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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Calling Card is a picture with a bit of animation that decorates the profile and highlights the progress of a player who owns it. This cosmetic stuff is a great way to show your skill in Modern Warfare 2 and to horrify your enemies. Also, these items are very fun to collect.

How to unlock all Calling Cards in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

We have prepared some guides that will show you how to get all the Calling Cards you want.

Call of Duty Campaign Calling Cards

There is a list of calling cards that are given within the campaign.

These calling cards are collected during the campaign and can be received pretty simply. To collect them, you just simply play through the entire campaign.

Soap’s Determination Calling CardComplete the Strike campaign mission
Chainlinked Calling CardComplete the Borderline campaign mission
Gaz Calling CardComplete the Recon by Fire campaign mission
Shadows Company Ops Calling CardComplete the Alone campaign mission

Customize your profile with Calling Cards!
Get any card you want!
How to unlock all Calling Cards in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 5.0

Call of Duty Multiplayer Calling Cards

For competitive players – the most interesting Calling Cards are Multiplayer Calling Cards. They show how skillful a calling card holder is and how much afford the player puts into the game. Here is the list of Multiplayer Calling Cards.

Steady ApproachGet 50 Operator Kills
Ghostly FlameGet 100 Operator Kills
The Light at the EndGet 250 Operator Kills
Gun’s Still HotGet 500 Operator Kills
Delusional WealthGet 1,000 Operator Kills
What’s Done is DoneGet 2,500 Operator Kills
AlejandroGet 5,000 Operator Kills
Steady StareGet 10,000 Operator Kills
Smoking EndComplete All The Above Challenges
Gritty Face OffGet 50 Operator Assists
The Price You PayGet 100 Operator Assists
Corrupt SystemGet 250 Operator Assists
Skully AmmoGet 500 Operator Assists
ShadesGet 1,000 Operator Assists
Hight ValueGet 2,500 Operator Assists
Watch Your BackComplete all Assist Challenges
Do Not EnterGet 25 Operator Kills with Lethals
Heads UpGet 50 Operator Kills with Lethals
Uh OhGet 100 Operator Kills with Lethals
DangerGet 250 Operator Kills with Lethals
Speed TrapGet 500 Operator Kills with Lethals
AughtGet 1,000 Operator Kills with Lethals
AdamantComplete all Lethal Kill challenges
Triple ThreatGet 50 Operator Headshots
Trio De TerrorGet 100 Operator Headshots
Dual SkullyGet 250 Operator Headshots
Samurai SkullGet 500 Operator Headshots
Sgt. HamGet 1,000 Operator Headshots
Boom BoomGet 2,500 Operator Headshots
Golden CraniumComplete all Headshot Kill challenges
Man of ActionGet 25 Operator Double Kills
Lady of WarGet 50 Operator Double Kills
Smokin’ GunGet 100 Operator Double Kills
Exploding SoldierGet 250 Operator Double Kills
Divine KnighthoodGet 500 Operator Double Kills
Beast WithinGet 1,000 Operator Double Kills
Serpent SkullComplete all Double Kill challenges
Whadaya Lookin’ At!Get 50 Longshot Operator Kills
Battle ReadyGet 100 Longshot Operator Kills
Higher Level ElevateGet 250 Longshot Operator Kills
Symbolic EndGet 500 Longshot Operator Kills
Chattering SoldierGet 1,000 Longshot Operator Kills
Black KnightGet 2,500 Longshot Operator Kills
Squad Under FireComplete all Longshot Kill challenges
Clawed FlameGet 50 Hipfire Operator Kills
Gassy PanelGet 100 Hipfire Operator Kills
Warfare AssassinGet 250 Hipfire Operator Kills
What Is It Good ForGet 500 Hipfire Kills
ResistGet 1,000 Hipfire Kills
Paintball SupremacyGet 2,500 Hipfire Kills
Cyber SprintComplete all Hipfire Kill challenges
Robotic VengeanceGet 25 Melee Operator Kills
LoungingGet 50 Melee Operator Kills
Swinging Into ActionGet 100 Melee Operator Kills
Pay AttentionGet 250 Melee Operator Kills
Spark EffectsGet 500 Melee Operator Kills
Lighting StrikeGet 1,000 Melee Operator Kills
1000 BirdsComplete all Melee Kill challenges
Battle RobotExecute 5 Finishing Moves
Night RaidExecute 10 Finishing Moves
Rough TimesExecute 25 Finishing Moves
Sir SkullyExecute 50 Finishing Moves
Smoked HimExecute 100 Finishing Moves
Victorious FemmeExecute 250 Finishing Moves
Mask OnComplete all Finishing Move challenges
Shaded GhostGet 3 Kills Without Dying 25 Times
Shadow OpGet 3 Kills Without Dying 50 Times
RelevanceGet 3 Kills Without Dying 100 Times
Company SniperGet 3 Kills Without Dying 250 Times
Shadowy PastGet 3 Kills Without Dying 500 Times
Darkened PistolGet 3 Kills Without Dying 1000 Times
Operator OverlookComplete all Kills Without Dying challenges
Death’s FlowersGet 50 Objective Defender Kills in Objective Modes
Challenger ApproachesGet 100 Objective Defender Kills in Objective Modes
Harsh RealityGet 250 Objective Defender Kills in Objective Modes
OverwhelmedGet 500 Objective Defender Kills in Objective Modes
One Last MissionGet 1,000 Objective Defender Kills in Objective Modes
Ocular OmnipotenceGet 2,500 Objective Defender Kills in Objective Modes
Rattle and BoneComplete all Defender Kill challenges
Dark WarriorGet 50 Objective Assault Kills in Objective Modes
Cyber BlackGet 100 Objective Assault Kills in Objective Modes
Black BeetleGet 250 Objective Assault Kills in Objective Modes
Malicious IntentGet 500 Objective Assault Kills in Objective Modes
Bladed ChargeGet 1,000 Objective Assault Kills in Objective Modes
ArachnophobiaGet 2,500 Objective Assault Kills in Objective Modes
HungerComplete all Assault Kill challenges
Speeding MotoristKill 5 Enemies in Vehicles
Speed’s the GameKill 10 Enemies in Vehicles
Barreling DownKill 25 Enemies in Vehicles
4-Wheeled Big DealKill 50 Enemies in Vehicles
Jet Ski RetreatKill 100 Enemies in Vehicles
SpeederKill 250 Enemies in Vehicles
Armored Pickup CharlieComplete all Vehicle Kill Challenges
InvidiaWin 25 Matches
GulaWin 50 Matches
AvaritiaWin 100 Matches
LuxuriaWin 250 Matches
SuperbiaWin 500 Matches
IraWin 1,000 Matches
Notice MeCompleter all Win challenges

