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    Новый мир Арена 3 на 3 Буст

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    Buy New World Arena 3v3 boost and get lots of Azoth Salt! The Arena is a new activity with high skill requirements. It is much more tactical and strategic than anything before. Our professional player will carry series of contests and unlock your PvP rewards milestones. Climb the leaderboard and get other players' admiration!

    Want to achieve a specific milestone? You can reach the Starmetal rank even if you are Recruit! We will level up your PvP Emblem and you will enjoy picking the rewards. The highest ranks offer you the best items as well as more options to choose.

    Note: Please, turn off the Steam Remote Play function to avoid any difficulties during the execution of the order.


    • Desired 3v3 Arena rating;
    • PvP Emblem rank level up;
    • Unique PvP items guaranteed;
    • PvP achievements and titles;
    • Character's expertise boost;
    • Azoth Salt extracted from enemies tears 😈


    • Coaching – We will teach you how to become better and learn in game. Piloted.


    • The 20th level character on the desired server;
    • Your GS should match the Rank requirements in the spoiler below.

    20 уровень


    • Select boost method, your region, and additional options;
    • Place an order, we will contact you via live chat or an email;
    • Your manager will share details on the order and appoint the time according to your schedule; 
    • The best-fitting booster will take your character; 
    • We will create a Discord chat for you to be in touch with the manager and track the progress;
    • Chill while your enemies get sweaty;
    • Enjoy the rating and rewards! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot :)


    • The difference from the piloted mode is that you play your character instead of our booster;
    • At the appointed time you will get an in-game invitation to join the party;
    • Let your pro buddy do the job for you :)

    If you still have any questions or want some unusual options — feel free to text us! Even at 3:00 AM :) We're 24/7 online!


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