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      Herbalism is a primary, gathering profession in World of Warcraft Classic. The idea of Herbalism lies in the gathering of different herbs throughout the Azeroth. Players with the Herbalism profession have a special "Find Herbs" ability, which is used to track nearby herb tussocks on the minimap. This profession also makes a perfect match with the Alchemy, as primal materials for the Alchemic experiments are herbs. On the whole, the Herbalism profession may seem to be rather peaceful, for nothing can be more relaxed, than collecting different types of flowers and herbage, but in reality, you will rush along the zones, sometimes having a train of very aggressive mobs behind you, in order to get "one-more-Sungrass", as you need it badly, and no one can guarantee the seccess in the end. And we are not even mentioing the famous Black Lotus that has only four random spawns in four zones. Are you ready to face all those mental and physical trials? Overgear has a better suggestion - buy WoW Classic Herbalism power leveling on our Marketplace and just forget about all those horrors. Our trusted pro players are always ready to help you with WoW Classic Herbalism 1 300 boost, so you could relax and enjoy that very game, you remember. WoW Classic Herbalism power leveling from Overgear is the perfect way to take everything from your in-game life.