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How to get gold in World of Tanks is one of the essential questions players face when they start to play in WoT. And while experienced players know everything about farming, newcomers sometimes need to listen to the advice about gold making. In this guide, you will learn about all possible ways how to get gold in WoT.

World of Tanks Currencies

The in-game economy of World of Tanks operates through two main currencies: credits and gold. Both of these currencies are essential for players to perform various actions and acquire useful in-game items.

Credits can be used to pay for repairing tanks that were damaged during battles. If players fail to repair their tanks, they will begin the next battle with the same amount of health points they had previously. Additionally, credits can be utilized to purchase consumables and train crew members. Standard game mode allows players to earn credits by participating in Random battles and completing missions.

How to get World of Tanks Gold

On the other hand, gold is a powerful resource that can be used to obtain valuable items, including Premium vehicles, Premium accounts, vehicle slots, and Improved Pass. Unfortunately, acquiring gold is not as easy as obtaining credits. Players cannot earn gold in Standard game mode and must purchase it from the Premium store. However, there are a few ways to obtain free gold in World of Tanks.

World of Tanks Gold for Tournament Missions

Although it’s true that gold cannot be earned as a reward for completing missions in the Standard game mode of World of Tanks, there are still ways to acquire it. One of these is by participating in special missions that are part of the weekend or week-long tournaments.

These tournaments are organized regularly, and participants are required to complete various missions, such as Daily Missions, to receive rewards. These rewards can include gold, Premium Accounts, and even different types of tanks.

By participating in these events, players can accumulate gold, which can then be used to purchase valuable items in the game. This makes participating in tournaments an excellent way to supplement the gold earned through purchases in the Premium store.

World of Tanks Gold for Bootcamp Missions

In addition to participating in weekend or week-long tournaments, boot camps are another options how to get free gold in World of Tanks. Boot camps function as a tank school, providing players with challenges to complete and prizes to win.

Boot camps offer a variety of missions in both multiplayer and cooperative battles. Players who successfully complete these challenges can receive rewards such as gold, rare tanks, or key cards. These prizes not only provide players with a boost of gold but also grant access to other exciting in-game content.

Therefore, boot camps represent another excellent opportunity for players to obtain free gold and other valuable items in World of Tanks. By participating in boot camps, players can continue to expand their in-game resources and become more successful on the battlefield.

World of Tanks Gold for Ranked Battles

Lastly, players can also earn gold in Ranked battles, which are available for both researchable and collectors vehicles.

Ranked battles are seasonal competitive battles where the strongest tankers fight against each other. The matchmaker creates teams of players with similar skill levels, and participants can level up through Ranks and Divisions. The best players in the Prize League are rewarded with prizes, including gold, Premium accounts, equipment, consumables, personal reserves, and garage slots.

In summary, gold is a crucial currency in World of Tanks that can be used to purchase valuable items such as Premium accounts, Premium tanks, Improved Pass, and consumables. Although Standard missions and battles do not provide players with gold, there are still ways to earn it for free through tournaments, boot camps, and Ranked battles. By utilizing these methods, players can accumulate gold and enhance their in-game experience or simply buy it on Overgear.

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