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Even if you are not aiming to get into cybersport, but just play for fun at high ranks and win, a good aim is not enough for you. What do you need to up you rank and skill and win more games? Of course, our How to play better Counter Strike 2 guide! Let’s take a look.

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How to play better Counter Strike 2

Tips and Tricks to Improve in CS 2

Here we have some tips and tricks for you to win more games:

  • For starters, each of your sessions should start with killing a couple or three hundred bots. To put it crudely, you can’t rush into battle if you’re not awake yet. Be sure to practice with bots, remember how to hold the mouse correctly, how to react to opponents and so on. No professional starts games without this routine, it’s a regular practice;
  • Match the ideal sensitivity of your mouse. You should not drive the mouse for half an hour just to change the trajectory by 5 degrees. On the other hand, you should not turn 360 degrees with a small deviation of the mouse. We recommend to set 400 DPI at 1000 Hz and 2.0 sensitivity in the game, and proceed from this value. Everything about how to customize settings menu and options you can read in our guide;
  • Try turning on loudness equalization in Windows sound settings. This will allow you to hear opponents from far away, and loud sounds will become less loud;
  • Learn a few maps that you like the most. For example, de_dust_2, de_inferno, de_mirage and de_overpass. Learn smoke grenades, basic offensive and defensive tactics so you’re ready to tell your allies what to do at all times. The best sources of tactics are the games of professional players. Take them apart, see what works, what doesn’t, and why;
  • Movement is the king. Perhaps the most useful advice of all. Look at how pro players or major league players (faceit, for example) move. As a rule, they have minimal unnecessary movements, well-honed strafes and peaks from around the corner. The faster you master and perfect your own movement, the faster you will climb the ranking ladder.

Try to Stay Alive Whatever it Takes

Remember: even if you see a red circle on the map attacking your ally, it doesn’t mean you should run headlong to save him. Tactics, strategy, and composure. You should always think about your movements and actions.

A similar situation occurs when you stay in the clutch playing as a terrorist. Setting a bomb is usually more important than killing the last enemy. Remember that you are playing against people just like you.

Manage your Economy

How to play better Counter Strike 2

Game economy is another incredibly important part of gameplay. Every player buys weapons, grenades and armor with money, which means that you need to calculate your budget carefully. As a rule, the first round already predicts whether you will win the next 2 rounds or not, because the difference in the economy of the teams is felt after it.

We recommend you to always buy armor in the first round (or p250 for terrorists if you are confident with it). In the second round never buy serious assault or sniper rifles (M4A4, AK-47, AWP), it is better to take Famas or Galil at most. Otherwise you won’t have enough money to upgrade armor and grenades. Once again, we advise you to look at the procurement of pro-players. As a rule, it is very balanced and calculated to the cent.

Use Grenades

The worst thing you can do with utility items is not use them. After changing smoke grenades in CS2 they became more interesting and useful to use.

Quick tip about some grenade types: if you throw a HE grenade at an already inflated smoke grenade, it will dissipate for a moment, and you can safely shoot someone standing behind it or in it.

Hence the lesson: don’t stand in the smoke, as you can be seen with one grenade.

Flashes are no longer flashes, but stun grenades. This means that even if you don’t blind the enemy, you will stun him, so use them willingly when storming a point.

Learn your Spray Patterns

Shooting in Counter-Strike 2 isn’t particularly intricate. But still it may be pretty difficult to control and challenging to master. The thing is that bullets did not align with the crosshair, causing difficulty for beginners to accurately gauge their shots. However, Counter-Strike 2 has implemented a new mechanic that enables players to align their crosshair with their spray, making it more accessible for beginners to determine the accuracy of their shots.

How to play better Counter Strike 2

Each weapon has its own firing pattern. And having learned at least the basic weapon sprays (AK-47, M4A4, Famas, Galil, MP9 and so on), you can forget about shooting mistakes and concentrate on tactics and movements.

How to aim better in CS 2

What’s the best way for you to learn spray patterns aim better? Elementary. Load any community map (Steam Workshop maps). One of the best maps is Recoil Master-Spray Training. Then take the weapon you need, write sv_cheats 1, sv_infinite_ammo 1 in the console and shoot at the wall. The recoil in CS2 is scheduled by bullets, and you will see how the spray on the wall changes depending on the order of firing.

There are additional options available for improving recoil control, such as joining headshot-only deathmatch servers, which provide a fast-paced environment for skill development.

Do not use Burst Fire

Try to find a more useless thing in the game than burst fire mode. Remember: you must shoot clearly and quickly in the head with any weapon except AWP. And in this case burst fire will only hinder you very much. Never use it, because on famas shooting one bullet at a time or spray is much more effective, and glock’s single shot rate of fire will be even higher and more accurate.

Check the Bullets and Reload

A typical mistake even experienced players make is not reloading correctly. It should be used in cover and in full confidence that at this moment the enemy will not come out at you. Also, if you are storming a point, always keep an eye on the number of remaining rounds in the magazine, otherwise you risk going to the point with 10 rounds on your assault rifle against two opponents.

Our advice: for defense, reload in cover or quickly change your weapon for an additional one, and for attacking, spend your ammo wisely so that you always have enough to fire to suppress and assault the point

Communicate with Your Teammates

Even if you’re s1mple, you can’t win alone. Communication is the key to victory, and the developers of any team-based game will tell you that. And for good reason.

Have you heard anything about +morality? It’s what wins matches where you’re weaker than your opponents. You shoot worse, you don’t know the layout or the map, but because of the positive attitude in your head, which is kept in the team, you act confidently and unexpectedly, and the opponent is in dysmorality, because of which he starts to miss, act illogically and in the end ruins the game or at least half of the rounds. Don’t be like that, be positive and try to infect your teammates with it. And don’t forget about learning callouts.

Learn Map Control

Just learning Counter-Strike 2 maps is not our advice. You may have misunderstood the summary we provided at the beginning. Let us explain how everything works.

For defense, you need to control the exits to the points so that the opponents can’t break through the defense in a matter of seconds. You need to know how they can prevent you from monitoring enemy positions and where they can exit from. For this purpose you learn where to throw smoke grenades for the attack – from the mirror side you will be able to imagine how to counter it.

On the other hand, when playing for the attack, you have to imagine what the most advantageous positions for the defense will be taken by the opponents and be able to beat them, “read” enemy actions. This comes with experience, but you can simplify your life by watching pro players or even your own demos.

Watch your Demos

From this we conclude that in order to learn how to play better CS2, you need to watch your own and other people’s demos. Analyzing your own and other people’s mistakes, you will take on the world, believe us. No professional player came to his place just by playing – they all spend a lot of time on analytics and tactics, so should you.

Analyze not only your own losses, but also your wins. Even if you win, it doesn’t mean you did absolutely everything right, and realizing this is key to understanding your game.

Don’t Fake too Often

In low ranked public or competitive games, you may notice how often players are faking. They throw fake smoke grenades, start setting off a bomb, and then immediately pick up a weapon. All this is done to confuse surprise enemy, and very often it works. But not on the pro stage.

There, fakes are prepared for, and since a fake usually requires the expenditure of some resource or a second weakness of the one who is faking, it is simply not profitable to do it, as the opponent will play smart and outsmart you. Don’t fake if you’re not sure. More often than not, the best way to fake enemy expectations is just play honest gameplay, believe us.


Well, here comes that compilation of information that is usually years in the making, sought out and gleaned from experienced players. We tried our best and hope you will take the tips into account and play much better than you did before. Good luck to you in conquering new heights!

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