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Mounts are an exciting new feature in Diablo 4, allowing players to explore the world with a newfound level of freedom and burst of speed. This new form of transportation is unlocked through completing the quest “Donan’s Favour” in Act 4, which will open up a wide variety of options to the player. These range from in-game rewards such as basic horses and more exotic beasts looking like dragons and unicorns, e.g. Grisly Calico or Spectral Charger Mount. However, despite their differences these mounts serve purely cosmetic purposes and don’t offer any real advantage over each other during exploration.

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Diablo 4 Mounts

This does not take away from the enjoyment of owning one though, as some of these designs are quite creative and can really give your character an extra flare during travel. While the console versions may have a few select unlockable mounts and other customization options via download codes or pre-order bonuses, each platform’s store will have it’s own unique styles that players can purchase with in-game currency or real money if they wish to stand out from the crowd when they’re traveling around Sanctuary. On Overgear you can buy Red Dust in any quantity, if you do not have enough patience to farm it.

How to Unlock Mounts in Diablo 4

To unlock access to mounts, first of all players need to progress the main story to Act 4. And then complete the quest “Donan’s Favour” and finally get mounts.

To unlock access to this feature, players will want to make sure they visit the city of Kyovashad early in the campaign, as this is where you’ll meet a Stable Master who has the Donan’s Favor quest. It appears at this point in the game, but unfortunately must wait until Act 4 before it can be completed. At this stage, players will receive A Master’s Touch main quest. Talk to Donan at the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad and go back to Stable Master.

There you will finally get as a reward your very own horsey companion – Old Nell Steed! Or you can buy one of the other steeds right there. Grey Steed and Mottled Steed cost 20,000 gold each. Other in-game and paid content options for mounts will be available from the in-game shop. And we’ll tell you about the best mounts in Diablo 4 from the rarest to the most common and how to get each one. Even though some of the mounts in Diablo IV have a slightly demonic appearance, fear not!

Diablo 4 Spectral Charger

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Spectral Charger is a highly sought-after Diablo 4 mount. Possessing an ethereal ghostly appearance, the skeletal horse looks like it has been tamed or resurrected from some kind of supernatural force. It has a haunting yet illusory look that captivates many players of the game. Unfortunately, players who want to obtain Spectral Charger mount must progress far into the game’s main story before they have a chance. Namely, they must complete the mission to liberate the Kor Dragan Stronghold in Fractured Peaks before they can participate in the Gathering Legion Zone event, which is where this mount will be available as a loot drop for those who complete it successfully.

DIABLO 4 Temptation

Diablo 4 Mounts

Temptation is a unique new mount that’s available to players who purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of Diablo 4. This spectacular, supernatural steed is made up of dark red eyes and with an almost glowing intensity that hints at its power. Temptation mount itself has an intimidating, almost decaying look about it, muscular in build with noticeably sharp features that enhance any type of armor worn by its rider. The eye-catching appearance of this mound will suit any character you play in Diablo 4.

DIABLO 4 Primal Instinct

Diablo 4 Mounts

Primal Instinct is a truly unique mount that players can unlock by linking their Blizzard and Twitch accounts and following some other steps. It has an exclusive design and luxurious patterned details that set it apart from the more conventional mounts offered in-game. Its dark black coat is covered in branded cultist symbols while its ornate patterns gives it an almost mythical aura. When compared with other horses, Primal Instinct stands out with its distinctive look, making it a sought-after item for players who want to stand out from the crowd.

Diablo 4 Liath Icehowl

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Liath Icehowl is a unique and eye-catching paid mount from the Crypt Hunter bundle that will make you stand out from your friends. With its distinguishable gray with spotted white dots coat, white head, and uniquely decorated mane of beads, this horse looks incredibly realistic yet also unique. It is suitable for any class in the game making it perfect for any Wanderer who have been in search of a great mount.

This mount comes alongside skins for the Protean Axe and Beginning’s End Dagger as well as 800 platinum currency which makes it even more worth it to buy the Crypt Hunter bundle.