Call of Duty DMZ Calling Cards

DMZ is a brand new game mode, which was inspired by the Escape from Tarkov game or Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 D.C. Dark Zone mode. It’s a PvPvE mode, where players compete with each other and against bots at the same time. To learn more about all new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 modes, read our CoD Modern Warfare II Overview.

Here is the list of Calling Cards that are presented exclusively for this game mode:

Serpent’s SnapExfil from DMZ 5 times
Copper ScorpionExfil from DMZ 10 times
Sharpened FangsExfil from DMZ 25 times
Spider’s TrapExfil from DMZ 50 times
Fish Please!Exfil from DMZ 100 times
Bats FlightExfil from DMZ 250 times
Crustaceous DisasterComplete all Exfil challenges
Zap BetaExfil 100,000 Cash from DMZ
CircularExfil 500,000 Cash from DMZ
Exes BetaExfil 1,000,000 Cash from DMZ
Circular BetaExfil 1,500,000 Cash from DMZ
Pastels BetaExfil 2,000,000 Cash from DMZ
SwirlsExfil 2,500,000 Cash from DMZ
FireballComplete all Cash Extraction challenges
VaultingActivate 1 UAV Tower in DMZ
On The MoveActivate 5 UAV Towers in DMZ
Up TopActivate 10 UAV Towers in DMZ
HiddenActivate 25 UAV Towers in DMZ
Sliding DownActivate 50 UAV Towers in DMZ
Last StandActivate 100 UAV Towers in DMZ
Shadow CompanyComplete all UAV Tower challenges
Be On GuardComplete 10 Contracts in DMZ
Shady ShooterComplete 25 Contracts in DMZ
Heading OutComplete 50 Contracts in DMZ
Zipline DeclineComplete 100 Contracts in DMZ
The Hard WayComplete 250 Contracts in DMZ
Nightly SnipesComplete 500 Contracts in DMZ
VisionaryComplete all Contract challenges
Panther SoldierDefeat 1 Stronghold Boss
Ancient RelicDefeat 5 Stronghold Bosses
Blue TenguDefeat 10 Stronghold Bosses
Masked ProfileDefeat 25 Stronghold Bosses
Golden Dual WielderDefeat 50 Stronghold Bosses
Eyes on the TargetDefeat 100 Stronghold Bosses
Fractal FreedomComplete all Boss challenges
Soaring PredatorKill 100 Agents in DMZ
Great WhiteKill 250 Agents in DMZ
ConstrictorKill 500 Agents in DMZ
King of the JungleKill 1000 Agents in DMZ
Bull’s BarrageKill 2500 Agents in DMZ
Hyena’s HowlKill 5000 Agents in DMZ
Tiger’s TenacityComplete all Agent Kill challenges
Guns At DawnKill 10 Operators in DMZ
Glaring IntensityKill 25 Operators in DMZ
Al QatalaKill 50 Operators in DMZ
PerspectiveKill 100 Operators in DMZ
PriceKill 250 Operators in DMZ
Sketched SoldierKill 500 Operators in DMZ
Grace Under PressureComplete all Operator Kill challenges
Take FlightExfil using the Final Helicopter 1 time
Mining DiscoveryExfil using the Final Helicopter 5 times
Robotic MaternityExfil using the Final Helicopter 10 times
Cyber SniperExfil using the Final Helicopter 25 times
Evolutionary SpiralExfil using the Final Helicopter 50 times
Human EvolutionExfil using the Final Helicopter 100 times
Robotic FutureComplete all Final Exfil challenges
Aquatic PresenceExtract 50 Valuables from the DMZ
Take FlightExtract 100 Valuables from the DMZ
ChieftainExtract 250 Valuables from the DMZ
AdvancementsExtract 500 Valuables from the DMZ
For Honor and GloryExtract 1000 Valuables from the DMZ
Mining DiscoveryExtract 2000 Valuables from the DMZ
Drone’s First FlightComplete all Valuables Extraction challenges
Barbed SilhouetteClear 5 Strongholds in the DMZ
Madre Del MalClear 10 Strongholds in the DMZ
Flaming RetrospectiveClear 25 Strongholds in the DMZ
The Band’s Back TogetherClear 50 Strongholds in the DMZ
Aztec SurveillanceClear 100 Strongholds in the DMZ
BienvenidosClear 250 Strongholds in the DMZ
Wandering TrioComplete all Stronghold challenges
MagnificentUnlock 5 Locked Spaces in the DMZ
Soldier MosaicUnlock 10 Locked Spaces in the DMZ
Grenade PraiseUnlock 25 Locked Spaces in the DMZ
Stained SwordUnlock 50 Locked Spaces in the DMZ
KnightlyUnlock 100 Locked Spaces in the DMZ
Majestic GlassUnlock 250 Locked Spaces in the DMZ
Cyclopes VacationComplete all Unlock challenges
Blind AngelKill 25 Armored Agents in the DMZ
Cyber BlackKill 50 Armored Agents in the DMZ
Blackened ScorpioKill 100 Armored Agents in the DMZ
Scarab ScreamKill 250 Armored Agents in the DMZ
Carbon FiberKill 500 Armored Agents in the DMZ
InfiniteKill 750 Armored Agents in the DMZ
QuadrupedComplete all Armored Agent Kill challenges
BrightLoot 25 Caches in the DMZ
FrayLoot 50 Caches in the DMZ
ShotLoot 100 Caches in the DMZ
HackLoot 250 Caches in the DMZ
WatermelonLoot 500 Caches in the DMZ
PointerLoot 1000 Caches in the DMZ
SpliceComplete all Loot Cache challenges

