Sire Denathrius and/or Stone Legion Generals

    Kill the last bosses of Castle Nathria Raid in any difficulty with Overgear. Both Stone Generals and Sire Denathrius encounters available. Get the "Ahead of the Curve" or "Cutting Edge" achievements for killing Castle Nathria last boss in Heroic or Mythic mode. Buy selfplay kill at Overgear - save your nerves and time!

How it works
    • The best price is guaranteed. If you find any lower price on Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius run, you will get an additional discount.
    • After you've placed an order our manager will contact you in the chat on the website.
    • All details would be clarified with you and the start time of the order would be confirmed.
    • You can set the schedule for your run.
    • You have to choose which bosses to kill - Denathrius only or Denathrius and Generals
    • 60 lvl character
    • 1 day for Normal and Heroic
    • Up to 7 days for Mythic
You will get
Sire Denathrius and/or Stone Legion Generals killed at selected difficulty
Chance to loot up items 207/220/233 ilvl
All the loot that drops into your bag with the personal loot distribution method

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In the Shadowlands, the last 2 raid bosses provide you with a higher item level reward than the others, so instead of only the last boss kill, it's now worth killing 2 of them. These last 2 raid encounters of Castle Nathria are Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius.

Sire Denathrius<br> and/or Stone Legion<br> Generals