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Speedfarming is the ability to quickly complete Nightmare Dungeons or the Open World Events to gain equipment and experience. This is an important feature of any build. And the faster your build can farm game content, the faster you will reach the maximum level and find the best equipment.

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Diablo 4 Speed Farming Tier List

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best builds in Diablo 4, a brief description of their strengths, and links to more complete guides on these builds.

Speed Farming Tier List

In this compilation, we’ve organized the builds according to their efficiency in swiftly clearing Nightmare Dungeons of slightly lower tiers, as well as tackling open-world challenges, with the goal of acquiring gear and gaining experience. The rankings below reflect the builds’ speedfarming capabilities, with higher positions indicating superior performance in this regard. And if you need any help with Nightmare Dungeons, you can buy our Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons Boost.


Best Speed farming Builds

Here we will briefly describe the best builds in the current meta for speed farm, taking into account mobility and AoE damage as the main characteristics. This builds are perfect for farming Helltides, Tree of Whispers and Zone Events, besides the Nightmare Dungeons farm. And remember that you can always buy our Diablo 4 Helltide farm to progress you character to the endgame content quickly. 

Best Speed Farming Rogue Build

The Twisting Blades build is an excellent choice for speed farming, as it allows for the swift elimination of elites and entire packs of demons in a single strike. This Rogue build emphasizes speed, stealth, and strategic positioning.

Diablo 4 Speed Farming Tier List

The core of this build lies in utilizing insidious attacks and debuffs, primarily through the skills Puncture and Twisting Blades. These skills not only deal damage to enemies but also leave them slowed and vulnerable, amplifying your subsequent attacks. Additionally, Shadow Imbuement adds a unique twist to the build, acting as a less powerful version of the Necromancer’s Corpse Explosion. Combining Shadow Imbuement with Twisting Blades infects enemies, causing them to explode upon death and dealing 40% of your normal damage to nearby enemies. This explosive effect ensures efficient crowd control and damage spread.

Best Speed Farming Druid Build

The Pulverize Werebear Druid stands as a formidable and dominant build in Diablo IV, boasting impressive attacks and a wide area of effect (AoE). Regarded as one of the most meta and strongest Druid builds, it gains recognition for its accessibility and high damage per second (DPS).

Diablo 4 Speed Farming Tier List

With Earth Spike serving as a reliable Basic Attack, the Pulverize Werebear Druid excels in maintaining a favorable ranged distance. This becomes especially effective when combined with Vasily’s Prayer during Grizzly Rage, allowing for continuous gameplay at a safe distance while remaining unstoppable.

The core of the Pulverize build lies in its integration of the Shockwave Aspect, enabling the swift eradication of groups of enemies through devastating AoE damage. Notably, foes positioned at the periphery of the initial Pulverize impact can also be struck by the subsequent shockwave, maximizing the build’s efficiency. Subsequently, this newfound distance becomes advantageous when engaging elites and bosses, as both portions of Pulverize can be unleashed to deliver the most impactful DPS.

With its powerful attacks, wide AoE, and formidable DPS potential, the Pulverize Werebear Druid emerges as a force to be reckoned with, providing players a compelling and rewarding gameplay experience in Diablo IV.

Best Speed Farming Sorcerer Build

Centered around the devastating power of lightning, this build starts with Arc Lash and Charged Bolts, gradually culminating in the awe-inspiring Unstable Currents that channels all lightning spells simultaneously.

Diablo 4 Speed Farming Tier List

While this build shines in dealing significant damage across various scenarios, it faces the challenge of limited range with its primary skill, Arc Lash. To thrive in close-quarter combat, defensive/ damage reduction abilities and crowd control tactics become essential. However, it’s important to note that crowd control techniques are less effective against Bosses, necessitating a cautious approach and evasive maneuvering to dodge their attacks.

One factor to keep in mind is the prolonged cooldown of Unstable Currents, which spans 70 seconds. While Glinting Arc Lash helps mitigate this issue, there will still be noticeable downtime during the leveling process. It’s recommended to reserve Unstable Currents for formidable Elite packs and Boss encounters rather than expending it in every encounter.

Overall, this build proves highly effective for farming, albeit requiring adaptation to the restricted melee range of Arc Lash.

Best Speed Farming Necromancer Build

The core of this build lies in its synergy between Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion. While Bone Spear deals formidable damage, it also generates a significant number of corpses. By combining this with Corpse Explosion, not only can you unleash substantial damage, but you can also replenish your Essence, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance. An important aspect of this build is the utilization of Blighted Corpse Explosion, which deals damage twice per second and synergizes with the Hewed Flesh trait, resulting in an astonishing amount of corpses and ensuring the sustainability of the build.

Diablo 4 Speed Farming Tier List

Beyond its reliability and consistency, this build also applies the Vulnerable effect on enemies, making it an excellent choice for group play. Additionally, you have the flexibility to incorporate Melee Skeletons into your playstyle, utilizing them as resilient minions to protect both yourself and your allies. Alternatively, you can sacrifice them and unleash the devastating power of Bone Storm to amplify your damage output, which is great for farming.

Best Speed Farming Barbarian Build

The key principle of gameplay in this build is to selectively target and eliminate clusters of monsters with Whirlwind, rather than attempting to defeat every single enemy. Constant movement forward is crucial throughout the gameplay.

Diablo 4 Speed Farming Tier List

The build makes use of Gohr’s Devastating Grips Gloves, which unleash fire blasts after each series of Whirlwind, adding additional damage to the build. Additionally, the Ultimate ability Wrath of the Berserker is a crucial component, providing both the Berserker and Unstoppable properties.

Incorporating various Shouts further enhances the build’s effectiveness. One of the Shouts grants the Berserker property, while another provides the Unstoppable property. It is advisable to alternate the use of these three Shouts (Rallying Cry, Challenging Shout, and War Cry) alongside the activation of Ultimates. When desiring maximum attacking power, the player can activate all three Shouts and Ultimates simultaneously. Both the Shouts and Wrath of the Berserker ensure constant mobility, allowing the player to remain on the move.

The ability to eliminate enemies while maintaining movement is a significant advantage of this build and the Barbarian class as a whole.

Diablo 4 Speed Farming Tier List

This guide was created to help you decide on a build for farming dungeons and choose the most effective one. If you’re playing an underperforming build, you can check out our full guides for each build and change it in a couple of moments.

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