Buy a kill of Jaina Proudmoore, the last boss of Battle for Dazar’alor in heroic mode. Experience a fight in an open sea against one of the most powerful mages of the expansion, who is able to freeze all water around. It is the most difficult pve fight until the next raid release. Killing Jaina in heroic mode will grant you Ahead of the Curve achievement, reagents for crafting raid gear, a chance to obtain heroic armor and 400 ilvl weapon.

Get Ahead of the Curve: Jaina achievement

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    Jaina Proudmoore one of the oldest characters of Warcraft universe. She has seen a lot of terrible things in her life which left a trace in her personality. Horrible events like tragic life of Arthas who turned into Lich King, helping to assassinate her own father, attack on Theramore by Garrosh Hellscream - all that destroyed in Jaina any desire to achieve peace against two factions. Now she hates Horde with all her heart which makes her being hated by some players and respected by others considering what she had to go through in life. She invaded Zandalar and sieged Dazar’alor in charge of Alliance forces. Players are going to experience unique chance to raid as another faction. The events which should be seen by another faction would be shown as memories of a teller. Your race including racial bonuses will be changed during this event. The fight with Jaina is supposed to be for Horde. Do you want to know how this fight will finish? Buy a slot in a raid on Overgear to experience this amazing event!