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Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve is an 8.3 patch legendary for all characters that will smooth your progression during the patch. Questline to get it is very long so this is why Overgear is here - to save your valuable time. Buy Legendary Cloak Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve at the lowest price and enjoy every activity in WoW with a 470 ilvl cloak.

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Wrathion is back and guess what? Yep, he will give you another new legendary cloak at patch 8.3. Buy instead of very long pre-quest for weeks in Mists of Pandaria more drastic measures are needed in 8.3 patch. N'zoth doesn’t give us much time to collect a lot of stuff to create a powerful item. So the Wration has found the way to help heroes of Azeroth once again in a short time. Ashjra'kamas is based on scale of Nefarian, the father of Wration. Obtaining of 8.3 legendary cloak in Visions of N'zoth is closely related with an intro questline. You will be brought up to speed from the very beginning that some type of corruption has started. You will be sent to the Uldum for investigation. After that you will understand that N'zoth himself has started his invasion at Azeroth. Your main goal is to understand what the Ny'alotha is and how to reach it without becoming another insane puppet of the Old Gods. During this questline you will be introduced to each major new thing in patch 8.3 like Titan Assaults, Horrific Visions, Corrupted Gear, Titan research and Titan Purification. All these things work together and you Legendary cloak is a cornerstone of the 8.3 patch. To obtain the Legendary Cloak Ashjra'kamas at one character you need to spend ~2 hours. Your alts can skip a small part of it so the result will be ~1.5 hours. If you are not ready to spend so much time for each character you can find cheap wow boosting at Overgear. Overgear exists with one single purpose - help people to achieve everything they want in game and let them save their own time and nerves. WoW boost exist through many years and we are here to improve each wow service to a perfection. We know how to make any type of wow carry or wow boosting without any risks. Buy Legendary Cloak Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve obtaining and enjoy every feature of patch 8.3 Visions of N'zoth with a strongest item in game.