How often do you come across the situation, when you need only one or two certain bosses from the raid because of the loot? Surely you don’t want to re-clear other bosses with no useful loot. That’s why we would like to introduce the new service - boosting Single Eternal Palace Bosses Mythic Boost. It allows you to minimize your costs and make your boosting more efficient. Choose a seller in this section and tag the bosses you need the most.

Get Ahead of the Curve: Quuen Azshara

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It is an absolutely common situation when you already have good gear, but you still miss something important and unique, like trinkets for example. Sometimes items like this are replaceable, but does it matter, especially when you have an opportunity to get exactly what you need? Single EP bosses boosting service exists only with one purpose - make you happy with an item you want. It has never been that cheap and easy to find a slot for any boss in the Eternal Palace Mythic . Weapons, trinkets, azerite armor - any of these unique items can become yours. We recommend paying attention at Leviathan’s Lure, Shiver Venom Relic, Ashvane’s Razor Coral, Dribbling Inkpod, Luminous Jellyweed, Deferred Sentence, Edicts of the Faithless, and Bloodthirsty Urchin trinkets. These are the best choices for each role in this game in raids and mythic+. Don’t miss the chance and reserve your raid slot for 445+ items!