Start bundle: 50-60 leveling + 8/8 Mythic dungeons

  • Shadowlands Starter Bundle is a smooth way to start your journey in Shadowlands. This offer includes 50-60 leveling and all eight dungeons completed at mythic difficulty. You can add Covenant Campaing and Torghast Unlock as an additional services.
  • All you need to do is contact us and enjoy your free time while we do the long and tedious level grinding for you. In addition, you will receive the completion of some quests and storylines for progress in various achievements.

        • 50-60 Leveling -Piloted way
        • 8/8 Mythic Dungeons
        HOW IT WORKS:
            • After you've placed an order our manager will contact you in the chat on the website.
            • All details would be clarified with you and the start time of the order would be confirmed.
            • You'll provide us details of your account. Our booster will play from it performing the task.Once the order is complete - You may log back in.
        • Covenant Storyline - number of chapters of the Covenant Campaign until the Renown progress request, which limited with weekly soft-cap
          • 50 level character on the shadowlands account
        • ~48 hours

    You will get

    50-60 Leveling
    8/8 Mythic Dungeons
    Clear service without any cheats, bots or programs


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    Boosting Method: SELFPLAY