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Calling Cards

The poorest pool of Calling Cards is in Warzone 2. Probably it’s because Warzone 2 is free to play, and Activision wants players to buy a game. However, some of them look really cool and probably don’t require as much time invested as in other game modes.

RadianceWin 1 Match in Warzone
Metallic EntryWin 5 Matches in Warzone
Emerald RaiseWin 10 Match in Warzone
Elegant TrifectaWin 25 Matches in Warzone
Central BlindingWin 50 Matches in Warzone
HardcoreWin 100 Matches in Warzone
Determined GlareComplete all Win Mastery challenges
HailstormGet 10 kills in Warzone
Graphical GraffitiGet 25 kills in Warzone
Bullets EndGet 50 kills in Warzone
Tripped OutGet 100 kills in Warzone
Incoming StrikeGet 250 kills in Warzone
Golden VaporGet 500 kills in Warzone
Gleaming HeadshotComplete all Kill Mastery challenges
Move In!Complete 10 contracts in Warzone
Lasered InfiltrationComplete 25 contracts in Warzone
Gunned DownComplete 50 contracts in Warzone
Deadly LaserComplete 100 contracts in Warzone
ReflectiveComplete 250 contracts in Warzone
Alternative MeansComplete 500 contracts in Warzone
Time to StrikeComplete all Contract Mastery challenges
Smoking MoneyOpen 25 containers in Warzone
All That GlittersOpen 50 containers in Warzone
Tattoos and ChainsOpen 100 containers in Warzone
Desert DecorOpen 250 containers in Warzone
Dome PolishOpen 500 containers in Warzone
FInest RulerOpen 1000 containers in Warzone
Deaths PaymentComplete all Container Mastery challenges

Call of Duty Twitch Drop Calling Cards

One of the easiest ways to earn some new Calling Cards and other MW2 items is Twitch Drops. From time to time, the Twitch rewards for Call of Duty MW2 appear. 

To earn them, you need your Activision account linked to Amazon Prime Gaming and your Amazon Gaming Prime linked to your Twitch account. After everything is set and done, you just need to watch live streams of Call of Duty MW2 when the Twitch Drops promo is running. You can track your progress on Twitch in the Drops & Rewards section.

Customize your profile with Calling Cards!
Get any card you want!
How to unlock all Calling Cards in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 5.0

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