Worgen Heritage Armor

Allied races are not the only ones who have the heritage armor. Some old or classic races in WoW have their own armor. And patch 8.3 is a Worgen's turn. This race has been in the game since Cataclysm. In patch 8.2.5 Worgen models have been reworked. And now comes the Heritage armor. If you would like to get it for your Worgen - let Overgear know.

You will get

Completion time

  • ~3 weeks


    • 60 lvl character on Shadowlands account


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You will get
Clear service without bots or cheats
Cool heitage armor
24/7 online support

If you're one of the people who like the canonicity in everything then Heritage Armor in WoW is absolutely for you. Worgen in a Top Hat in stylish grey costume right from Gilneas. Order your Heritage armor on Overgear at the lowest price! 

Worgen Heritage Armor
21 days order completion