Buy an Dazar'Alor boost of any difficulty from Overgear. Loot on the Dazar'Alor sellrun - starts from 385 ilvl and includes weapons, unique trinkets and Azerit gear parts. So pick the difficulty and team you like the most and they will take you on the run against Jaina and his minions.

Get loot up to 400+ ilvl
Buy directly from guilds at low prices
Achievements for killing all of 9 Dazar'Alor


Ask them questions even before you pay for the service


On Overgear you buy services directly from boosters


The booster gets paid only after you confirm the service delivery

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Raiding in WoW is a difficult content in which every player is an important piece of a giant mechanism. No matter how good you are, you still depend on other players of your raid. Endless wiping waste a lot of your time and don't benefit you. What to do? Wow boosting helps people without guilds or those who don't have much time for the game not to fall behind in the game progress. You can obtain a unique azerite armor, personal reagents for professions, high item level weapons and other stuff. You can always find a suitable guild on Overgear which can help you to do a raid fully in one evening. It can also give you the loot you need apart from the personal azerite armor pieces. You can play by yourself or pass your character to a driver and watch the process on a private streaming channel.