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    Raszageth Kill

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    Buy Raszageth kill to defeat the main boss of the Dragonflight and get a chance to loot 398/405 ilvl items. With our professional boosters, even the most powerful proto-dragons will seem just like regular lizards.

    Raszageth boss Fight is the last encounter of the brand-new raid Vault of the Incarnates. So if you plan to defeat Raszageth, it's obvious, that you should be well-prepared for this challenge and have good teammates. Otherwise, you can count on Overgear's Raszageth, the Storm Eater boost from professional PvE players.

    With our players, you will easily complete this encounter and get a chance to loot rewards including Primalist Class tier set, even if you just watch the fight from the sidelines.


      • Raszageth defeated on Normal difficulty;
      • Chance to obtain 398/405 ilvl pieces of gear.


    • Broodkeeper Diurna kill - add the second-to-last Vault of the Incarnates boss to your order to get a chance to loot additional 398 ilvl items or even a rare 405 ilvl drop, which can be BiS for your character.


        Starting from Dragonflight pre-patch Blizzard return group loot system:

        • Group Loot - the basic option included in all our offers. During the run, you have a chance to loot, on average, about 1-2 items of 389-405 ilvl. But because of in-game group loot system is quite random and you will roll together with other raid participants, we can't guarantee you a certain number of items you can get during the run. It will depend on your luck.
    • 70 lvl character.
    • We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
    • The booster will pilot your character, or you will join our raid group yourself in self-play;
    • At the appointed time, you'll get an invitation to the game and summon to the raid for self-play mode;
    • Make sure that you hit boss at least once, otherwise, you won't be able to get any loot from it;
    • You can die after the boss fight starts, or you can stay alive and perform all required mechanics. Our boosters will help you to learn it quickly;
    • We will notify you about Raszageth Kill boost completion;
    • Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.


    Chance to get 398/405 ilvl loot
    24/7 Online Support
    5 stars on Trustpilot

    Raszageth Carry Includes

    During the Raszageth carry completion, you can fight back to back with our players, or just hit the boss one time to get an opportunity to loot the boss after the fight ends. in any case, our team can kill Raszageth without any help, so you can just chill.

    After boosting service completion, you will get a chance to loot 408 ilvl item. And don't forget about obtaining achievement for the Raszageth kill, but if you are interested in Feats of Strength achievements like Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge, just check the quick links above or text us via live chat.

    Raszageth Loot Table

    FeetSandals of the Wild SovereignCloth Armor
    LegsLoathsome ThunderhosenLeather Armor
    HandsCalamitous ShockguardsMail Armor
    DaggerStormlash's Last ResortOne-Hand
    WristShackles of Titanic FailurePlate Armor
    BowNeltharax, Enemy of the Sky (Very Rare - 405 ilvl)Ranged
    HeadDreadful Topaz ForgestoneTier
    HeadMystic Topaz ForgestoneTier
    HeadVenerated Topaz ForgestoneTier
    HeadZenith Topaz ForgestoneTier
    TrinketDesperate Invoker's CodexTrinket
    TrinketSpiteful StormTrinket
    AxeIncarnate Sky-SplitterTwo-Hand
    Raszageth </br>Normal Kill
    1 hour Order completion