Castle Nathria Mythic Raid Run

      Buy Castle Nathria Mythic raid run and be one of the first to close the content of this difficulty!

      Castle Nathria, the first raid in Shadowlands, located in Revendreth. At mythic difficulty, you can loot gear with 226 ilvl (from the first 8 bosses) and 233 ilvl (from two last ones). Also, you will claim the reward from Weekly Chest! It is the ultimate way to collect the best gear in Shadowlands (patch9.0.1), which will allow you to pass through all actual content.


  • After you've placed an order our manager will contact you in the chat on the website;
  • All details would be clarified with you and the start time of the order would be confirmed;
  • If the guarantee for the minimum quantity of items is not fully completed in one run - we will provide you the same free run on the next CD;
  • 5 loot traders are already included, so you will get as many gear as possible.


  • At the appointed time, you will get an invitation in the game and summon to the raid;
  • Make sure that You hit each boss at least once, otherwise You won't be able to get any loot from him;
  • Loot-Traders will give you the loot either between bosses or at the end of the run.


  • Discord chat will be created so that you could track the progress of your order. Our booster will drive your character.


  • 60 lvl character equipped in heroic raid gear on Shadowlands account;
  • Do not go AFK if you've chosen Self-Play!


  • Average start time: 1 reset.


  • 1/10 (0 slots guarantee) Shriekwing
  • 2/10 (0+ slots guarantee) + Huntsman Altimor
  • 3/10 (1+ slots guarantee) + Hungering Destroyer
  • 4/10 (1+ slots guarantee) + Artificer Xy'Mox
  • 5/10 (2+ slots guarantee) + Sun King's Salvation
  • 6/10 (2+ slots guarantee) + Lady Inerva Darkvein
  • 7/10 (3+ slots guarantee) + Council of Blood
  • 8/10 (3+ slots guarantee) + Sludgefist
  • 9/10 (4+ slots guarantee) + Stone Legion Generals
  • 10/10 (5+ slots guarantee) + Sire Denathrius
You will get
Mythic Castle Nathria run
Chance to loot up to 10 items 226/233 ilvl
Sinbreaker title and Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius achievement

Mythic </br> Raid Run </br> Castle Nathria
7 days order completion