So, you know exotics are strong, right? Catalysts make them even stronger! And therefore, getting them is very challenging. And after you got them, you've got to complete them... It's a lot of effort, honestly. But the result, ow... If your exotic has a catalyst slot - you HAVE to get one and complete it! And of course, we can do it for you.

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    The fact that a lot of Exotic weapons are very difficult to find and get them is not that scary at all if you will compare it with conditions for Catalyst drop or leveling. If you ever have ever tried to do Whisper of the Worm quest imagine the same scenario but at Heroic difficulty. Or here is another fact. Izanagi’s burden super shot that consumes 4 special ammo will deal 20% extra damage after claiming the Catalyst. We can bring you more examples but we suppose you’ve got the main idea already. Catalysts for weapons a difficult to get and they buff weapons extremely hard. Relieve yourself from the nervous encounters and let the professionals work. Buy Catalysts weapons boost at the lowest price at Overgear.