Buy an Crucible of Storms boost of any difficulty from Overgear. Loot on the Crucible of Storms sellrun - starts from 395 ilvl and includes weapons, trinkets and different pieces of gear with unique effects. So pick the difficulty and team you like the most and they will take you on the run against Uu'nat and his minions.

Get loot up to 425+ ilvl
Buy directly from guilds at low prices
Achievements for killing all bosses of Crucible of Storms


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The gameplay in-between World of Warcraft, such as small raids, are very important to keep the game active and fun for players so they won't get bored farming the same bosses until they are ready to face the main villain of the content. Apart from having fun and exploring new raids, you can gain more loot there which has a bit higher ilvl than current raids. The first boss has 5 ilvl higher loot and the second boss has 10 ilvl higher loot if you compare it with Dazar’alor on the same difficulty. It feels like just 2 bosses should be easy, but that’s a trick! Uu’nat is going to be as difficult as Jaina Proudmoore. That is why Crucible of Storms will be a pretty difficult raid and can become a worthy successor of Trial of Valor. Let’s get back to the loot: All the raid items are not just higher but have unique passive and sometimes active effects. Such improvements could really empower your character so much that it could lead to negative effects for a player and even death of his allies. It is your choice how to manage such items after you buy Crucible of Storms boost on Overgear. Choose the difficulty you want, a seller and battle Queen Azhara’s lackeys and her master N’zoth.