Stratholme is one of the hardest instances in WoW Classic designed for a group of five adventurers. Full clear requires a proper group composition and accurate execution. Before the Patch 1.10 players even raided it with a group of 10 players! As such, lootrun through this dungeon it is the most rewarding. Buy dungeon boost from best groups at Overgear. Do not hesitate – this entire city must be purged!

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    The city of Stratholme, once the northern jewel of Lordaeron, is now swarming with the undead Scourge after Prince Arthas purged the city and set it on fire during the Third War. The dungeon is divided into two parts - the undead, and the living side, the Scarlet Crusade. Being one of the hardest dungeons in Vanilla WoW, it is also the most rewarding in terms of loot. Ordering dungeon boost opens the door to many amazing rewards, both from boss loot and from some quests. Those brave enough to challenge a death knight - Baron Rivendare himself, have a chance to become new owners of his elegant Runeblade or 100% speed increase mount - Skeleton Horse. But to conquer Stratholme courage alone is not enough. Unless you come for help to Overgear! With the group of professional players, Stratholme lootrun is going to feel like carving a cake! Order any classic boost at Overgear directly from boosters, no third-party companies or individuals is a guarantee of the lowest price on the market. Enjoy your Game!