Azerite Farm is the main way to power up your character during expansion. Hearth of Azeroth will gain 2 item level points for every artifact level. Higher artifact level activates more traits in Azerite Armor. Overgear sellers will gladly help you with Azerite farm in Kul Tiras and Zandalar!

Increase your Artifact power as much as possible

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New traits of Azerite Armor

  • Level boost for your Heart of Azeroth which increase item level of Artifact
  • Daily world quests and random heroic clear
  • Azerite from every possible sources
  • Clear service without any cheats, bots or programs
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    A Battle for Azeroth will be the second expansion that features an artifact mechanic. In the Legion expansion players carried weapons while Battle for Azeroth features a necklace – Heart of Azeroth. Legion artifacts required artifact power tokens to level up and Heart of Azeroth uses Azerite for the same goal. Hearth works in every spec, so changing spec is no longer a problem. Hearth's item level is raised by 2 points for every artifact level. The higher artifact level, the better Azerite armor you can use to its full potential. You'll be able to equip it anyway, but using Azerite Traits will require a high artifact level. An Artifact Knowledge system received a change too – instead of getting more Azerite every next week a number of Azerite needed to level up will be reduced. That will prevent high numbers that we had at the end of Legion expansion. Farming Azerite is important just as much as it is important to farm raid gear, so we recommend you to get it from all available sources.