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Like most other MMORPGs in Final Fantasy XIV players can spend their free time in crafting processes. For someone, it can be another side of usual gameplay, for other players, a good option to make money for their characters, especially at the start of new content when all prices … Read more

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​Dragonsong’s Reprise is the first Ultimate Raid for the Endwalker expansion released in Patch 6.11. The raid features a retelling of the Heavensward expansion with a “what if…” twist on its events – and it is the first Ultimate raid in this concept. The fight is split … Read more

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Crystalline Conflict is a new PVP mode that was added to the game with patch 6.1.  The main goal for players in each fight is to control a specific crystal and transport it to the “gates”. Matches in this PvP mode are for 10 players: two teams of 5 players each. You can … Read more