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News How to increase sales on Overgear?

What helps sellers stand out? From the perspective of a buyer it may seem that sellers are the same: the same goods, the same service, and the same tricks. Only prices may be different. But experience shows that just a few simple steps can help distinguish from competitors. In this article, we will describe how fast reaction, diplomacy, foresight, and patience can help increase sales on Overgear — a trading platform for gamers.


Fast reaction

It hurts missing a customer because of low attention, slowness or laziness. You have already caught a buyer with your offer, price or reputation, but the deal breaks off simply because you didn’t manage to reply to a message on time. The buyer left you for someone else. By the way, this is one of the most popular reasons for not completed orders on Overgear, although the solution is right on the surface.

For hours you can wait for clients to appear, burning your eyes with pixels on your display. Or, you can set up instant notifications about new messages and incoming orders. Firstly, check whether your in-site notifications work properly. To do so, click the bell icon in the upper right corner. With notifications set up, you will hear a clear and loud beep every time someone writes to you or equips with an order. Of course, for all this to work, you need the site to be opened in the browser.

The second way is even easier. Sign up for our Telegram-bot and get instant notifications on your smartphone, regardless of whether you are online or not. To do this, you need to go to the profile settings on the site, switch to the “General Settings” tab and click on the “Subscribe via Telegram” button.

On this, the secrets of “fast reaction” end. We’ll go on with the secrets of “diplomacy”.



When prices and product characteristics are similar, the quality of service comes out. Everywhere we hear this overused phrase and don’t even pay attention to it. But it is based on genuine human values, which never spoiled a single deal. We mean politeness, trust and desire to help.

We are not talking about template phrases as “Your opinion is very important to us” or “If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me”. Screw it up! Get rid of all rubbish and leave only courtesy and kind attitude towards your buyer. Remember the forums? “NO BAD LANGUAGE! NO INSULTING! NO TROLLING!” On Overgear it’s almost identical, but instead of a ban, you’ll suffer from a lack of customers.

Do not suspect buyers of scamming. They are here to buy necessary gaming services quickly and hassle-free. Show them trust and readiness for concessions. Repeat orders, positive customer review and impeccable reputation is what you’ll get in return. Leave all worries about scammers to us. In the end, you are also our customers, and we will do our best to protect your interests before any jeopardy.



Don’t you be greedy if a customer asks for a small discount for a large order! Yes, at a time you will earn 10-15% less than expected. But what do you get in return? A satisfied customer who’ll spread a word among their peers saying what a fine lad you are. And then he will come back and order something else, and then his friends will come on the recommendation and order something too.

Yes, it would be worth combining this point with the previous one, and call it “Foresight diplomacy”, but still the issue of money stands apart for us. So take our third council on board, and move on to the final fourth.



Take your time, use the help of friends and your own knowledge to write a detailed, understandable, involving, in a word, selling title and description for your product. And do not forget to do it in two languages!

What if not a headline makes your offer vivid? And what if not a good description convinces buyers to click on the “Buy” button? Well … how about … an excellent reputation? But if you are a newcomer, your reputation is the last thing you’d want customers to pay attention to. Make your headline as clear and informative as possible. And if there is still room for creativity, make them authentic. But always remember:


The same goes for the description of your offer. A buyer should not have doubts about what you are selling, for whom, what the delivery time is and what the final price is after reading your description. The more useful details you’ll include, the more expertise you’ll show. That is how trust appears.

And finally, do not be lazy to translate descriptions and headlines into Russian. We have many customers from Russia and CIS countries. Ignore them and stay away from a huge market of gaming services. Accept our advice and get many additional clients willing to pay. Still, if you take up translations, try to do it as well as you can. Like an English-speaker will hardly understand “Super producer taxis”, a Russian-speaker will have problems identifying gibberish «Удивительная вечеринка. Без салфеток. Хороший ход» as the Russian language. The reviews are real, by the way 🙂


That’s all. We hope, our advice will help you conquer the hearts of hundreds of customers and do your favorite thing without worries. Good luck with new orders!