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At the past Diablo 4 Beta testing, we were shown and given the opportunity to play for 3 classes: Sorceress, Barbarian, and Rouge. We played and went over all the intricacies of the old classes in the new game, and discussed the best builds and unique mechanics of each class. In this guide, we will talk about a character that has not yet been fully revealed – Druid, and visualize how to play Druid Diablo 4.

How to play as Druid in Diablo 4

Druid is a hybrid class – he is equally good at magic and Physical damage. In magic, he turns to the powers of lightning and all sorts of poisons, and as a physic, he can use One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, and Staves. Spirit is his class resource, which he spends on his abilities, divided into 6 groups: Basic, Spirit, Defensive, Wrath, Companion, Ultimate.

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Diablo 4 Druid Guide

A distinctive feature of the druid is his ability to turn into an animal. However, in Diablo 4, his shapeshifting will not have a permanent effect, and the form of a particular beast will only be applied for the duration of certain abilities, after which the druid will return to his human form.

Diablo 4 Druid Guide

  • Hybrid damage
  • Can deal range and melee damage
  • Can Heal himself
  • Low base Health and Armor
  • Spirit dependency
  • Hard to master

Diablo 4 Druid best skills

As you level up in the game, you will receive a skill point that you can use to enhance your abilities. You can also obtain additional skill points through the Renown system. As you progress further, you will unlock new skill categories and have the opportunity to enhance your active skills up to five times, increasing their power and reducing their cooldown by 5% per upgrade.

As you delve deeper into the skill tree, you will also unlock two specializations for each active skill. By selecting one of these specializations, you can narrow the focus of the skill and make it more powerful in combat.

Passive abilities are also available and are attached to specific skill clusters. These abilities provide minor bonuses to damage, defense, or utility under certain conditions, allowing you to further customize your character’s build to suit your playstyle.

Druid skills in Diablo 4 are mainly based on speculation since the game has not been released yet. It’s essential to test out the skills for yourself to determine which ones are worth your attention. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic or dive into our Diablo 4 boost.

Basic Skills

Basic abilities needed to generate Spirit. In general, this is your auto attack.

Spirit Skills

This type of ability, on the contrary, consumes a bit of your Spirit.

Defensive Skills

It’s crucial to have a high level of defensive ability. In Diablo 4, an entire group of abilities is dedicated to the defense.

Wrath Skills

This kind of capability typically determines your gaming approach. These are unique skills with extended cooldown periods and potent impacts.

Companion Skills

These talents affect your summons, but not only them. What we’ll talk about is below.

Ultimate Skills

The strongest skills in your repertoire with the longest cooldowns. You are limited to having only one of these abilities in general.

Spirit Animals

One of the features in Diablo 4 is the Unique Class Mechanic, and for the Druid class, it introduces the new Spirit Animals mechanic. Druids can receive blessings from four distinct Spirit Animals:

  • Snake
  • Hawk
  • Deer
  • Wolf

Diablo 4 Druid Guide

To obtain passive bonuses or “boons” from these animals, players must collect 100 Spirit Offerings each, which are likely acquired by defeating mobs in Scosglen.

Upon presenting 100 Spirit Offerings to a Spirit Animal, the player receives at least one of its four boons. The remaining boons can be unlocked at specific level milestones. Players can only choose one boon from a Spirit Animal at a time unless all four have been unlocked.

Once all four Spirit Animals are unlocked, players can choose two boons from one animal and one boon from each of the other three, resulting in a total of five active boons.

Diablo 4 Druid Leveling Build

The Druid’s Core Skill, Landslide, deals the highest initial damage when compared to all other skills. It is an excellent choice for beginners looking to level up quickly. Additionally, Landslide delivers dual blows that enable players to conquer difficult elites and bosses with ease. To optimize this build, invest extra Skill Points to enhance Landslide’s damage, as it will be your primary focus.

Landslide Build

  • Storm Strike → Enhanced Storm Strike → Fierce Storm Strike
  • Landslide (5/5) → Enhanced Landslide → Primal Landslide
  • Heart of the Wild
  • Abundance (3/3)
  • Wild Impulses (3/3)
  • Trample → Enhanced Trample → Savage Trample
  • Cyclone Armor
  • Earthen Bulwark → Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
  • Petrify → Prime Petrify → Supreme Petrify

To optimize your damage output and become accustomed to playing this build, it is recommended that you follow these priorities:

  • Continuously cast Storm Strike to generate Spirit and apply the Vulnerable and Immobilize debuffs to enemies.
  • Use Landslide to spend your Spirit and deal damage to enemies, focusing on grouping them together to efficiently dispatch them.
  • Repeat the above steps as necessary, ensuring that you re-apply Vulnerable to bosses with every hit of Landslide for maximum damage potential.

Diablo 4 Druid Best Gear

Druid is a unique class because his primary attribute is Willpower. Willpower increases his damage and healing, so try to prioritize equipment with a high Willpower stat.

Main StatSecondary Stat
  • Willpower increases damage dealt by 0.01%, Resource Generation by 0.1% and Healing Received by 0.1%.
  • Dexterity increases Critical Strike Chance by 0.02% and the chance to Dodge attacks by 0.025%
  • Intelligence increases  All Resistances by 0.05%
  • Strength increases Armor by 1 for 1 Str

Diablo 4 Druid Best Gems

The purpose of gems in the game is to enhance your character’s statistics, rather than providing ultimate power. Therefore, it’s essential to choose gems that work well with your existing gear and provide the most significant benefits. For the Druid, Topaz and Ruby gems are highly recommended.

Topaz gems are ideal for increasing your Basic Skill Damage, while Rubies boost your Life. Furthermore, selecting any gem that increases your Resistance is a smart move for the Druid.

Best Legendary Aspects for Druid

Aspects play a crucial role in completing your build, offering unique and potent abilities to your character. These aspects can be found in various dungeons, and once you discover them, they will be recorded in your Codex of Power. You can then apply them to your equipment for additional benefits.

Diablo 4 Dungeon
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Diablo 4 Druid Guide

There are a lot of aspects in the game, below we will give the best and most popular aspects for the Druid.

  • Overcharged Aspect — Lucky Hit: Up to a X% chance when dealing Lightning damage to overload the target for 3 seconds, causing any direct damage you deal to them to pulse X additional damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Runeworker’s Aspect — Lucky Hit: Up to a X% chance when dealing lightning damage to overload the target for 3 seconds, causing direct damage to pulse for additional X damage to it and nearby enemies.
  • Storm Beast’s Aspect — Lucky Hit: Storm Skills have up to a X% chance to grant 10 Spirit. Your base Storm Skills are now also Werewolf Skills.
  • Aspect of Shared Misery — Lucky Hit: When you hit a Crowd Controlled enemy, there is up to a X% chance for that Crowd Control effect to spread to another unaffected enemy.

You have now been introduced to Diablo’s fiercest class. As more information emerges, we will update this guide accordingly. The game is set to launch on June 6, 2023. We appreciate you taking the time to read this guide and hope it has been helpful to you.

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