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Well, in season 3 claiming this weapon was a hell of a ride. Imagine that nobody knew how to get this weapon. There were only some clues of Whisper of The Worm's existence. Now read and try to realize how difficult it was to find this quest. First of all, it is possible only from Friday to Monday: there is a special activity that can spawn at Io’s Taken Blight public event. It can take ~1 hour of waiting. When it finally appears at Io, a hidden boss spawns. He is a tough guy, but not impossible to kill. Once you finish him, a portal to The Whisper spawns in the upper left part of the map. Now you get the idea of how difficult it was to find this trigger? But the fun is just about to start. After going through the portal you have only 20 minutes to complete this scenario. This is a very dangerous place and it is easy to waste time in the labyrinth or die on the very long platformer with traps. That’s why Overgear is ready to assist you with claiming the best Exotic Sniper Rifle - Whisper of the Worm. We provide lots of boosting services in D2, and we are in love with quests for Exotic weapons such as Whisper of The Worm.

Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle