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Gear in wow classic is much more important than it is in retail and a way more important than you might imagine. There are additional stats, such as magic resistance, or certain restrictions, like the absence of RNG mechanics. These and many more nuances make players hunt for concrete items, even if they are not designed for their spec.

WoW Classic Gear Overview

The gear restrictions for wow classic differ from the actual version of the game and may seem strange, but luckily, they do not mar your gaming experience.

First thing you need to remember: item level does not matter at all! One of the best headpieces for DPS Warrior is Expert Goldminer’s Helmet that requires level 33!

The quality of an item has no importance either; thus the best pre-raid shoulders for Mages and Warlocks are green. Not because there isn’t anything better, but because the attributes match the class and the role more.

All nine classes may wear Cloth gear, so do not be shy to use it if needed.

Six classes can equip Leather armor. They are Druid, Rogue, Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, and Warrior.

Four classes (Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, and Warrior) can equip Mail armor, though Hunters and Shaman can start wearing Mail armor only at level 40. And yes, Restoration Shamans will use several cloth pieces of armor nonetheless.

Only Paladin and Warrior can equip Plate armor starting at level 40.

Concerning everything said above, you should not be surprised that bis feet for Fury Warrior, for example, are leather ones. Of course, such details complicate collecting bis gear in wow classic. What’s more, you will always have a hypothetical someone to win your roll for the best piece of gear. But on the other hand, you know where and how to find that wow perfect bis item, as they always have static attributes.

Gear Sources

In wow needed bis gear you may get almost everywhere, in raids, in PvP, in leveling dungeons; you can even make them using crafting professions. Isn’t it a great variability? Let us have a closer look.


The very best gear always drops from raids, but before you may enter any of them you should find proper armor and the main source of getting pre-raid bis gear in wow classic are dungeons. Of course, the main dungeons to farm are the last ones – The Temple of Atal’Hakkar, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Scholomance, Stratholme, and Dire Maul, as all of them are more or less designed for lvl 60 groups. However, some best-in-slot pieces of gear may drop in other dungeons, such as Maraudon, Zul’Farrak, or even Gnomeregan.

Do not be surprised by the fact that not every piece of armor is of an epic quality – in wow classic bis items may be quite unexpected. Warlock list of possible pre-raid bis gear is one-third of green stuff, for instance. 


PvE and PvP gear in wow classic differs a lot. Such attributes as Stamina, Armor, and Spell Damage (for casters) play a large role in PvP activities, which means you are to have another set of appropriate armor. With the active phase 6, all the sources of getting PvP gear are at your service. Unfortunately, the majority of PvP related bis items you can still obtain in Naxxramas or Ahn’Qiraj raids. Special ranking PvP gear is, certainly, highly significant, and sometimes it is the only reasonable solution, but you’ll be surprised to know how many pieces of armor designed for PvE activities show perfect results in PvP. The eight-ninth of Holy Paladins’ PvP gear, for example, consists of The Redemption set from Naxxramas.


In contrast to retail, wow classic professions matter a lot. What’s more, some crafted pieces of gear consider being the best even during the end-game; Robe of the Archmage for Mages or Hide of the Wild for Paladins and Druids, are great examples.

Enchants are the imprescriptible part of any wow classic bis gear for any spec of every class. Enchants may be used on almost every piece of gear, which makes enchanters sometimes even more relevant than alchemists. Some formulas are easier to get, as they may be learned from the profession trainer, some may be a quest reward, some may be found during your adventures in the open world, but for the most powerful ones, you will have to go to certain raids. The most irritating part is that you will have to visit raids multiple times to get both the needed formula and crafting reagents.


And here we draw near the conclusion: whatever you do, whichever gear you want to wear, you are forced to visit raids. Countless times. This is what classic wow is about. But do not be frightened away, as raiding experience in wow classic cannot be compared to anything. It gathers up to 40 people in one place and makes them act synchronously. And no doubt that proper gear plays one of the leading roles in this process. Sounds funny, but to go to raids, you have to go to raids…

Best Way of Gearing

So what do we have at the very end? Regardless of your intentions, you just have to visit different raids quite often. And what can be worse than doing the same thing week after week and month after month? Overgear knows a perfect way out – use one of our special offers for classic wow and get your character geared right away.

The best gear in wow classic drops from three final raiding zones – Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (6 bosses), Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (9 bosses), and Naxxramas (15 bosses). You may, probably, imagine just how much time it takes to gather people, to get to the instance entrance, to wipe several times, and to have a fun run from the graveyard – no instance teleportation in classic wow, remember? Now’s the other question: do you need all this suffering?

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