait inside the trap with the slowing effect, since it does not last too long.
Nakasima’s attack scream waves of spectrals that fly diagonally at players, they can also be dodged.
Do not forget about the physical capabilities of Foreman Nakashima Boss and his powerful blows, which can overwhelm a player with low health.
Tactically, it is advisable that the tank come to close range to Nakashime and distract him towards himself, while being under the influence of any heal buff, the rest of the group can attack him from a distance (if, for example, there is only one tank in the group), they can very much here Effects that freeze the boss (ice gauntlets) or cause bleeding or poisoning come in handy.
In any case, you have only two options for the development of events, either kill the boss or lose.
By defeating Nakashima, you get a significant increase in the experience of your weapon mastery, as well as game experience in an amount comparable to completing the quest on the surface.
Nakashima should drop the loot bag that needs to be searched, as you may be throwing away your old items and refreshing your gear score with new items.
Also, next to Nakashima, you need to find a chest and search it.

Move to the right side of the Shrine and go to the door that opens after the death of Foreman Nakashima Boss.
There you meet Ravager, who will seem like an easy walk after what you just experienced.
The next room will already have a fairly large number of mobs – ghosts and zombies, as well as Star Excavation Withered Nest.
Let the euphoria from defeating the first boss do not intoxicate you, do not lose your vigilance, run as a team, do not separate, do not blindly rush into battle.
Pass through the wide door to the final boss – Simon Gray.
There are groups of mobs next to him, lure them towards you with a ranged attack, and when they come close, destroy them.
The boss is difficult and if you are beaten in the back by mobs, the mission may fail, as you will die.
Now let’s figure out what tactics should be for the fight with Simon Gray and what he is in general.

Simon Grey Boss

The first thing that catches your eye is the size of the boss, he is simply huge.

New World Amrine Excavation Full Guide

Under the influence of Corruption, Simon has become a truly gigantic monster.
At its core, this is the big Ravager you’ve met before, but it’s an order of magnitude stronger.
His charged attacks can stun and knockdown players, in addition, he also calls on his workers for help, who will attack you.
Let’s analyze his main attacks and skills:

  • Call workers – call for help up to 3 Star Excavation Workers, who pump quite strong blows, but have a low health reserve.
    When Simon spews mucus from himself, Star Excavation Workers can draw additional strength from it and this will empower them.
  • Strong blow – Simon charges the attack, holds his hands together and smashes it on the ground directly in front of him, the player who gets hit will be stunned and lose a decent amount of health.
  • Charge – like Ravager, Simon Gray can charge that attack and dash forward, damaging everyone who gets in the way of this attack.
    The good news is that you can dodge this attack if, for example, you have light equipment or you can block it with a shield, in other words, you can either completely avoid damage or receive it in a reduced amount.
  • Slime – Simon Gray spews out a stream of slime, which has a corrupted effect.
    The player who gets slime takes damage, and also a poisoning effect is applied to him, which has a decent duration and gradually takes a lot of health.
    The slime itself spreads in front of Simon Gray, the damage is taken by everyone who steps into it, the effect of poisoning will also be imposed.
    If workers summoned by the boss are affected by the slime, it will empower them for a few seconds.

An interesting nuance, if the employee is on the verge of death, then Simon runs up and eats him, thus strengthening himself for a few seconds.
Empowered Gray deals a way more damage for some time.
How to defeat such a monster, what is the correct tactic?
Let’s repeat for the second time – this is a team battle and the success of the entire expedition depends on joint action.
In this case, you will have to work with multiple goals, while not forgetting about your partners.
It is best if the tank distracts Simon Gray Boss on itself, since having enough health and heavy armor, it will be able to take a significant part of the damage.
In addition, the tank has crowd control attacks, which will allow you not only to inflict damage on the boss but also to strike the enemies he summons.
If you feel that your strikes are not so tough and you can do better, don’t waste your time and buy our limited offer for New World weapon mastery leveling.
Also, the tank will distract Simon from eating workers and strengthening himself (unfortunately, not always).
The damage taken by attacks will be very serious.
That is why, passing this dungeon without a healer, or even two, is very, very difficult.
The healer’s task is to be very attentive and careful, to heal players in a timely manner, and also, taking into account the specifics of Simon’s attacks, debuff poison effect from the players.
The rest of the players at this moment can throw Simon with ranged attacks, freeze him, that is, inflict maximum damage without being exposed to attacks.
Since Simon strengthens his workers with the help of slime, and also then eats them and strengthens himself, it is very important that there is a player with Taunt skills in the group, who can distract the workers to himself, away from the boss, and also help the tank, since empowered Simon Gray and his workers can cause too much damage to the tank.
As soon as the workers are eliminated, begin to inflict active damage to Simon in all possible ways.
Once you’ve defeated Simon Grey Boss, exhale and pick up the loot that is rightfully yours.
It is very important not to forget to take the Heartgem, which is located behind the command, you will need the gem to complete further tasks of the main storyline.

Amrine Excavation Quests

In fact, during the expedition you complete several quests:

  • Bones for Barkimedes (Expedition) is a dog that sits near the entrance to the Amrine excavation side.
    According to the quest, you need to collect the bones of the Ravangers for her (5 bones), which you will meet inside the excavation and which will drop out after their death.
    Let’s dwell on this task in more detail, since, often, some players do not know who gives the drop of bones, they run past or forget to turn in the quest to the dog.
    The first bone drops from the Ravager, which is in the Grand Traverse, right next to the platform.
    Do not forget to search his loot bag and take a bone, the rest of the bones are also collected by analogy, you will not mix it up, since only Ravager gives them a drop.
    The second Ravager will meet you near the platform.
    The third Ravager will meet you when crossing the bridge, kill, take the bone, move on.
    The fourth Ravager awaits you at Foreman Nakashima’s room.
    And the last one will be on the way to Simon Grey’s hall right in the passage.
    After completing the expedition, don’t forget to turn in the quest to the dog.
    Important to say, that this quest is repeatable, so after the turn in of this quest, you can take it again.
  • Seeing Clearly (Expedition) – Pick up the Antiquarian’s Eyepiece that drops from Simon Gray and give it to Antiquarian Pajitnova in Windsward;
  • Foreman’s Ledger (Expedition) – you need to find the Ledger and give it to William Heron in Everfall. Ledger drops from Foreman Nakashima Boss;
  • Destiny Unearthed – Need to get Heartgem after killing Simon Gray.

Congratulations, Amrine Excavation expedition completed!

Amrine Tuning Orb Crafting

Surely, you will want to come back and get more loot.
As mentioned earlier, you will need another Amrine Tuning Orb, which is difficult to craft.
To make an Orb on a Stonecutting table, you will need:

  • Corrupted Sliver x10;
  • Iron Chisel x1;
  • Stone Block x50;
  • Eternal Heart x1.

To get corrupted Sliver, you have to walk in Corrupted Monoliths.

Iron Chisel can be obtained from a representative of your faction, for this you need 100 gold and 500 faction tokens. If don’t have enough tokens, you should complete faction quests.
Stone blocks – run to the nearest cobblestones, then Mining, return to the city, and craft some blocks.
For Eternal Heart you will need to find 50 Death Mote, Soul Mote, and Life Mote.
Considering all of the above, as well as the process of clearing the dungeon, passing bosses, collecting loot, finding players for a group, Amrine Excavation will take at least 3-4 hours to complete.
This is a long and time-consuming process that can distract you from other interesting aspects of the game, therefore, here you can make your life easier and buy our Amrine Excavation run.

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