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Ny’alotha, the Waking City Heroic boost is a source of a powerful 460 item level gear and items, such as Corrupted rings that have unique effects and increase damage and healing by 2%. With the best raiding teams, you will fight 12 bosses, some of them are familiar, such as Wrathion, Ra-Den, Vexiona, Il’gynoth and finally N’Zoth himself. Weapons, armor, Essences, and more with a Heroic boost on Overgear!

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"Ny’alotha, the Waking City is the newest raid featured in Patch 8.3 that consists of 12 bosses and concludes the Battle for Azeroth storyline in a final confrontation between the Old God N’Zoth and the Champions of Azeroth. Heroic difficulty rewards 460 item level gear (up from 445 on Normal). Besides the armor and weapons, there are notable Corrupted rings in the loot table, which increase the damage and healing done by 2% but also inflict different effects on you, that you must deal with. Going against 12 bosses on Heroic difficulty requires a well-coordinated and geared group, and even then it takes a lot of time to complete the raid, especially during the first weeks of progression. Some bosses tend to be a stumbling block to many groups. We are working with the best raiding teams and guilds, and with their help, you will finish the whole raid in the shortest amount of time. Order the Heroic boost run on Overgear and make your way through the Ny’alotha – the Old God awaits! "