Legendary items for priest

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Legendary items are the most difficult items to acquire, and require some effort in the form of crafting, quests, dungeons and raids, and other content. In most cases there is an extensive time investment involved, with pieces that must be gathered and steps that must be completed in the process before the Legendary is complete (such as quest lines).

To create your Legendary Gear Piece, you will need:

                    • A Base Item of the appropriate level and slot type
                    • x2 Stat Scrolls
                    • Soul Ash currency
                    • The Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe for a Legendary Power that matches the slot type of the Base Item

Legendary Powers:

There are three types of Legendary Powers available through Memory of the Runecarver recipes: General, usable by any Class/Spec, Class, usable by members of a specific Class, and Spec, usable by members of a specific Spec within the Class.

Each class has four general legendary powers and four spec-specific legendary powers. Many of these legendary powers are inspired by past set bonuses, artifact powers, and Legion legendary effects as well as Torghast Anima Powers.

                          • Choose Legendary Powers you want to receive
                      • 60 lvl character on Shadowlands account.
                      • Covenant selected
                      • The Maw unlocked
                      • The Torghast unlocked
                      • The Runecarver unlocked
                          • ~2-3 weeks
You will get
Legendary items of your choice
Completing the required content
Clear service without any cheats, bots or programs

Legendary items </br> for PRIEST: