Sylvanas Windrunner Heroic Kill

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      Sylvanas Windrunner Heroic mode

        The last boss of every raid in WoW usually is very difficult to defeat even in Heroic mode. However, with proper gear and an experienced team, it is more than real. To defeat Sylvanas Windrunner you need to get through 3 phases and bring Sylvanas health to 50%. At mythic difficulty SoD Sylvanas kill will be counted at 45% of her health.

        The first phase is a DPS and brain check for most of the teams. Deal damage, reset stacks with Sylvanas arrows, and simply don’t die. However, most of the random raids in the LFG stops right there.

        Our next stop is phase 2. A lot of running at narrow bridges with holes and a bit of push-back mechanics. The pre-last platform can become a wall for a lot of players. You need a lot of DPS, raid saves, and sprints to reach this platform ASAP.

        Phase 3 is mostly around 3 things: tanks, dispels, and raids spread. Dispels require some communication between healers and tanks. 3rd phase is also a very high DPS check.

        Combining all that said even after some months after the 9.1 release a lot of raids can’t simply do Sylvanas kill heroic.

        That’s why Sylvanas Windrunner carry is so popular at Overgear as a boosting service. Sylvanas Heroic boost allows you to skip all that clown fiesta at LFG groups.


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Sylvanas Windrunner Heroic Kill
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