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“Hey you, get over here, big deal is about! You probably heard already that there are a couple of foreign drones downed in the area? Good people have asked me to salvage something for them, controllers or whatnot. I don’t know what that is, I, frankly, I don’t give a fuck, all I know is that they’re paying some good crispy green and obviously don’t want our domestic tech pool expansion. These drones are most likely already pulled apart, but it’s still worth a look. Keep in mind, that before they lost contact with command, USECs received an order to check up the drones and fetch the gyros from the abandoned Russian vehicles. You need to search the places where they used to hang out. It’s fucked up to work for them capitalists, but such pile of cash is stronger than my patriotism.”


  • Find and hand over 3 Motor Controllers
  • Find and hand over 2 Single-axis Fiber Optic Gyroscopes


“Finally you dragged it here. Awesome! I won’t disappoint you either.


  • 20,000 EXP
  • Skier Rep +0.12
  • 3,500 Dollars
  • 3,675 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 1
  • 4,025 Dollars with Intelligence Center Level 2


To prepare for this quest you need to obtain just these two keys: West wing room 216 key and East wing room 306 key. You can also use the East wing room 308 key instead of the latter one, they both give access to the same balcony. First let’s start with the map Woods. Here you can find the first motor controller and the first gyroscope. Once you spawn on the map, you need to head towards the checkpoint west of the mill. There is an SUV right in front of it. Open the front door and you will see the controller. Now you can go to the mill to collect the first gyroscope. It can be found in a black box inside the light-blue pickup. Now that you have collected the first two items, you’d better hand them over to Skier before you go to the Shoreline. You’ll spend quite some time there and it would be a shame to lose the items and start all over again. Now you are ready to go to the Shoreline. Since the health resort is quite a dangerous place, let’s start there, so that if you die, you don’t lose the valuable items. This is where the East wing and West wing keys will come in handy. Enter the west wing and head to the top floor. Look for the rooms 308 or 306, depending on which key you have. Open the door, enter the room and go to the balcony, the controller is in a cardboard box. Now get to the east wing and find room 216. Inside the room there is a metal cabinet, peek through the door and you will see the second gyroscope. Now to the last controller. On the Shoreline head towards the crashed drone near the “Road to Customs” extraction point. There, if you follow the drone’s left wing and turn left quite a bit, you will find a wooden crate with the controller inside. Remember, you don’t have to collect all the items during the same raid. If you find one item, you can bring it to Skier and then search for the next one. The more items you carry, the bigger the chance to lose everything.


EFT Lend lease Part 1

The wooden crate with the controller

EFT Lend lease Part 1The iron crate in the blue pickup, you’ll find the gyroscope there

EFT Lend lease Part 1The cabinet in room 216

EFT Lend lease Part 1The cardboard box with the controller

EFT Lend lease Part 1The SUV with the controller

Our Solution

This quest can take quite a lot of your time. A lot of items are spread all over the locations. Even if you try collecting everything in a single raid, there’s a big chance that you lose everything because of a random scav or a raider. If you can’t afford wasting your time grinding, we are happy to offer you our solution!

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