Diablo 4 Light-Bearer

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Light-Bearer mount is a special horse that players who had pre-ordered Diablo 4 were gifted. Not only does this unique mount have its own mane and branded pattern on the rear, but a full set of armor to boot. This unique armor grants an impressive regal look to the horse, making it stand out amongst other mounts throughout the game. As of yet it remains unknown if this mount and its armor will ever be made available for players who did not preorder, though it may eventually become available as part of the in-game store.

For those lucky enough to have preordered, however, the Light-Bearer will be readily available upon completion of two specific story quests within Diablo 4. Players are then rewarded with access to this mount and accompanying armor set for their journeys around Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Grisly Calico

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Grisly Calico is a unique mount appearance with a striking look. Its whitish coat is decorated with beautiful black stripes down its neck and a thick, blonde mane that looks wild and untamed. It also has large horns, creating the suggestion of some kind of dark magic at work – perfect for the daringly adventurous rider.

The Grisly Calico can be obtained through monster loot drops, but it’s still relatively rare compared to other mounts available. This is especially fortunate since the Grisly Calico has an armor-like coating that gives armor without having to garb it in equipment.

Diablo 4 Decaying Steed

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Decaying Steed is undoubtedly one of the most distinct mounts available within the world of Diablo 4. Despite its undead, skeletal appearance and decaying muscles and abrasions, it still presents an intimidating look that will make any adventurer stand out among the rest. What could be an interesting twist to an already unique creature is the story behind its creation from necromancy.

To acquire a Decaying Steed, players must defeat Treasure Goblins found in various locations within the game. The Reigns of the Decaying Steed are rare items that are specifically dropped by these goblins.

Diablo 4 Bloody Liquid Steed

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Bloody Liquid Mount has a dark and morbid appearance compared to other steeds. Its gory aesthetic and bloodied appearance can be seen as menacing and fitting for the Diablo universe.

This mount can be found in many regions of the game world and simply needs the Reigns of the Bloody Liquid Steed to be taken to a Stable Master to unlock. Plus, it’s the perfect accessory to complement dark Sorcerer gear.

Diablo 4 Cavalier’s Steed

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Cavalier’s Steed is the perfect mount for any aspiring holy knight. This mount has a noble white color and a regal appearance, adding an extra layer of class to anyone riding it. The well-kept mane is a particularly nice touch, ensuring that it stands out even among similar mounts. It can be found by simply taking the Cavalier’s Steed reigns to a Stable Master in any region of the map and unlocking it – no hidden paywalls or expensive purchases necessary.

Diablo 4 Ingot Mount

Diablo 4 Mounts

The Ingot Mount is a unique and intimidating horse available for in-game purchase for 1,600 platinum. The horse itself looks pretty casual, but its dark color and additional armor options can make it appear quite supernatural. The Weight of Gold bundle that unlocks this mount also grants players access to some very cool armor designs such as the Keras Bullion for the Ingot Mount.

Players who don’t mind spending extra on purely cosmetic items may extremely enjoy owning something as striking and unique as the Ingot Mount.


The bardings in Diablo IV are certainly something to look forward to, and players will undoubtedly be eager to collect them all. And If you thought the mounts in Diablo IV were impressive, wait until you see the bardings! These stunning decorations for your mounts are sure to turn heads and make your steed stand out from the rest.

There are multiple methods for players to acquire Mount Armor.

Bardings from In-Game Purchases

For now Diablo IV offers 6 Mount Armors available for purchase at the Unconventional Mount Armor Vendors in PvP zones, Fields of Hatred. The last one can be bought from a regular Stable Master.

  • The Bloody Warlord’s Barding – 85,000 Red Dust.
  • The Brutal Wizard’s Barding – 40,000 Red Dust.
  • The Cruel Assassin’s Barding – 40,000 Red Dust.
  • The Dark Knight’s Barding – 40,000 Red Dust.
  • The Demonic Warlord’s Barding – 85,000 Red Dust.
  • You can get The Sturdy Saddle at the Stable Master Vendor. The price of this item varies based on your level. It’s recommended to obtain this item as soon as it’s available.

Bardings from Shop Purchase

The game’s Shop currently has 5 Mount Armors available. These can be purchased with real-life money and exchanged for in-game currency called Platinum. Keep in mind that the Shop is updated frequently, so more options may become available over time.

