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Is it possible to imagine a multiplayer looter-shooter game without quests? EFT has a bunch of tasks with different ranges of difficulty. You’ll be able to complete some of them without any help, but others will stress you out. If you were looking for comprehensive quest completion information – you’ve come to the right place. Overgear is here to share the knowledge about all Escape From Tarkov quests, their types, and quest givers.


EFT Quest Types

Currently, there are around 191 missions in Escape from Tarkov, and they can be divided into the following categories:

  • Elimination –  the simple ones. All you need to do is go and kill some specific mobs. You will receive a bunch of these quests from Prapor.
  • Pick Up – these tasks require to collect specific items and deliver them to a quest giver. Usually, an employer will direct you to the exact location where you need to find them.
  • Discover – these are the raid type missions. You have to mark a specific object, survive the raid, and get out alive.
  • Completion – other tasks that cannot be sorted into previous categories. 
  • Exploration – a different version of the Discover quests. Usually, you will have to visit multiple spots on the map, instead of one specific.
  • Skill – quests that require you to level up an individual skill to a particular level.
  • Parameter-Oriented Modding – require to modify your weapon.
  • Merchant and Loyalty – spend some currency or reach a specific reputation level.


Quest Givers

There are 7 NPC in the game who can give you an assignment:


Escape from Tarkov Prapor quests

He will become one of your first quest givers in Escape From Tarkov. Completing his tasks will give you exp, Roubles, and lots of weapons. In total, Prapor has 25 tasks.

Complete all Prapor Quests at Overgear


Escape from Tarkov Therapist Quests

Therapist is going to become one of your first partners. She will give you 23 quests, and the rewards include Roubles, drugs, and injectors.

Complete all  Therapist quests at Overgear


Escape from Tarkov Skier Quests

Skier prefers to pay you in Roubles, weapons, backpacks, and armor items. He has 22 quests for you. Completing his tasks will give you access to Peacekeeper.

Complete all  Skier quests at Overgear


Escape from Tarkov Peacekeeper Quests

He is going to be your first source of Dollars in EFT. Peacekeeper is representing NATO forces, that is why he has access to another currency and he will provide you with western items and weapons. He’s got 27 tasks in total.

Complete all  Peacekeeper quests at Overgear


Escape from Tarkov Mechanic Quests

The Mechanic’s missions are mostly associated with weapons modification. You will be rewarded with weapons, BitCoins, and all types of currencies for completing 32 missions!

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Escape from Tarkov Ragman Quests

Ragman specializes in armor, so you can expect to receive lots of it, plus backups. There are 27 quests in total.

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Escape from Tarkov Jaeger Quests

Jaeger is the best when it comes to survival. He rewards you with tools, miscellaneous items, and weapons. The main currency is Roubles. Jaeger has 34 quests for you.

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Escape from Tarkov Fence Quests

He is a unique guy because he’s got only one quest for you. Fence wants you to collect 12 rare items, and the reward is Kappa container.


Quest Items

As you already know, there are a lot of Pick Up quests in Escape From Tarkov. To help you out, we have gathered the complete list of items for each employer. 



Has lots of pick up quests such as Debut, Ice Cream cones, The Punisher P2, P4, P5, No Offence.


Her Pick-Up missions are Shortage, Sanity Standards P1, and P2, Painkiller, General Wares, Car Repair, Trust Regain, Private Clinic.


Pick Up tasks: Supplier, What’s on the flash drive?, Golden Swag, Friend from the West P1 and P2, Vitamins P2, Chumming, and Bull.


Humanitarian Supplies, Spa Tour P3, 6 and 7, Lend Lease P2, Wet Job P1. 


Gunsmith’s full series of 16 tasks are all about collecting items, Farming P2 and P4, Signal P2, Bad Habit, Import, and Fertilizers.


He is missing items in these tasks: Dressed to kill, Hot Delivery, Sew it Good P1 and P4, Sew it Good P2 and P3, The Blood of War P2, Living High is Not a Crime P1 and 2 and the last mission is Supervisor.


As we said before, Fence has only one quest for players of Escape From Tarkov.


We hope that you found our Escape From Tarkov Quest Guide to be useful and informative. Stay tuned for more Tarkov Guides on Overgear!

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