It is time to go after Old God's minions. The Crucible of Storms raid coming in patch 8.1.5 and will build the first bridge between Battle for Azeroth and the Void. A short interim raid features two bosses and rewards players with unique loot, both in terms of quality and item level. Though there are only two bosses, they are complex and challenging. Therefore, choose a suitable executor and get trinkets, weapons, and different pieces of gear with unique effects.

Get loot up to 395+ ilvl

Buy directly from guilds at low prices

Achievements for killing bosses of Crucible of Storms

  • Defeat all bosses of Crucible of Storms and get Crucible of Storms achievement
  • All the loot that drops into your bag with personal loot distribution method
  • Select options to add players of your armor type to trade you extra loot (if available)

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WoW Raid is complex content, where every individual is a part of big machinery. No matter how good you are as a player, you will always depend on other raid members. Mostly, we are used to long raids with a number of bosses, but sometimes there are short raids with a few encounters. It's a rare practice to release interim raids in World of Warcraft. Usually, these raids do not require much time to complete, but encounter's difficulty may be higher compared to normal length raids. But more difficult content gives better rewards, therefore ilvl of loot will be higher than in Battle for Dazar'alor, +5 ilvl from the first boss and +10 from the second, which means that last boss on mythic difficulty will drop the maximum available item level rewards - 425. It's quite convenient, isn't it? All these factors make Crucible of Storms boosting to be a great investment into your character. It is the least time extensive and expensive option, with the best possible loot for you to prepare for the next content update – Rise of Azshara. This huge upcoming update will advance the main plot of BfA and uncover many other details of WoW lore while we jump right into the depths of the sea, to face N'Zoth and Queen Azshara. So, if you were looking forward to some underwater action – brace yourself and get ready to face those big bads after clearing Crucible of Storms. Many unique items in almost all slots, except Azerite Armor. You will have to continue with Dazar'alor raiding to get these slots or buy them from a vendor with Titan Residuum. How about items that, should you be careless, will kill your own allies? Sounds interesting, right? Overgear is ready to help you get any new items and achievements from the new raid - Crucible of Storms. Choose a seller, discuss all the details and get the expected result!