Uldir Normal Boost is a perfect option for fresh characters. 355+ ilvl gear into all slots, unique Azerite armor, trinkets, and weapons. Buy Uldir normal run directly from best raiding teams without intermediaries at Overgear.

  • Kill of all 8 Uldir bosses and Heart of corruption, Crimson Descent, Halls of containment achievements
  • All the loot that drops into your bag with personal loot distribution method
  • Select options to add players of your armor type to trade you extra loot (if available)
  • VPN established for your country and city in case of account sharing
  • Selfplay option available - play character yourself

Get loot up to 355+ ilvl

Buy directly from guilds at cheap prices

Achievements for killing all of 8 Uldir bosses

  • Any Loot
  • Any Faction
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