  • Bloodfiend Advent Mount Armor – Bloodfiend Advent Mount Bundle, 10,000 Platinum ($10 USD).
  • Brackish Fetch Mount Armor – Brackish Fetch Mount Bundle, 800 Platinum ($8 USD).
  • Death’s Burden Mount Armor – Death’s Burden Mount Bundle, 800 Platinum ($8 USD).
  • Faithless Cage Mount Armor – Three-Fold Nightmare Bundle, 1,500 Platinum ($15 USD).
  • Keras Bullion Mount Armor – The Weight of Gold Prestige Bundle, 1,600 Platinum ($16 USD).

Bardings from Challenges

The game has 3 Mount Armors available through challenges. Getting all three will be extremely difficult, because these are some of the hardest challenges in Diablo 4.

  • Horadric Tack Mount Armor – “Epic Adventurer” Challenge. Reach level 50 in Hardcore Mode (all сlasses).
  • Lamplighter’s Tack Mount Armor – “Nightmare Ally” Challenge. Complete an Ancestral Nightmare Dungeon in a party.
  • Trade Consortium Tack Mount Armor – “Estuar Wanderer” Challenge. Explore all of Estuar.

Bardings from Pre-Order & Special Editions

The luckiest ones could get two special Mount Armors through pre-orders or purchasing special editions of the game.

  • The Caparison of Faith Mount Armor – any edition preordered.
  • The Hellborn Carapace Barding – Deluxe or Ultimate Editions purchased.

Bardings from Random Drops

In Diablo IV, you can randomly obtain 20 Mount Armors through drops. Some Mount Armors only drop in specific regions, while others don’t have a designated drop area yet. It appears that these Mount Armors can be obtained from any mob in the game or specific locations.

  • Barding of Elemental Fury
  • Barding of Mount Arreat
  • Barding of Rathma
  • Barding of the Sightless Eye
  • Brigandine Barding
  • Elder Druid Barding
  • Hawezar Barding – the Hawezar region
  • Hawezar Tack – the Hawezar region
  • Kehjistani Barding – the Kehjistani region
  • Kehjistani Tack – the Kehjistani region
  • Lorath’s Barding
  • Old Blanket
  • Pale Barding – the Fractured Peaks region
  • Pale Tack – the Fractured Peaks region
  • Phantom Barding
  • Scosglen Barding – the Scosglen region
  • Scosglen Tack– the Scosglen region
  • Steppe Barding – the Dry Steppes region
  • Steppe Tack – the Dry Steppes region
  • Traveling Merchant’s Tack – any region

Bardings from World Boss Drops

Diablo 4 features 2 Mount Armors that can be obtained by defeating the World Bosses. These bosses have random respawn locations and appear approximately every 6 hours in different areas of Sanctuary, making them difficult to locate and defeat. If you have any difficulties with finding and killing bosses, you can buy our Diablo 4 World bosses boost.

  • Ashava Barding Mount Armor – defeat Ashava the Pestilent.
  • Treasure Beast Barding Mount Armor – defeat Avarice the Gold.

Now that you know how to obtain every Barding avaible for now, so let’s move on to trophies.


As more players explore the world of Diablo IV, it’s likely that even more unique bardings and Diablo 4 mounts will be uncovered. With each discovery, players become even more eager to see what other secrets the game has in store. And now we already have trophies – cosmetics to customize our mounts.

To equip mount trophies, players can visit the Stable Master in town. There you can choose your desired steed and customize their accessories, including Mount Trophies.

Here we have compiled all the mount trophies that you can get in the game on the same principle as bardings, split into categories.

Challenge Mount Trophies

Mount TrophyChallengeTrophy Icon
Decaying Shaman’s SkullWorld Boss Slayer

Slay Ashava, Avarice, and Wandering Death

Diablo 4 Mounts
Elemental HeartTrophy Hunter

Slay 15 Extremely Rare Monsters.

Diablo 4 Mounts
Gruesome BannerEnemy of Sanctuary

Obtain 100 Kills in PvP

Diablo 4 Mounts
Horadric TomeWorld Event Master

Clear 300 World Events with Mastery

Diablo 4 Mounts
Iron ReliquarySeasoned Paragon

Earn 100 Paragon Nodes

Diablo 4 Mounts
Lamplighter’s Lantern-StaffEcho Destroyer

In Hardcore Mode, slay the Echo of Lilith

Diablo 4 Mounts
Trade Consortium StrongboxAltar of Lilith Collector

Locate and Activate all 160 Altars of Lilith

    • Fractured Peaks
    • Scosglen
    • Dry Steppes
    • Kehjistan
    • Hawezar
Diablo 4 Mounts
Triune Blood FontMaster Potion Brewer

Upgrade your Healing Potions to their max potency.

Diablo 4 Mounts

PvE Mount Trophies

Mount TrophyHow To GetTrophy Icon
Ashava’s Bone FragmentSlay Ashava, the Pestilent, World Boss
Diablo 4 Mounts
Avarice’s Gilded HornSlay Avarice, the Gold Cursed, World Boss
Diablo 4 Mounts
Bone-Caged HeartSlay the Wandering Death World Boss
Diablo 4 Mounts
Butcher’s CleaverSlay the Butcher
Diablo 4 Mounts
Assassin’s SatchelRandomly dropped when slaying Assassins
Diablo 4 Mounts
Bandit FamilyRandomly dropped when slaying Bandits
Diablo 4 Mounts
Beast’s SkullRandomly dropped when slaying Beasts
Diablo 4 Mounts
Blood Lord’s StaffRandomly dropped when slaying Vampires
Diablo 4 Mounts
Dark BannerRandomly dropped when slaying Cultists
Diablo 4 Mounts
Elder Druid’s TotemRandomly dropped via Tree of Whispers Caches
Diablo 4 Mounts
Fallen FamilyRandomly dropped when slaying Fallen Shamans
Diablo 4 Mounts
Shield of Mount ArreatRandomly dropped when slaying Treasure Goblins
Diablo 4 Mounts
Signal HornRandomly dropped via Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons
Diablo 4 Mounts
Steppe Fetish MaskRandomly dropped via Helltides
Diablo 4 Mounts
Witch’s Travel TotemRandomly dropped when slaying Treasure Goblins
Diablo 4 Mounts

PvP Mount Trophies

Mount TrophyHow To GetTrophy Icon
Crest of RathmaRandomly dropped when slaying other players.
Diablo 4 Mounts
Dark Knight’s StrongboxPurchased from Fariba in Alzuuda for 30,000 Red Dust
Diablo 4 Mounts
Brutal Wizard’s StandardPurchased from Fariba in Alzuuda for 30,000 Red Dust
Diablo 4 Mounts
Cruel Assassin’s SaddlebagPurchased from Fariba in Alzuuda for 30,000 Red Dust
Diablo 4 Mounts
Bloody Warlord’s WarningPurchased from Fariba in Alzuuda for 75,000 Red Dust
Diablo 4 Mounts
Demonic Warlord’s WindchimesPurchased from Fariba in Alzuuda for 75,000 Red Dust
Diablo 4 Mounts

Shop Mount Trophies

Mount TrophyHow To GetTrophy Icon
Dead Sea VesselPurchased from the in-game Shop for 800 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
Mariner WillPurchased from the in-game Shop for 800 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
Morgan’s CagePurchased from the in-game Shop for 800 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
MortPurchased from the in-game Shop for 800 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
Bleeding CaduceusPurchased from the in-game Shop for 1,000 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
Sanguine ReliquaryPurchased from the in-game Shop for 1,000 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
Message of the TriunePurchased from the in-game Shop for 1,500 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
Unholy GrailPurchased from the in-game Shop for 1,500 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
Klath-Ulna’s TithePurchased from the in-game Shop for 1,600 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts
SanctusPurchased from the in-game Shop for 1,600 Platinum
Diablo 4 Mounts

Promotional Mount Trophies

Mount TrophyHow To GetTrophy Icon
Bound FaithPurchase Diablo 4 branded SteelSeries hardware.
Diablo 4 Mounts

Well that’s all the information you need to know about mounts and their bardings and trophies.

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Diablo 4 Mounts

According to the general consensus among players, high-end content such as dungeons, Strongholds, zone events, and Treasure Goblins are the best sources for farming mounts and accessories. With these tips in mind, players can easily discover the world of Diablo IV and all its exciting features.

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