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    Torghast Layers Boost

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    With our Torghast Layers boost you can unlock all 16th layers of this rogue-like solo dungeon. Also, you can get huge amounts of Soul Cinders and Soul Ash during Torghast Layers carry service and create your own legendary gear! If you already have the 16th layer unlocked, we'll run it for you with all the additional options you've selected.

      Torghast, Tower of the Damned was one of the main WoW Shadowlands encounters with new game mechanics - every entrance in Torghast will be unique for the player. It is a source of a Soul Ash and Soul Cinders currencies you need to create customizable Legendary items up to 235, 249, and 262 ilvl.

      Here you can buy Torghast Layers Boost and try new gameplay of your class with unique legendary mechanics. Contact us to choose the required layers you need to complete. We will reach the desired layer, protecting you from necessity to lose your own free time trying to complete this rogue-like dungeon.


    • Required amount of layers completion in Torghast Tower;
    • Soul Cinders and Soul ash resources;
    • Chance to loot conduit upgrade and golden items for transmog from Adamant Vaults.


    • Adamant Vaults - get 200+ rating during the Torghast Layers service and unlock additional 2 floors.
    • 60 lvl character;
    • Unlocked Torghast.
    • We form a priority list based on the execution speed and time when the order was placed;
    • We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
    • The booster will pilot your character, or you will join his fireteam yourself in self-play;
    • We will notify you about Torghast Layers boost completion;
    • Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.


    Required amount of layers completion in Torghast Tower
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    Torghast Layers Boost
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